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The reasons why this paperwork is being done is due to several objectives as stated

>Evaluating human activities that endanger an ecosystem
>Understanding the greenhouse effect and the thinning of the ozone layer
>Realizing the importance of proper management of development activities and the


>to instill awareness among humans about the significances of preservation and

conservation of the ecosystem.

>to make humans realize how bad are the effects of humans’ activities towards the


>to increase efforts on creating a safer environment for ourselves and for the future


>to deduce the time for the depletion and destruction of the environment due to

environmental problems caused by human beings

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. I am Muhammad Taufik Bin
Mohamad Zin from Form4 Khawarizmi and I am glad indeed to be studying biology
which is the most intriguing
subject ever.

I, now, have completed a paper work or a folio on the topic “Endangered

based on the last chapter in the Form 4 Biology syllabus. I have gone through many
laughs and sobs throughout the progression in completing this folio. Nevertheless, I
relief and grateful of having such wonderful companions who are my lovely Biology
teacher, herself, my parents, my helpful friends and mysiblings.

In the long period, I have faced many problem in my folio. doing folio. repair it. , I
realized my printer ink has run out. I also go and buy it. Beside that, many time my
internet has disconnect and made me trouble.

But, I would like to thank the mentioned people whom have been very supportive
helpful in giving me extra information, tips and ideas to make this work a satisfying
piece. Not to forget, my headmistress, for giving us,the students, this opportunity to
do this folio.

Last but not least, thank you once again for all the commitments and supports. May
all of

you live in a blissful life.


1. Computer
2. A4 paper
3. Printer
4. Internet

1.http://w w w .s /doc/8463724/Biology-Paperw ork
2.http://w iki.ans w ers .com/Q /What_is _an_endangered_ecos ys tem
3.http://w w w .s /doc/4800478/EN D A N G ERED -ECO SY STEM
4.http://w w w images ?hl= en&client= firefox-

Reference Book
Textbook Focus Goal Biology
Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn. Bhd.
Learning Outcome


Identify human activities that threaten the ecosystem

Explain the impact of human activities on the ecosystem

Evaluate critically the effect of unplanned development and mismanagement of

the ecosystem

Describe types of pollution and sources of pollution

Explain the effects of pollution on living things and the environment

Compare and contrast pollutants in the air from different environments

State the sources of air pollution

Interpret data on the level of water pollution in some rivers

Predict the level of air and water pollution in a particular location within the next

ten years

Suggest strategies to solve problems related to air and water pollution in a

particular location within the next ten years


Explain what the greenhouse effect is

Correlate the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with global


Explain the thinning of the ozone layer

Explain the impact of the thinning of the ozone layer and global warming on the



Justify the need for development

Explain the effect of increase in population on the ecosystem

Explain measures taken in the management of development activities and the

ecosystem to ensure the balance of nature is maintained

Care for the ecosystem

Participate in activities related to the management of the ecosystem

I start my biology folio from 11 December 2010 which teacher has been given the

for school holiday.

Firstly, I start with the front page which include name, IC number, class with year,
teacher’s name and date submit. After that, I continue my folio with the objective,
problem statement, apparatus & material, technique and procedure. Then, I have
the textbook in chapter 9 (ENDANGERED ECOSYSTEM) and explain it.

During the two months, I finally managed to finish my folio on the topic
“Endangered Ecosystem “ based on the last chapter in the form 4 biology syllabus

Human activities that endanger an ecosystem.

The world’s population might reach to 10 billion in the next fifty years. Hence,
whenthere are increments in the number of the world’s population, it generally
means thatthere is an increasing demand for shelter, food, medicine, transport and
raw materials.

Today, due to expectation of modern living and industrial revolution, the world has
confront the destruction of forests to build more houses, to being use as plantation
and to build roads; just to fulfill humans’ needs.

Unplanned developments and mismanagement of ecosystem give rise to vast

amounts ofenvironmental crisis. Among those environmental problems are
greenhouse effect, globalwarming, pollution, soil erosion, landslide, flashflood and
ozone depletion.

The human activities that we are talking about are like agriculture, burning or

combustion, industrialisation, urbanisation and last but not least,


Human activities made many drawbacks to the environment. Whether we like them
not, these cons of the human activities have made all of us now leaving in a
hardship. The
impacts can now be clearly seen by looking at our devastating environment
What are the impacts?
Let us see for ourselves….