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Diversity and Inclusion Make it happen

Diversity and Inclusion 2

At RBS, we know it is important to have employees with diverse executives from the divisions. Progress
is reported quarterly to the General
talents and backgrounds. We employ over 136,000 people in 27
Executive Management Committee.
countries. Their understanding of the differing needs of our 35 • The hosting of employee focus groups,
million customers is the key to our success. to date with female and ethnic minority
employees, to discuss their experiences
As we grow, we will continue to embrace • As a global organisation, seeking to of working in RBS.
people from different countries and recognise demographics throughout the
backgrounds. We must therefore ensure we world and developing a workforce that
are providing an environment where all our understands and reflects local culture
employees feel included and valued. and responds appropriately.
We are committed to operating as a
meritocracy, where all employees can RBS will provide access to and engage in
develop their full potential - irrespective diverse markets by:
of their race, gender, marital status, age, • Welcoming customers of all backgrounds.
disability, religious belief, political opinion or • Making our products and services
sexual orientation. accessible.
Here we show how our diversity strategy • Seeking to become a leading provider of
influences the way we engage with our services to diverse markets.
customers and our employees.
Two factors underpin our strategy:
Business Case
Our diversity strategy is more than just There is a clear moral case for diversity. But
“At RBS, it is our people who
words. It shapes the way we interact with there is also a compelling Business Case for
employees and customers at every level. Diversity.
deliver our success and
RBS fully accesses talent from the widest through them we operate an
possible human capital. We aim to create an Endorsement at Board and Senior equal, inclusive environment
equal, inclusive environment where current Executive level
where current talent is
talent is engaged and future talent attracted Our Chief Executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, has
by: demonstrated his personal commitment to
engaged and future talent
• Engaging people whatever their diversity through: attracted.”
background and progressing • The appointment of Gordon Pell, Sir Fred Goodwin 28th April 2005
them on merit. Executive Chairman, Retail Markets, as
• Ensuring that our behaviour does the main board director accountable
not discriminate or disadvantage for the delivery of the Group’s strategic
that talent. diversity programme. He holds a number
• Seeking out and removing barriers of external posts that complement his
to achievement. role within RBS, including that of a Board
member of Race for Opportunity. He is
We recognise and respond to changing also a member of the National Employers
demographics, social values and attitudes Panel.
that impact business by: • The approval of a Diversity Management
• Recognising UK demographics have Information Report and Strategic
changed and continue to change rapidly Action Plan which is endorsed by each
and that this has implications for our divisional Human Resources Director,
workforce. and supported by senior business
Diversity and Inclusion 3
Ways of Working

Having a diversity strategy is only the starting point. Here we

show how we turn it into practice.

Our Policies Diversity Training

86% said the workshop had
Diversity values at RBS are embedded in a To make our employees aware of how
set of policies, detailed below, and in our important inclusion is, we have developed raised their awareness of
global Code of Conduct. Both are available a diversity training programme that uses diversity in general, and in
to all employees via our internal intranet or drama, video, online and other media to get particular of behaviour outside
in paper format. its messages across. It features:
• Respect in the Workplace. the office.
Managing Diversity This is an interactive training initiative in
93% said they had understood
We are committed to valuing and promoting which participants observe scenarios
diversity in all areas of recruitment, involving issues of work-life balance, the impact of not dealing with
employment, training and promotion. We bullying, ethnic, gender or sexual diversity issues effectively.
aim to operate in an environment that is orientation. They then question the actors
based on meritocracy and inclusiveness, and suggest ways of dealing with the 90% said they had found the
where all employees can develop their full issue. Some 1,500 of our most senior workshop effective in building
potential - irrespective of their race, people have already participated in the
gender, marital status, age, disability, initiative, which is now being extended
a higher level of awareness
religious belief, political opinion, or sexual across the Group during 2005. and an understanding of their
orientation. • An online diversity training module. accountability. Respect in the
This will be made available shortly to all
Workplace participant feedback
Dignity at Work employees in the UK and Ireland.
We aim to encourage creativity and • Dignity at Work video.
productivity - and allow employees An updated version will be shown to all The survey was translated into nine
to achieve their full potential. All our employees in 2005. languages, and there were 50 questionnaire
employees have the right to be treated • In-house Diversity Masterclasses. versions, including online and paper
with consideration and respect. Unwanted These are designed to keep our Human formats, with slight variations in each
behaviour in the form of bullying or Resources consultants thoroughly skilled country’s survey to take account of
harassment affects the dignity of everyone in this area. local cultural preferences and legislative
subjected to it. In serious cases, it may requirements.
result in dismissal and criminal prosecution. Diversity is also covered in our core Following presentations to top
We expect employees to behave in a development programmes. management, the survey results are
professional manner towards colleagues, distributed to employees at every level.
customers and suppliers at all times, both in Employee Opinion Survey Progress against divisional action plans
the course of employment and socially. is tracked and reported quarterly to the
Listening to our employees is a vital way of General Executive Management Committee.
Code of Conduct learning about their needs and aspirations. As well as helping us identify the
A global Code of Conduct, explaining Every year, we conduct a global employee changing make-up of our workforce,
the behaviour and practice expected opinion survey, called Yourfeedback. The the survey also enables us to determine
of employees, is being produced to survey was developed in conjunction with the needs and perspectives of different
complement the Group’s diversity policies. ISR, the employee research company. employee groups in areas such as
Available in nine languages, it will be In 2004, 110,000 people – 84% of our performance management, training,
distributed to every employee in the Group employees - responded, giving us an communication and engagement. Questions
by the end of 2005. excellent platform on which to base our also cover Respect and Diversity.
thinking on a wide range of issues. In 2004, RBS survey results were more
positive than the ISR Global Financial
Diversity and Inclusion 4
Ways of Working

Services Norm in all but one category; and Skilled Interviewers

Reward & Benefits
they were above, on, or close to the Global An interview skills training programme was RBS is recognised as having one of
High Performance Norm in most categories. launched in the UK and Ireland in 2004. the most innovative and flexible reward
Steve Young, ISR’s Project Director, It makes certain that recruiters are aware schemes in the financial services sector.
commented that RBS has an ‘enviable of the moral and legal issues surrounding Called Total Reward, it focuses on the
people culture’. interviewing and includes a session on overall content and value of the pay and
“Perceiving and Judging Others”. benefits package, seeking to tailor it to the
Resourcing The programme is accredited by the needs of the employee.
Institute of Financial Services. No employee We understand that not all people are
Our continuing success relies on attracting is allowed to interview if they fail this the same. In keeping with our desire to
and retaining motivated and highly skilled training, and they must receive coaching include and motivate our diverse employee
employees. Recognising that skills and before they are able to resit the test. population, our award-winning benefits
ability are not the preserve of any one As an added assurance that the choice programme, RBSelect, offers a range
ethnic group or gender, we seek both training programme is effective, all course of benefits to suit the individual’s lifestyle.
to widen our recruitment talent pool and participants sit the end-of-course test both As a best practice employer, we are
maximise the potential of our existing before and after attending the workshop. also committed to supporting Equal Pay
employees. This is vital given rapidly Figures show interviewers achieve much principles throughout the Group.
changing global demographics. While we higher scores after attending the course
search widely for new talent, we employ than before. Total Reward
our staff in and from the communities and Our award-winning pay and benefits
countries in which we operate, and have Recruitment Initiatives package rewards employees for their
opted not to transfer jobs offshore. We maintain a number of successful contribution to the business. But it does
recruitment initiatives targeting different more. It enables each person to tailor his or
Sources & Methods people in the community: her package to suit their needs.
We use a variety of methods to find the best • Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Core benefits include a competitive
talent. For example, we This offers black and ethnic minority salary, which takes account of the individual
• Retain recruitment advisers, to give us students banking experience in the markets in which our diverse businesses
tactical advice in order to identify the City of London. Our Corporate Banking operate, bonus opportunity and Group profit
local market. and Financial Markets division recruited sharing – a means for all our employees to
• Advertise in specialised press, targeted four interns in 2004, two of whom share in the broader success of the Group.
lifestyle websites and at recruitment fairs are now employed on an RBS Graduate
• Display ads in religious centres and Development Programme. RBSelect
places of worship. • Capital Chances RBS sponsors and In addition to offering an ever-expanding
• Combine with Job Centre Plus to takes part in a collaborative event with choice of discounted retail and financial
promote our vacancies in community other leading investment banks to offer services products, RBSelect supports a
centres. a 24-hour insight into banking for ethnic range of flexible working options.
• Design our graduate ads and brochures minority, disabled and female students. RBSelect offers childcare vouchers
to reflect the diverse mix of backgrounds Its purpose is to encourage people providing a 10% saving on the costs of
sought by the Group. to learn about and apply for career a nanny, registered childminder, private
• Provide translations of ads, depending opportunities. nursery, day-care play group or holiday play
on location, into Welsh, Urdu and Hindi. • Remploy Two of our divisions are scheme, etc. They can be used in respect
currently working on a recruitment of children up to the age of 18.
initiative with Remploy to expand In addition, employees can change
employment opportunities for disabled certain RBSelect benefit choices upon the
people. occurrence of a significant event in their
life. These “Lifestyle Events” include:
• Birth or adoption of a child
Diversity and Inclusion 5
Ways of Working

• Death of a dependant such as open learning, computer-based of compressed or variable hours within
• Change from full-time to part-time training, regional seminars and external teams can also give business areas more
(defined as a reduction in working hours courses, to ensure all employees have equal flexibility, allowing them to make better use
to less than 21 hours per week) access to training - irrespective of location, of property and equipment and improving
• Change in salary as a result of long-term working hours or preferred learning style. customer service by extending operating
disability We operate an internal job market with hours.
• Maternity/adoption Leave - a dedicated intranet site, @ppointments, to All policies and application procedures
commencement and return offer equality of access and opportunity for can be easily accessed online by employees
Further information is detailed in Working for everyone. and management, and there is a telephone
the Group. helpline in place for individual queries.
Talent Management
Equal Pay We recognise that our business objectives What Yourtime offers:
In order to ensure we comply with equal cannot be delivered effectively without Time Away From Work
pay legislation and good practice, we identifying talent and managing it within • Adoption Leave
have carried out a detailed assessment the organisation. We have ensured that • Dependants Leave
of how we match up against the Equal our tailored development programmes are • Holidays
Opportunities Commission Equal Pay fully inclusive both in terms of content and • Long Term Employment Break
criteria. As a result, we have enhanced our participant composition. • Short Term Employment Break
pay modelling toolkit, which is designed to The programmes that support our • Maternity
assess fairness and parity. We now carry Leadership Excellence Profile courses • Parental Leave
out regular reviews of our policies and are specifically designed to have global • Paternity Leave
practices in this area. applicability and be appropriate for • Sickness and Absence
Pay guidelines for managers are also individuals of any geographic or ethnic • Special Leave
intended to support Equal Pay principles background. For 2005, we have added • Winding Down to Retirement
an additional case study to the Executive
Talent Management and Development programme intended to Time At Work
Development prompt discussion on the business case for • Compressed Hours
diversity. • Homeworking
We have worked to ensure our training and • Job Sharing (register being piloted)
development programmes are open to all Work-Life Balance • Maternity/Adoption Phase back to Work
with material that reflects the diversity of our At RBS, we believe that giving employees • Part-time Working
employees and customers alike. the chance to balance their work and home • Term Time Working
lives effectively helps us attract and retain • Variable Hours
Development the best people. Throughout the Group we • Flexible Working Practices
Our suite of management training modules, encourage flexible working initiatives. All
Management Essentials, has been reviewed our employees have the right to ask to work In recognition of the real business benefits
to ensure that the appropriate messages on flexibly. Currently, 21% choose to work on a that Yourtime brings, the Department of
diversity and inclusion form a core element part-time basis Trade and Industry features Yourtime as an
of the learning process. Our award-winning Yourtime programme example of best practice in its handbook
enables our employees and managers for employers, “Flexible Working – The
All training materials are checked to to manage their time more effectively by Business Case”
ensure the language and images used providing a closer link between business
in them reflect the diverse nature of our needs and individual preferences. A wide
employees and customers, and every effort range of policy options is contained in
is made to accommodate the specific needs the programme and increasing numbers
of our disabled employees. We offer a of employees are now benefiting from
deliberately wide range of training options, our flexible working policies. The use
Diversity and Inclusion 6

At RBS, we are committed to operating as a meritocracy, where

all employees can develop their full potential, irrespective of
their race, gender, marital status, age, disability, religious belief,
political opinion or sexual orientation. The following sections
illustrate how we make that commitment a reality.

RBS is fully committed to promoting age
diversity. We assess our employees on the
Ageism at work is a bigger
basis of their skills, ability and potential, problem for people in their
not their age, and we seek to eliminate age late teens than those in their
‘stereotyping’. Employment and personal/
career development opportunities are
50s: 25% of school leavers
available, irrespective of a person’s age, have faced age discrimination
as are the flexible working options offered compared with 21% of those
in our Yourtime programme. We recognise
there are different times in an individual’s
over 50 and 18% of those
working life when they may wish to take a over 60.
short break in their career in order to pursue
personal interests or merely reduce their Although people in their
hours to have more free time. We aim to 30s are at the ‘peak’ of their
consider these requests in order to retain Working beyond retirement
career they’re under the most
skill, knowledge and experience. Sheila Topsfield, age 60, works for
We play an active role as members of pressure at work and least Credit Card Operations, Southend-on-
Age Positive and the Employers Forum on want to be there. Just 54% of Sea. Sheila continues to work as she
Age (EFA). For example, we sponsored enjoys her team and the work she is
those in their 30s are happy doing for the Group. Sheila and her
the EFA Age Toolkit, a diagnostic tool for
profiling age within an organisation and with their work-life balance husband are saving for a trip of a
lifetime to New Zealand in 2006.
identifying age-related issues. and just 17% are happy to
We also co-sponsored the EFA’s “Age at
work until they’re 70 - the
Work Decades Research” survey. Based on
around 1,600 interviews with people across lowest numbers among all age
the UK, this is designed to help develop groups.
an understanding of age at work. The
Executive Summary quotes “people of all People in their 50s and 60s
ages are motivated to change and develop aren’t all rushing to retire:
but are being held back by an outdated
idea of careers where young people start at
30% of people are happy to
the bottom and retirement is a cliff edge at work until they’re 70 and 13%
the peak.” dread retirement, a feeling that
We regularly review our policies and
practices to ensure they comply with the
increases with age.
principle of age diversity, and for employees Age at Work Decades Research survey
who wish to work beyond retirement, we
have introduced a flexible retirement policy.
Diversity and Inclusion 7

We are committed to eliminating
discrimination on the grounds of disability by: There are approximately 8.6
• Interviewing all disabled job applicants
who meet the minimum selection criteria
million disabled people in the
for a job vacancy and considering each UK covered by the Disability
on his or her ability. Discrimination Act, which
• Ensuring that all disabled employees are
smoothly and effectively inducted into the
represents around 15 percent
Group. of the population.
• Working in partnership with employees
to develop reasonable and practicable Most disabled people acquire
workplace adjustments to allow their disability during their
them to perform their jobs effectively.
working life or later. By the
We have arranged for workplace
assessment and advice to be provided year 2010, 40% of the UK
to line managers through our external population will be over 45 - the Disabled access in the workplace
occupational health supplier, Capita Rosa Cavedaschi, 33 years old,
age at which the incidence of works part time for Enfield Customer
Health Solutions, where necessary. In
addition, all of our employee intranet disability begins to increase Telephony Centre. She has worked for
the Group for 15 years. In 1997 Rosa
sites are fully compliant with the Disability significantly. was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
Discrimination Act (DDA).
She feels that the “all-access” level
• Making every effort to retain employees Of the 2.8 million disabled facilities, including disabled toilets,
who become disabled while in the people on state benefits and at the Centre meet the needs of an
employment of the Group. employee such as herself operating in
not in work nearly a million
• Introducing our Online Disability a wheelchair.
Awareness training programme which is would like to work.
mandatory for all of our employees in the Employers' Forum on Disability website
UK and Ireland. This programme ensures
that employees develop an understanding
and awareness of disability. There is an
additional module for line managers.

In the wider community, RBS is a Gold

Card member of the Employers’ Forum on
Ulster Bank won three Awards for
Excellence at the O2 Ability Awards 2005
- for Career Development, Leadership,
and Recruitment & Selection. Examining
all aspects of employment, the awards
recognise progressive attitudes in
organisations that see disability and
diversity as a corporate opportunity and key
to success.
Diversity and Inclusion 8

Ethnicity, Religion and Belief

RBS operates in 27 countries worldwide, Feedback
representing a multicultural society of • In all, 79% of our BME population corporate wardrobe available for
customers, employees and shareholders. responded to the 2004 Employee employees in our retail branches.
We have created a working environment Opinion Survey. That compares with • Giving sympathetic consideration to
and people culture which is accepting and 84% overall. However, the feedback we requests for early start or finish times to
welcoming of difference in all our divisions, received from our BME respondents was comply with religious laws.
and we support this through equality of generally positive. • Providing short-term career breaks or
opportunity for all. When it comes to our • 79% agreed the training and extended holidays to allow for marriage
employees, we feel especially strongly about development they had received or return to native countries as required
ensuring equality of access to opportunities had helped them improve business by religion.
for progression, reward and development in performance. That marks an increase
the organisation, irrespective of individual of 11% over 2003 and is a higher These last two adjustments have been
ethnic background. percentage than for the Group as a facilitated by the introduction of flexible
To help us achieve the business benefits whole. working practices that are open to all
of an effective race and diversity action • 70% believed they had the opportunity our employees through our Yourtime
plan, RBS is a Race for Opportunity to develop. That was an increase of 10% programme.
Champion and we participate in the RfO’s over 2003 and, again, a more positive In addition, RBS is a founder member
benchmarking programme to help us figure than for the Group as a whole. of the Employers Forum for Belief, set
measure our performance in this area. We • 51% agreed with the statement “It would up by employers to establish and share
have been awarded Gold Standard for our take a lot to get me to leave the RBS good practice on religion and belief in the
2005 submission. Group”. That was an increase of 13% workplace.
over 2003, which demonstrates the
Data effectiveness of the action taken to follow 6.7% of people of working
• At the end of 2004, 10% of our up the previous survey.
employees told us through our annual age are from ethnic minorities.
Employee Opinion Survey that they were As part of that follow-up activity, our Group Between 1999 and 2009, they
from an ethnic minority background. Chief Executive, Sir Fred Goodwin, held a will account for half the growth
However, as 23% of our employees focus group in 2004 for BME employees
opted not to complete this question, to listen to their experience of working in in the working age population.
we acknowledge this is an area where the Group. Following that meeting, action
By 2030, 8% of the workforce
we must further engage our black and was taken in areas such as our diversity
minority ethnic (BME) population to awareness training, our recruitment will be from ethnic minorities.
understand fully their aspirations. advertising, our approach to career Half of all new jobs over
• In the UK, the BME workforce within progression opportunities and the sharing
the next 10 years will go to
RBS at 8.3% is comparable to the BME of divisional best practice.
working population at large. members of ethnic minorities.
• Campaigns to attract BME students Religion and Belief RfO website
to careers in RBS resulted in 28% With a diverse employee population comes
of applications for our Graduate a diversity of religious and cultural beliefs
Development Programmes in 2003/4 and traditions. RBS is committed to making
coming from BME students. Some 11% adjustments to the working environment to
of them were successful. So far in 2005, help employees balance their personal and
29% of applications have come from BME working lives. Examples of that flexibility
students and 47% of them have been include:
successful. • Providing appropriate and ‘fit for
purpose’ garments as part of the
Diversity and Inclusion 9

Promoting gender equality is not only Specifically in relation to childcare
the right thing to do, it makes business responsibilities, we have developed 58% of RBS employees in the
sense. It allows us to draw on the widest generous maternity, paternity and adoption UK are female.
possible pool of talent and use it effectively. policies to further support work-life balance
Despite the fact that women account for and to reinforce our position as an employer 17% of our senior managerial
60% of our employees, they make up 72% of choice.
and executive roles are held
of our clerical employees and are under-
represented at senior management and Sponsorship by women.
executive levels. To change that, a series of
initiatives has been put in place: • Opportunity Now:
92% of our part-time
We participate in Opportunity Now, employees are female.
Feedback a business-led campaign that works RBS group, August 2005
Our Group Chief Executive, Sir Fred with employers to realise the economic
Goodwin, held a focus group for female potential and business benefits that
employees in which he committed to take women at all levels contribute to the
action to address the challenges women workforce.
face in climbing the corporate ladder. Opportunity Now conducts the UK’s
single largest benchmarking survey on
Equal Pay gender equality and diversity activity in
We carry out regular pay reviews in the workplace. RBS in the UK and Ulster
accordance with the Equal Opportunities Bank in Ireland were awarded Gold
Commission Equal Pay criteria. Rigorous Standard for 2004.
checks are in place to compare male/female In addition, RBS sponsors the annual
bonuses for full-time/part-time employees awards programme which recognises
at different levels of seniority and across exceptional progress in organisations
different ethnic backgrounds. Any working towards gender equality and
discrepancies are rectified. diversity.

Development • Women in Banking and Finance:

Flexible working
Women are now equally represented in all RBS is a Platinum Sponsor of WIBF,
Juliet Winsor, a part-time employee from
full-time promotions and account for 85% of a non-profit making professional
Credit Card Operations, Southend-on-
all part-time promotions, including 87% of organisation committed to empowering Sea, works three days a week in order
part time senior management and executive its members in the banking and finance to have time to look after her three-year-
promotions. industry to realise their full potential. old daughter Darcy.
RBS employees are represented at We continue to encourage flexible
Work-Life Balance all levels of the WIBF management working and 21% of our employees
The range of flexible working practices structures in the UK and are now work part-time.
open to all our employees through our involved in setting up the new branch
Yourtime programme can prove particularly in Ireland. The Group publicises WIBF
useful for those balancing a career with their events internally to employees and
responsibilities as carers for children or the provides meeting facilities in RBS
elderly. buildings.
Diversity and Inclusion 10

Sexual Orientation
We have a culture at RBS that accepts
employees regardless of their sexual
orientation. This is borne out by the 2004
Employee Opinion Survey in which 82% of
respondents group-wide agreed with the
statement: “The Division provides a working
environment that is accepting of sexual
orientation of employees.”
In keeping with our commitment to
equality, the provision of benefits at RBS
is identical for all our employees and their
partners, regardless of sexuality, ethnicity,
disability or gender. However, we are
also undertaking an audit to ensure all
our processes and procedures for both
customers and employees conform with the
impending Civil Partnership legislation.
In addition, to help us better understand
the needs and aspirations of our lesbian,
gay, bisexual and transgender employees,
we have signed up as a Diversity Champion
with Stonewall.
Diversity and Inclusion 11

At RBS, we seek to serve as wide a range of customers as


While we recognise the diversity of our Gender

customer base, our research indicates More women are going into business for
that people want to be treated equally, themselves than ever before, yet research
rather than differently, when it comes to the indicates that raising finance can still be a
provision of financial services. difficult experience for many of them. RBS
To that end, we seek to be fully inclusive is playing its part to change that.
in our approach to customers. However, NatWest has joined up with
understanding their differing needs enables Everywoman, the UK’s leading network
us to deliver our products and services for female business owners, delivering a
more effectively to them. comprehensive package of online advice
and support for existing and potential
Access female business owners. Sponsorship
of the NatWest Everywoman Awards
Here are some of the ways in which we celebrates the achievements of existing
help different groups of customers get full female business owners and creates more
access to our services: identifiable role models for future women in
Physical access
Physical access ramps being fitted
Disability RBS and NatWest are active members outside our NatWest branch in Harrow,
Details of the specific technology and face- of PROWESS, a UK-wide advocacy London.
to-face services we provide for our disabled network that supports the growth of
customers can be found on our Royal Bank women’s business ownership through
of Scotland and NatWest websites under the development of an effective women-
the Accessibility menu. friendly business support infrastructure and Mobile banking
enterprise culture. The new mobile banking van is
Ethnicity fully DDA compliant, incorporating
• We provide ethnic minority language a wheelchair lift, low level counter
signage in certain retail branches in At least one in four customers position, and induction loops.

London and the Midlands. either has a disability or is

• Brochures and advertising are produced close to someone who is.
in Welsh for NatWest branches located in
Wales. The estimated annual
• An introductory NatWest leaflet - “Your
purchasing power of people
New Bank Account” - written in eight
languages, is available for asylum with disabilities is £40-£50
seekers wishing to open a bank account. billion.
It explains the alternative forms of
EfD website
acceptable identification.
• A Shariah-compliant commercial finance
product has been developed for our
Muslim customers.
• Asian Entrepreneurs Units, with specialist
Islamic law expertise, have been set up to
represent the local communities in Slough,
Berkshire and parts of the Midlands.
Diversity and Inclusion 12

BME communities account for There are now more than

7.9% of the UK’s population one million female-owned
- more than 4.6 million people, businesses in the UK. If the
all of whom are potential number of women starting up
customers. This figure is set to businesses matched that of
double over the next 25 years. men, there would be an extra
Members of the ethnic 150,000 start-ups each year.
Government statistic
minorities are responsible for
9% of new business start-ups.
One in ten UK businesses is
Joseph Koutoua
BME-owned. It is estimated One of 13 staff employed at Green-
that there are 15,000 such Works’ warehouse, Silvertown,
London. Green-Works have re-used
businesses in greater London or recycled 876 tonnes of RBS group
alone. furniture.

RfO website

Women start up one-third of NatWest Everywoman Award

NatWest Everywoman Award winner
new businesses and own 13% Sharon Hilditch, Crystal Clear
of all businesses. International Ltd, with Karen Gill &
Women and Equality Unit, Women and Maxine Benson of everywoman.
Work, 2004 Sharon stood out as having achieved
Opportunity Now website the most outstanding business
success having overcome tremendous
challenges. Sharon’s company
The rate of female self- manufactures skincare treatment
machines and products and has a
employment has more than large celebrity following in Hollywood.
doubled over the last 20 years.
Women and Equality Unit, Does sex make a
difference? updated 2004
Face 2 Face Opportunity Now website
In 2004 over 5,000 lessons in personal
finance and budgeting were delivered
in 500 schools across the UK through
the Face 2 Face with Finance
Diversity and Inclusion 13
External Partnerships

At RBS, we recognise we can learn from working with

organisations that champion diversity.

At the same time, we play a role in the We also participate in broader corporate
wider business community promoting best
Benchmarking responsibility surveys, some of which
practice in this area through sponsorship These are the main diversity benchmarking contain an element relating to diversity.
and award programmes. activities in the UK and Ireland in which we They include:
Partners Great Place to Work:
Opportunity Now Benchmarking Process: Employees in 24 countries are surveyed
Listed are the main diversity organisations Opportunity Now conducts the UK’s annually about the level of trust and the
we partner, together with the role we play in single largest benchmarking survey on quality of the relationships that exist
them: gender equality and diversity activity in between themselves and management.
the workplace. Both RBS in the UK and The UK and EU Best Workplaces lists are
Age Positive: Champion, and member of the Ulster Bank in Ireland were awarded Gold published in the UK by the Financial Times.
Age Positive Steering Group in Scotland Standard in 2004.
Best Company to Work For:
Employers Forum on Age: Core Member The RfO Benchmark: The Sunday Times Best Companies surveys
Race for Opportunity benchmarking is a the opinion of more than 130,000 UK
Employers Forum for Belief: Founder unique tool that enables an organisation employees to find out which companies
Member to evaluate how it matches up against a are the best to work for. The findings are
range of criteria. It gives organisations published annually in a Sunday Times
Employers Forum on Disability: Core Funder the opportunity to both measure and Supplement each spring.
– Gold Card demonstrate the effectiveness of their race/
diversity strategy. We were awarded Gold Business in the Community:
Race for Opportunity: Champion, and Board Standard in 2005. Membership of Business in the Community
Member (Gordon Pell,Executive Chairman, (BITC) commits a company continually to
Retail Marketsand RBS main Board Diversity improve its impact on society. Members
Champion) commit to:
• Manage, measure and integrate
Opportunity Now: Member, and Sponsor of responsible business practice throughout
the Opportunity Now Awards 2005 their business.
• Impact through collaborative action to
Stonewall: Diversity Champion tackle disadvantage.
• Inspire, innovate, and lead by sharing
Women in Banking and Finance: Platinum learning and experience.
Diversity and Inclusion 14
External Partnerships

These are some of diversity events and Everywoman:
organisations we sponsor: This is the leading online network and
resource provider for women business
Opportunity Now Awards 2005: owners. NatWest provides financial
Opportunity Now is a business-led guidance on the site. It also sponsors
campaign that works with employers to the NatWest Everywoman Awards and
realise the economic potential and business co-sponsors the Everywoman Grow Your
benefits that women at all levels contribute Business national and regional conferences.
to the workforce. RBS sponsors the annual
awards programme which recognises Age at Work Decades Research Project:
exceptional progress in organisations RBS co-sponsored the Employers Forum
working towards gender equality and on Age “Age at Work Decades Research”
diversity. project. Based on around 1,600 interviews
with people across the UK, this was a
survey designed to help develop an
understanding of age at work. O2 Ability Awards 2005
Ray Gammell, HR Director Ulster Bank
and Eimear Berwick, HR, with Roy
Diversity Conference 2005:
Keane, footballer, at the presentation
RBS was one of the headline sponsors at
of the O2 Ability Awards on 2nd
the inaugural DTI Conference on Diversity, February 2005.
a two-day event bringing together many of
the UK’s leading employers to explore and
exchange best practice ideas.

We are proud to have won the following
recent awards:

Opportunity Now Awards 2005 O2 Ability Awards 2005:

Clara Freeman, previous chairman of Examining all aspects of employment, the HR Excellence Award 2004 for the ‘Most
Opportunity Now, Baroness Howe of
awards recognise progressive attitudes Effective Use of Flexibility in the Workplace’:
Idlicote, winner of the special 10th
in organisations that see disability and Our entry was based on the Yourtime suite
anniversary award for Individual
diversity as a corporate opportunity and of flexible working policies and specifically
Achievement and Commitment to
Gender Equality and Diversity and key to success. Ulster Bank won the Award the implementation of compressed hours
Carolyn McCall, current Chair of for Excellence in three categories: Career working across our manufacturing division.
Opportunity Now at the Opportunity Development, Leadership, and Recruitment The judges were most impressed by the mix
Now Awards dinner, 28th April 2005. & Selection. of benefits for both the employees and the