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a determiner is a word that introduces

a noun. It always comes before a

noun, not after, and it also comes
before any other adjectives used to
describe the noun.

Determiners are required before a

singular noun but are optional when it
comes to introducing plural nouns.

are made using different English verb

Non-finite verbs are verbs that do not

show a distinction in number, person,
or tense. These verbs can usually not
function as the main verb in a
sentence. Non-finite verbs are of three
kinds: infintives, participles, and

Normally conditional sentences are called conditionals. These sentences usually contain
the conjunction IF. Sometimes  they are called 'if clauses'. The Real
Conditionals  and
 The Unreal Conditionals

The real conditionals

The real conditionals express factual or habitual conditions which have the possibility
to occur in the future or generally occur in the present.

The unreal conditionals express hypothetical conditions which have no possibility to occur in

the past, present or future but describe what could/might have occurred supposedly.