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A Personal Prayer of Deliverance

The following prayer of deliverance is suitable for the repentant person who believes he or she is
possessed to pray for the intervention of Jesus, and under His authority, for the casting-out of
any evil influence.

My Father in heaven, I praise Your Name and humble myself before You. I believe in, honor,
and love You, Your Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I believe in full faith that Jesus came into the
world as our Redeemer and Savior. I know that Jesus died on the cross, shed His precious blood,
and rose from the dead three days later so that we could be forgiven of our sins and receive,
through Your Grace, the gift of everlasting life. I know that Jesus is the only way to You, my
Heavenly Father, God Almighty, please help me to be found favorable in His eyes.

Jesus, my Redeemer and Savior, give me strength and make me whole. Take control of my life
and guide me to live in honor and praise of Your Holy Name. Let Your unlimited forgiveness
and mercy save me from my sinful ways and use me for Your glory and honor.

Jesus, my Redeemer and Savior, give me strength and make me whole. Forgive me of my sins,
so that I might be found favorable in Your eyes. Help me to turn away from my sinful ways.
Send the Holy Spirit to convict me of any sins I have not recognized and give me the strength not
only to renounce them, but to repent and never repeat them.

Heavenly Father, just as You have forgiven me of my sins, help me forgive others for their
trespasses against me. Rid me of bitterness, resentment, hatred, or a desire for revenge. Bless
them Father for I know they are born in sin and can only find forgiveness through Your Divine

Jesus, my Redeemer and Savior, give me strength and make me whole. You spilled Your Blood
that I might be saved and to break the bonds of Satan's power. In Your Holy Name, Jesus, and by
Your Blood, I beg You to release me from any curses or pronouncements that bind me. Accept
my repentance that I may be forgiven. Please Lord Jesus, intercede on my behalf that I might
receive our Father's blessings for the deliverance I need.

In the Name of Jesus, I break all ties with and denounce the influence of evil. By the power and
authority given to me by God through his Son Jesus Christ, I declare free from the bonds of
Satan and his demons.

Jesus, my Redeemer and Savior, give me strength and make me whole. Jesus, my Redeemer and
Savior, fill the void in my heart. I renounce all that has kept me from You. Forgive me for
putting anything above You or ahead of You in my life, mind, or heart.

Jesus, I stand with You. Fortify me against the forces of evil. Protect me now as renounce and
cast out the influence of evil and banish Satan and his demons from my life. In Your Name, Lord
Jesus, through Your ultimate sacrifice that You made for me I do these things. For by Your act
You made all things possible, through our Father.

Jesus, my Redeemer and Savior, give me strength and make me whole. In Jesus' Name, I cast out
any spirits or demons that are trying to control me. In Jesus' Name, I cast out any influence of
evil. I bind you evil spirit, in the Name of Jesus, Who shed His Blood to give me the authority to
cast you out in His Name. In the Name of Jesus Christ, demon, I command you to leave now and
to go to Jesus for Him to do with you as He pleases. Bow to the authority of Jesus, demon, and
leave me now.

In the Name of Jesus, I pray and give thanks for my deliverance. AMEN.