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Submitted By:
Reynan Paul D. Tamondong
MPA student

Submitted To:
Dr. Josefina B. Bitonio
MPA 212 Professor


This short film rendered a stunning yet highly informative job of depicting Denzel
Washington’s rigorous path to success. As an actor, life for him was not always cut and dried.
Despite the roadblocks, he never got discouraged to achieve fulfillment and victory. He himself
stresses to the viewers that it takes tons of discipline and determination to reach a specific goal
especially your desired goal to fulfill your future results.
One of the major highlights of the video is taking chances and huge risks. To be open to
life, to accept new views and to be open to new opinions. No one in this life have gone
successful without having to measure one’s ability by risks. Big risks always come great
rewards. By doing so, taking risks also eradicates the lingering “what ifs” demons and ghosts
that may bother inside all of us. As the video profoundly mentioned, we should not be afraid to
step out of the box, our comfort zone. Denzel Washington’s wife expressed “To get something
you never had; you have to do something you never did.” Being able to adapt through different
changes and stages in our life, one’s risk can be very viable and beneficial for one’s
improvement. Yes, risks may also come in failure, but these failures are there to mold us not
hinder us. It is a learning curve that will ultimately lead to bigger and greater opportunities.
The video as well treated its viewers how to gather up our fallen pieces should we fall
along the way. To never quit. I personally had many troubled pasts. I got knockdown numerous
times, doubted my own strength and capabilities but I never gave up. I had experienced the
highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows, but my continuous burning desire and passion led
me to this very path I am currently taking. As Denzel Washington quoted “Don't be afraid to
fail big, to dream big, but remember dreams without goals are just dreams and they
ultimately fuel disappointment.” Without goals, dreams are just recurring dreams. Our dreams
will not fall on our laps. If you set your mind to it, anything is possible to achieve with greater
Every person has his own motivating factors. The path I take in life will eventually be the
key to my own future and my success. Life is not a competition with others nor with my
colleagues. We create our own paths along the way. Every bit of our journeys is different. The
choices I make will shape, define me and lead me to a successful career path, but it will not be
smooth sailing. I will face so many bumps and bruises along the way but that will just make me a
better individual and a better public servant who is willing and ready to serve others.
To sum up and delve deeper into my reflection, I will happily mention this quote said at
the end of the video “Never be discouraged, never hold back and give everything you’ve got, fall