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Cell An alogy Pr oject : Com pu t er s vs Cells

By : Ham za J, Sh eh er yar I, an d Sh ayan A

M it och on dr ia
By : Ham za J

In the cell, Mitochondria supplies power to the cell. In the computer, the
com pu t er 's bat t er y is like the Mitochondria in the cell. The computer 's
battery supplies and provides power for the computer so the computer
doesn't stop working.
Nu clear M em br an e
By Sh eh er yar .I

In a cell, a nuclear membrane is the membrane that surrounds the nucleus

from the cytoplasm around it. In a computer, a nuclear membrane resembles
the CPU socket as that's what keeps the CPU in place and connect the CPU
with cell.
Cell Wall
By: Shayan.A

The cell wall of a plant is very similar to the computer case of

a computer. The plant cell wall is a strong wall that protects
the cell and gives it its shape. The computer case on the
other hand is a protective casing with important and delicate
parts of a a computer inside. It keeps everything together.
They are both so similar because both of them hold and
protect the delicate contents of a computer/ cell.
En doplasm ic Ret icu lu m
By : Ham za J
The Endoplasmic reticulum is a network of membrane tubes that let
materials flow through a cell. Something in the computer that you can
compare the endoplasmic reticulum to is the network of wires. The network
of wires also lets power flow the wires so the computer can function
Ribosom es
By Sh eh er yar .I

In a Cell, Ribosomes are mainly used for making protein for the cells. And
that protein is vital for the cell as that protein is used to fix damaged parts
and is used for directing chemical processes of the cell. In a Computer, the
power supply greatly resembles the Ribosomes as the power supply makes
power for the computer so that the computer can run.
By: Shayan.A
The Vacuole in a cell is very similar to the RAM of a computer. The Vacuole
in a cell stores water, food, waste, and more until they are used or gotten rid
of. The RAM in a computer stores data from a software. It doesn't store
things permanently, files on the RAM are either disposed of or saved. The
Vacuole in a cell is like the RAM of a Computer because both store things
that are important for the cells/ computers task. Both of them store things
that need to be gotten rid of. Both of them are used for short-term storage.
Nu cleolu s
By : Ham za J

The nucleolus in the cell helps ribosomes make proteins from

directions given from the nucleus. It is located inside the nucleus.
The operating system in the computer runs the computer 's
functions. The operating system could be chrome , windows ,
android, or apple.
Lysosom es
By Sh eh er yar .I
In a cell, Lysosomes are used for removing and recycling waste by digest in
the cell. In a computer, the recycling bin is the most similar to the lysosomes.
The recycling bin is used for deleting documents and application that the
user doesn't need anymore by removing them and making more space in the
computer for the user to download anything if they need to.
By: Shayan.A
The Nucleus of a cell is very similar to the operating system of a
computer. The Nucleus acts like the cell's brain and controls eating,
movement, reproduction and more. The operating system does
something similar to this and controls all of the computer's
activities. Both the Nucleus and the operating system are control
centers in their cell/ computer..
Cell m em br an e
By : Ham za J

In the cell, the cell m em br an e controls what goes in and out of a cell. In the
computer, the firewall (ex. Norton, Mcafee) prevents things that might harm
the computer from coming into the computer 's system. A firewall only allows
certain things to pass through it, just like a cell membrane.
Golgi Bodies
By Sh eh er yar .I
The Golgi Body has a lot of functions in the cell, including sorting and
processing protein for secretion. The golgi bodies resemble the power supply
wires in a computer as those are what sort the power from the power supply
to the place that requires them the most.
Chlor oplast s
By: Shayan.A
Chloroplast in a plant cell is very similar to the power chord of a computer.
The chloroplast in a cell helps capture energy from the sun and turn it into
food. The power chord of a computer takes energy from a socket in the wall.
It gets the computer the power it needs to function. Chloroplast and the
power chord are similar because both take energy from an outside source.
The energy that the chloroplast gets is to function the cell. The energy the
power chord gets is to function the computer.
Organelle Structure In the Function Because...
computer it is...

Endoplasmic Hard for ER, and the The network Lets materials flow Both things let
wires and plastic through the materials flow
reticulum and bendy. of wires system/ cell

Cell membrane is a To keep harmful Both things keep

Cell membrane firewall
jelly-like structure, out harmful
firewall doesn't have a materials out
Made of a jelly-like To operate using Both things operate
Nucleolus structure, operating
given directions from given
system does not have a system directions
Made of folded layers Computer's to provide/ supply Both things
of cristae , battery is
battery power provide power
made from a radioactive

Nuclear Jelly-like CPU socket to protect the Both things protect

structure, CPU CPU/ nucleus the CPU/ nucleus
socket is hard

Cell wall Hard shell that Computer case To protect the Both things protect
protects the cell/ computer from the insides from harm

cell/ computer harm

organelle Structure In the computer Function Because....
it is.....

Stores mostly water but Stores data from Both are used for
Vacuoles it also stores food and
RAM software. Doesn't store
short term storage.
waste. Provides things permanently.
structural support.
Nucleus contains a nuclear Controls all of the Both are control
Nucleus membrane, chromosomes,
nucleolus and cytoplasm.
computers centers.
System activities.

Captures suns energy to Takes energy from a socket Both take energy from
Chloroplasts make food. Protected
Power Chords so it can give computer
outside sources to
by 2 membranes. energy to function.

Used for making protein in Distributes power from the Just like Ribosomes gives
Ribosomes the cell. That protein is
Power Supply socket to the places that protein so cells can run,
than used to protect and need them the most power supply gives power
fix broken parts of the cell to the computer

Used for removing and Deletes programs that the Both remove items that the
Lysosomes then recycling waste that
Recycling Bin user doesn't need any more to cell or the person doesn't
the cell doesn't need any make more space to download need anymore
more programs

Used for a lot of tasks, such Used for a lot of tasks, suck Both sort and process the
Golgi Bodies as sorting and processing
Power Supply as sorting and sending thing they have to give to
protein for secretion power to the place that the cell or the computer.
Wires needs it the most
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