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Orientation 2020

Office of Student Care (OSC)

Location and Contact

NAFA Campus 1, Wing A, Level 2
(Next to the Office of Student Affairs
Red Counter)
Opening hours
9am – 6pm, Mondays to Fridays
(Excluding Public Holidays)

T: 6512 6140

Location and Contact

Login to Studentnet ( > Click on Information Tab

(Login information can be found in your Orientation email)
OSC Team

Ivan Chan Kris Swee Liu Siwan

Head Assistant Manager School Counsellor

Roxanne Toh Liew Min Yann Lee Siew Tin

Senior Executive Officer Executive Officer Executive Officer
Student Activities

OSC organises activities throughout the year to make your student life at
NAFA interesting and fun! Some regular activities include:
• NAFA Fun Day, Vibrancy Flea Market, Fruity Day, Student Night, Back to School Bazaar,
Cheer Pack Distribution, Orientation Leadership and Student Ambassadors Training
Camps, etc
• Community Projects

Fruity Day NAFA Fun Day

Cheer Pack Distribution

Student Activities

CCA Clubs
• Muay Thai
• Yoga Yoga
• Urban Runners
• LASKAR – Indonesian students social support club
• more to be introduced …

Muay Thai Urban Runner Club

Student Events

Scholarships & Awards Tea Session

• An event organised for our Scholarship, Merit Award and Bursary
recipients to show appreciation to their donors

Scholarships & Awards Tea Session 2019 NAFA Convocation 2019

… and not forgetting the NAFA Convocation ceremony to celebrate and

mark the completion of the diploma and degree course for our graduates.
Student Facilities

Shared student facilities for students

• Student Lounge (Campus 2 & 3)
• Student Gym (Campus 1 Tower Block Level 10)
• Study Area (Campus 1 Tower Block Level 10)
Campus 3 Student Lounge
• Student Activity Centre (SAC) (Campus 1 Level 1)
• Sick Bay (Campus 1, 2, 3)

Student Activity Centre (SAC) at Campus 1 Student gym at Tower Block

Student Facilities

Opening hours of student facilities for students

• Student Lounge (Campus 2 & 3)
9am – 11pm

• Student Gym (Campus 1 Tower Block Level 10)

8am – 9pm (Mon – Fri)
Closed on Sat/Sun and PH

• Study Area (Campus 1 Tower Block Level 10)

9am – 11pm (Mon – Fri)
(Excluding School & Public Holidays)

• Student Activity Centre (SAC) (Campus 1 Level 1)

9am – 6pm (Mon – Fri)
(Excluding School & Public Holidays)

• Sick Bay (Campus 1, 2, 3) – access by NAFA staff is required for safety reasons
Student Services

Approach our friendly OSC staff to enquire about the various student services:

• Counselling & Pastoral Care

Students who need someone to talk to or discuss a problem with, can make an
appointment to meet our School Counsellor by submitting the Counselling Appointment
Form available in the Studentnet.
• Special Education Needs Advisory
• First aid
• Medical Insurance
• Lost & Found
• Locker rental service
Student Services
Financial Aids & Awards Scheme
• In-house Scholarships, Merit Awards & Bursaries

Diploma Degree
Scholarships From $6,000, up $11,000 -
to full-fee waiver $15,000
Merit Awards $3,500 - $4,000 $5,000
Bursaries $1,800 - $3,000 $3,600

Application period for Academic Year

2021/2022: Mid-January 2021

Find out more from Studentnet, OSC noticeboard

and announcements via email.
Student Services
Financial Aids & Awards Scheme
• Student Assistantship Scheme

Work part-time on campus as a Student

Assistant to earn extra pocket money ($9/hour)

Application period: mid-August 2020

Find out more from Studentnet, OSC noticeboard

and announcements via email.
Student Services
Financial Aids & Awards Scheme

• Relief Fund Scheme

Up to $3,000 relief to help students with
sudden financial crisis to defray tuition fees or
study expenses

• Overseas Programme Travel Subsidy

Subsidy of 30%, capped at $600 to help needy
students defray the cost of approved overseas
programme/ study trip organised by NAFA

• Notebook Subsidy
Up to 75% subsidy to help needy students
purchase notebooks by NAFA’s appointed

Find out more from Studentnet, OSC noticeboard

and announcements via email.
Student Development

The Co-Curricular Awarding Points System (CCAPS) was developed to

promote an all-rounded education and to give recognition to students in their
achievements in the non-academic areas.

Grading system criteria:

• Activities endorsed by NAFA.
• Official representation on a national level
or activities with prior approval or
endorsement by Dean/OSC.
• Points will not be awarded to activities that
form part of a formal course curriculum.
• Points are accumulated over your course
of study at NAFA and would be converted
into a grade that is reflected in a CCA

Find out more from Studentnet.

Student Development

CCA Points Allocation Matrix

Participation Enrichment Achievements Representation Leadership Service
Participation in Development of Winning prizes or Selected to Leadership role Altruistic service
official events skills, self- awards in undergo/ with responsibilities rendered to the
either voluntarily or awareness and recognised participate in a such as being a underprivileged
through invitation knowledge through competitions series of planned student committee community, in the
structured courses training, trials and member, student care for animals
or educational competitions in ambassador, and participation in
talks/seminars representing the student leader or environmental
institution participation in activities
leadership training
International 4 5 10 10 5 2

Regional 3 4 8 8 4 2

National 2 3 6 6 3 6

Campus Wide 1 2 4 4 2 4
Explanatory notes for the Components:
Programme - 1 2 2 1 2
Points Maximum 6 Maximum 6 No Maximum No Maximum Maximum 12 Maximum 6
Student Development

CCA Award criteria

Earn points to be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze certification at the end of the
diploma studies.


Min points for this grade 15 - 29 30 - 44 ≥ 45

Min points in
N.A. N.A. 4

Minimum in Service N.A. 2 2

Student Development

What are examples of activities that I can earn CCA points?


Student Representatives (SRs) are elected members by the Vice-Deans of

Programmes to represent the student body in matters of academic matters and
student life.
• SRs collect their peer’s concerns and feedback of
course-related matters and student life and bring them to
the SR meeting conducted once every semester.
• The purpose of the SR meeting is to facilitate a direct
channel of communication between students and
academic to build a robust and healthy academic
environment for all NAFA students.

Do watch out for information from your programme about SR selection/nomination.

Student Development

What are examples of activities that I can earn CCA points?


• Student Ambassadors for the • Orientation Leaders for Orientation week

annual NAFA Open House
CPE Student Service Centre

CPE Student Service Centre

Location: 1 Marina Boulevard #18-01
One Marina Boulevard
Singapore 018989

Tel: 6512 1140



Opening Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am to 5pm

(Sat, Sun and Public Holidays: Closed)

Cert No.: EDU-2-2020

Validity: 16/06/2019 - 15/06/2023