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Ahmed SELLAMI Contact:

3rd year mechanical engineering ahmed.sellami@etudiant-enit
student at the National
Engineering School of Tunis
Date of birth :
14 november 1996

Skills :
• Computer skills : SolidWorks, Catia, RDM6, Isis, C, C++ ,Python, Matlab, Octave.
• Mathematical modeling, computer programming, Mechanical design, digital mechanics, process of shaping and choice
of materials, production and quality management, project management and lean manufacturing.

• Study, sizing and design of a roll crusher.
• Design of the door and its opening and locking mechanisms of the ecological car of ENIT ECOCAR .
• Design of a centrifugal pump as a mini project at the ENIT.
• Manufacture of a didactic model containing a crossroad light and a counter as part of the high school diploma project.
• Development of a library management program using C language.

Community life :
• Active member in CGM (club génie mécanique) ENIT (2018)
• Active member in IEEE ENIT SB (2017)
• Participation in the NATEG Days (2017)

professional internships :
• Engineer internship in WALLYSCAR
• Sizing, design and simulation using EFM of a painting support.
• Writing the SDS(Safety Data Sheet) in the workshop.
• Application of the 5S rules of the LEAN MANAGEMENT.
Duration : one month (01/07/2019-01/08/2019)

• Engineer internship in WEATHERFORD TUNISIA :

• Knowledge of the method of assembly and disassembly of tubes in the workshop TRS(Tubular Running
• Knowledge of the methods of the use of artificial means to increase the flow of oil in the department
• ALS(Artificial Lift Systems).
• Knowledge of techniques for recovering fallen objects from wells in the FISHING department.
• Knowledge of the techniques used in the WELLS COMPLETION AND LINER HANGER department.
Duration: one month (01/08/2019-01/09/2019)

• Workman internship in SHELL Tunisia Upstream Limited: Knowledge of the main stages of the natural gas treatment
extracted from the Miskar wells.
Duration: one month (01/07/2018-01/08/2018)

Education : Languages:
2017- National Engineering School of Tunis (ENIT): • Arab
2020 Department : mechanical Engineering • English
2015- Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Sfax • French
2017 Rank at the national entrance exam for engineering Hobbies:
schools : 45
Diploma of the end of the preparatory cycle (PT) • Camping
• swimming
2012- High school : 15 novembre 1955
• Theater
2015 Technical high school degree: 15,97/20