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Format: Award of Degree/ Distinction (2017-2019.


Candidates Securing 8 or more than 8 CGPA to be listed out in

Name of the School : Amritadarshanam, Amritapuri campus
Campus: Amritapuri
Department: Amritadarshanam

Name of the Candidate(as per the CGPA

S.No. (1) Roll Number (2)
record) (3) (4)

1 AM.AR.P2PAP17001 Ranjan Ankur Rakesh Ruma 9.74

2 AM.AR.P2PAP17003 Rondine C Twist 9.24
gree/ Distinction (2017-2019. Batch)

n 8 CGPA to be listed out in the following table

First Class
Publication (6) Publication (6) With
Name (Yes / No) Distinction
(5) (Yes/No)
International Journal of Research and
Yes Yes
Analytical Reviews (IJRAR)
No Yes