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FREE Delivery for

Seniors & those with restricted
It’s the season for calendars,
planners & agendas
Check it out in-store or online:
mobility, as well as those
who are self-isolating
Call for more info
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC 2037 Quilchena Avenue, Merritt BC 250-378-2155


News, opinion, community events since 1996! Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8
Tel: (250) 378-5717 Fax: (250) 378-2025 Email:

On special thisSEEKERS:
week Candidates are Salty-sweet spiced
If you are a hard working, customer driven
100% Canadian aa/aaa
person looking for a full-time job opportunity now official pickled plums PUB OPEN
BarOn Of Beef rOasts Wed - Sat 12noon - 10pmm
The deadline to submit the paper- Four 1-pint canning jars with lids and
then please submit your resume via email to work for candidates in next month’s rings or stop by
Come check us out! election was on Friday. It’s now official: 2 c. unseasoned rice vinegar  RESTAURANT 10am-10pm, closed Mon
& drop resume off in person. Aaron Sumexheltza is running as a BC 1 c. distilled white vinegar 
NDP, Jackie Tegart for the BC Liberal 2 packed cups dark brown
Party, Jonah Timms for the BC Green Par- sugar 
LIQUOR STORE Daily 9am-11pm
ty, and Dennis Adamson & Mike Bhangu 1/2 c. kosher salt 
are running as independents. 2-1/2 lbs firm-but-ripe plums, pitted and SENIORS’ DAY
Membership cut into eight wedges each 
In total, there are 310 candidates Thursday 1-7pm
Drive across the province, most running for of- Spices: 8 cloves, 4 star anise pods, 1 2-inch
ficial parties, but 21 in all are running as cinnamon stick broken into 4 pieces, 2 Food & drink specials
Please contact the food bank for details 250-378-2282 independents. And out of the 87 ridings, teaspoons pink peppercorns, 1 tea-
2350 Voght St., Merritt • 250 378-2254
or pm us from our Facebook page: Nicola Valley Food Bank only ours, Fraser Nicola, has 2 indepen- spoon fennel seeds
dent candidates… Fill a large pot with water, cover and

Seeking input on bring to a boil. Add the canning jars, lids

and rings along with a set of tongs and a
additional cross ladle and simmer over low heat for about
10 minutes to sterilize. Cover the pot and

walk flashing lights turn off the heat. Set a metal rack in an-
other large pot. Fill the pot with water,
After hearing community comments
on the need for additional crosswalk
lights, the Public Works Department has
cover and bring to a boil.
Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine
both vinegars with the brown sugar and For Fraser-Nicola
installed three new crosswalk flashing
lights near Merritt Secondary School, salt and bring to a boil to dissolve. Us-  /tegartjackie
Bench Elementary, and at Houston St. ing the sterilized tongs, remove the jars 1-800-567-2257  @tegart_jackie

and Coldwater Ave. from the hot water and transfer them to a  @jackietegartbc

They are currently seeking public rimmed baking sheet. AUTHORIZED BY DAVID GOLDSMITH, FINANCIAL AGENT FOR THE BC LIBERAL PARTY | 1-800-567-2257

WorkBC Centre Merritt is working in collaboration with Surerus Murphy Joint Venture to bring you input into where additional crosswalk Pack the plums, cloves, star anise, cin-
the “Close to Qualified” Training program to prepare you for upcoming pipeline employment
WorkBC Centre Merritt is working in collaboration with Surerus Murphy Joint Venture to bring flashing
you lights should be placed. Let namon, peppercorns and fennel seeds
the “Close to Qualified” Training program to prepare you for upcoming pipeline employment them know your location suggestions by into the jars, leaving 1/2 inch at the top.
Ladle the hot brine over the plums, stop-
This training is for individuals who want to work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Spread
5A, do not have previous pipeline experience, and are not certified in Pipeline Construction Safety Monday, October 12 at
WorkBC Centre Merritt is working in collaboration with Surerus Murphy Joint Venture to bring you
This training is for individuals who want to work on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project Spread ping 1/2 inch from the top. Using the
the “Close to Qualified” Training are program to prepare you for upcoming pipeline
tongs, screw the lids and rings on the jars
Bob Dempster
5A, do not“Close
haveto previous
Qualified” candidates identified as having
pipeline experience, andtransferable
are not skills with a construction
certified in Pipeline background
Construction Safety

Restoring a balance
from industries including forestry, mining, oil and gas, infrastructure construction and heavy industrial.
This training is the
If you fit forcriteria
individuals who want
for this training, pleasetosubmit
the Trans Mountain
to WorkBC Merritt Expansion Project Spread
securely but not too tightly.
“Close to not
5A, do Qualified” candidates
have previous Fax:are identified
pipeline or as
experience, having
off at 2099
and skills
Quilchena Ave.
not certified in with a construction
Pipeline background
Construction Safety Using canning tongs, lower the jars
from industries including forestry,
place inmining, oilfrom
gas, infrastructure construction and heavy industrial.Five months after an unsettling inci-
The training will take Merritt, BC 3rd to 5th, 2020.
onto the rack in the boiling water, making 250-378-7169 7 days a week
If you fit to
 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Beverages will be provided
criteria for this training,
candidates please submit
are identified as having your resume toskills
transferable WorkBC
with aMerritt
construction background
— someone opened the front door of sure they are covered by 1 inch of water.
 Accommodations and Dinner vouchers provided to those who travel from outside of the Merritt Area.
industries including Fax: 250-378-5156
forestry, mining, oil or
anddropgas,off at 2099 Quilchena
infrastructure my house while I was in the other room,
Ave.and heavy industrial.
construction Boil over high heat for 20 mins. Using the
Text or Talk 11:00am - 11:00pm
The training
If you fit the Resume
will for submission
take place
criteria intraining,
this BCclose
Merritt, pleasefrom dateyouris
submit October
3rd toto5WorkBC
resume th 12, Merritt
, 2020. 2020 walked into the kitchen & stole my purse, canning tongs, transfer the jars to a rack
Email: Fax: 250-378-5156 or drop off at 2099 Quilchena Ave. keys, camera & cell phone — I received to cool until the lids seal; refrigerate any
 Breakfast, Lunch,
 training
20 Candidates
Snacks and Beverages
will take place in Merritt,
and Dinner
will be
BC from
will chosen
be provided
provided to those
to participate
3 who
to 5travel
, 2020. word
from outside of the Merritt Area. that my driver’s license, medical jars that do not seal. Store the sealed jars
 Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Beverages will be provided
card & birth certificate had been recovered. in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months.

Accommodations submission
and Dinner vouchers close
provideddateto thoseis whoOctober 12,
travel from outside 2020
of the Last week, my sister in Ontario called
Merritt Area.
to say she was contacted through face- SPACE FOR YOUR AD
Resume20 Candidatessubmission willclosebe chosendate is October to participate 12, 2020book by Karan Joshi of Visions Electronics Official Comm. Plan public input events TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700
in Kelowna. He explained someone tried Lots of webinars, and some events
20 Candidates will be chosen to participate using my debit card & ID to finance some
postponed until a further date. Also find
equipment, and that they informed the an info table at the final Farmer’s Market,
police & wanted to return my cards to me. Saturday downtown. FMI
When I phoned Karan to thank him & Loggers sports Show
set up a plan to pick up my ID, he said he Complete renovation services
This year, the Loggers Sport show Local contractor/carpenter available for any
was going to Vancouver the next day, and will be held at the rodeo grounds, a
could stop in Merritt to give me the cards. renovation work you need done:
drive-in stay-in-your-car shows at 6pm
It was just as unbelievable as the theft! Fri, Oct. 9 & Sat, Oct. 10 at 11am, 1pm & Flooring Kitchen Doors
(250) 378-5575
2052B Quilchena Ave. 250-378-5575 Such a nice young man, so faith-re-
storing. Thank you so much, Karan. —KL
3pm. Tickets $10 per vehicle, call or text Drywall & cabinets Trim work
Clint Langill at 250-378-1597.
Bathroom &
kitchen tile
You’ll never guess who I bumped into when I went to get my glasses fixed… everybody!
New Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30-11:00am Gym Equipment I just saw some idiot at the gym... He put a water bottle in the Pringles All work guaranteed, reasonable rates, reliable
Hours Merritt Civic Center holder on the treadmill! References available upon request
Some Feedback “Well, I reckon you’ve been a pretty good horse,” said the farmer. Text/call Ken 250-315-6105
FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691 “You work hard and I ain’t had to call the vet on you much. I only wish you pulled the
plow a little faster.” “NO!” said the horse, “I said ‘feedbag’ not ‘feedback’.”

This week’s horoscope

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer
Merritt Real Estate Services March 21 April 20 - May 21 - June 21 -
- April 19 May 20 June 20 July 22
FOR RENT If you keep moving along the You’ve been the recipient of As time moves on, our emotion- There are times when the cos-
1 BEDROOM apartment. . . . $850 plus hydro (x2) same track, it’s obvious what will someone’s kindheartedness al responses change: where we mos gives us the equivalent
happen. Problem is that you’re recently. This week brings an once felt anger we might come of a warm embrace. Despite
1 BEDROOM basement suite. . . $850 plus utilities
nature 2 BEDROOM duplex. . . . . . . . . . . $900 plus hydro
no longer sure that you want it
to unfold that way. Be honest
about what you want to achieve.
opportunity to share similarly
generous acts. You’ll benefit
to feel acceptance. But what’s
happening this week needs no
debate. It’s going to be good.
the changes this week brings,
you’ll get the support and
strength you need.
3 BEDROOM duplex. . . . . . . . . $1400 plus utilities
2 BDRM suite on Nicola Lake. $1350 plus utilities
Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio
July 23 - Aug 23 - Sept 23 - Oct 23 -
2 BDRM unit, Lower Nicola. $800.00 plus utilities Aug 22 Sept 22 Oct 22 Nov 21
This week you may feel anxious, It’s time to stand up and fight You can see both sides of any You negotiated a truce be-
CO-WORKING COMMERCIAL SPACE but you have nothing to fear. It’s for what feels right. Which is story. Your sense of self-impor- tween people you care about,
$600 INCLUSIVE true that you’re dealing with sev-
eral challenging situations; but
not to suggest that you need to
confront anyone. Patience and
tance is well under control. This
week, if you courageously own
but worry it’ll give way. But the
agreement can be consolidat-
there’s magic in the air. It will be resilience will help achieve the up to a mistake, you’ll go further ed. Have faith in the process of
Please feel free to stay in touch as easier than you think. right result. on the path to success. co-operation this week.
inventory may change very quickly.
Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
3499 Voght St. Merritt Nov 22 - Dec 22 - Jan 20 - Feb 19 -
(250) 378-1996 direct line to the Dec 21 Jan 19 Feb 18 Mar 20
Property management department There’s a good chance that your
lack of transparency is visible;
You’re not quite sure what you
want! But when the going gets
Recent events have caused you
to stifle a creative idea and to
Your approach to a drama will
affect its outcome. Let discre-
Call for all your residential or and that others are withholding tough, you get going. There’s quash your ingenuity. You’ll find tion and consideration be your
helpful information from you. no need to be hesitant. If you an unconventional way to widen guides. And if restraint is no
commercial property management needs! Time to stop being diplomatic trust your instincts, you’ll know your horizons. It’s time to move longer appropriate, be guided
and be more honest. what to do. onwards and upwards. by your ingenuity.

MONDAY EDITION — OCTOBER 5, 2020 #3478 Merritt’s Auto Glass 2001
Box 2199, Merritt, BC V1K 1B8 T: (250) 378-5717 F: (250) 378-2025 E:
Specialists INC.
07 DODGE Caliber $2000 378-2275 3-PC round glass coff. table $150. 3-pc

Your photos or art on a mug — great gift!

leather sofa $850. 2 qu sz beds w/ 2 night
BAILLIE HOUSE Flea market. Daily
10am-12pm & 2-4pm.
16” DODGE rims, 5 bolt, $100 378-2410
09 FORD F-150 4x4 parting out, 56k, tbl & 2 drssrs w/ mirr. $750. 378-4586 ICBC Claims
STEREO am/fm w/ artif. f/p, record
motor gone, many other prts avail 778-
653-9295 player $100obo. Dining set, china cabi- •Commercial •Residential
net 64x78 w/ 6 chairs $400. Dining set 4
Office Supplies (250)378-6882
metal detecting? Have a spare detector &
TRUCK canopy $100obo.  Fits full size
pickup with a 6’ 6” truck bed. 936-8484 chairs $75. Double bed w/ 2 dresser & 2 •Automotive •Industrial
after 5pm. night tables $350. 378-4586
Printing & Engraving (250)378-6808 tools for use. Gd exercise for a retired per-
son. 936-9356 Will teach, ask for Hank 04 PONTIAC Bonneville. 1 owner since SINGLE matt. & box spring $25. 2 steel 2663 Granite Ave. (next to Fountain Tire)
1951 Garcia St., Merritt, BC FOUND: 2 children’s books, at the inter-
section of Coutlee & Garcia (near Phar-
2005. 3.8L V6, low mileage +/- 165K.
Exc run. cond. Normal minor rust spots
patio chairs $100 w/ brand new cush-
ions 378-4619
masave) – call 250-315-7048 to claim COFFEE table & 2 end table & 2 lamps
and plastic dings. Will require rear breaks
FOUND: ladies digital watch, call to ID $80, or sell sep. 378-5546
& shocks in the near future 4/6 mos? Sell-
378-6808 ing because we decided it was time for FREE wooden bed frame w/ headboard
WANTED: WTD: professional roofer 280-5020 an SUV. 8 rims & tires in gd cond. Drive& footboard, suit. for a twin extra long
anywhere. $2,300 firm 250-639-0898
FREE: One Health Care Aid/Electri- mattress or futon mattress. 378-9663 D OV
Qualified ROOFER cians/Civil/Beautician/security and more
courses for First Nations at Stratford
TRANSFER case for 97-00 $200. 280-7499
CAR TOP pod. fits roof racks.Pix avail.
MOTORIZED medical bed $450 378-5140
SOLID oak dbl pedestal diningrm table –
Career Institute by correspondence - $150. 378-1932, 250-999-0938 w/ leaves 7‘ lng; 5’ w/o leaves. exc. cond.


sponsored by Road Runner Motel. Sta- ONE 205/60rx15 new summer tire. Joe 6 cust.-built hi-backed oak roller chairs,
Local Condo complex- 8 units tus card required. Also healp with high
school completion FMI 250-378-4201
ONE 235/55r17 Yokohama summer tire,
some repair needed. Offrs Ava 378-5153
PINE country cabinet 4 door, 36”w,
lk nw $75 (was $175 new) 378-6217
Requires roofer to repair and replace TO THE GENTLEMAN who bought
the leaf blower at Dot Ranch Cutoff Road 08 DODGE 2500, 6.7 eng. Bulley Dog
64”h, 22”d $200 obo. Queen size bed
chesterfield, blue & white stripe,  Ikea
Roof Shingles yard sale. We have the bag attachment for trans. blt for pwr $12,500obo 280-1250 $150 obo 378-6787 SEEING LOCAL BEAUTY
it. Call Ava 378-5153 to get it. FREE: 89 turbo Firefly, 91k, no wheels for sale - electronics/software
TO THE PEOPLE who bought the roll 378-5529 See something eye-catching? Sketch it!
top desk at Dot Ranch Cutoff Road yard 05 CHEV blazer 4x4, 200k, needs heater SONY DVD player SR501H $20. 250-
sale. We have the roll top if you would 572-3329
core, front windshield, drive door slight-
Call John 250-378-6138 like it. Call Ava 378-5153 to get it. ly damaged. Best offer 936-8885 42” TV Hitachi w/ stand $100obo. Fax/
copier/scanner $50obo. 378-4586 A FREE program, easy to do with COVID-19 precautions.
RESP. young senior lady for house sit- AUTO/VAN/TRUCK Roof Top Carri-
ting. Pets are ok. Exc. refs. Txt 315-9000 er with holding clips and straps  $100. SHAW cable box w/ movie recorder.ask- Share your sketch impressions of interesting, local, natural
KEYS FOUND, Granite Ave; fob, GM 2 towing mirrors $30 each or both for ing $100. Lk new. Can be registered to
key, do not duplicate key and others(7). $50. 315-9235 new owner. 280-0569 and cultural sights. Enter your best sketches in the draw

Complete renovation services Darch

WANTED: stereo technician to install
for sale - pets / livestock TELUS Satellite Dish & 2 receivers: 1 is
mdl 6131 HDTV Dolby Digital, 1 is  mdl
for gift certificates, supporting local business.

Local contractor/carpenter available for any stereo, must be efficient 280-0543 MORE BABY TURKEY chicks for 9241 HDTV DOLBY Digital. $100 378-
I COLLECT pop bottles & cans, if you sale. Eight heritage breed Bourbon Reds. 5004, 604-704-4445
renovation work you need done: have empties to get rid of, 250-525-0471 $20obo. Joanne 936-8726 LAPTOP. LG subwoofer. Bell HD re- The how-to-sketch video and more information:
LOST: bag of assorted wrenches. Re- BIRKSHIRE pigs $200 936-8368, 778- ceiver 778-639-0052
Flooring Kitchen Doors ward offered. Mess. 378-6285, 378-6654 661-0344 CANNON printer IPF610 w/ spare 24”
Drywall & cabinets Trim work services 3-YEAR old female rabbit & cage, litter photo paper, nds nw cartridge, offers Register online for a free sketchbook and share
trained, looking for gd home 315-3643 378-6272
painting Bathroom Bathroom & PIANO LESSONS/ violin lessons $20 per call/text LIKE NEW Panasonic answering ma- your work with the community
half hour.  Music Maestro Club also avail. BLACK male 3-mos old kitten to gd chine with bluetooth, includes 5 handsets
Windows fixtures kitchen tile for ages 8-12. Cecilia phone/text 315-0022 home 778-207-0334 with a belt clips. batteries are excellent
EXPER’D dog sitter avail. w/ lrge, fncd 1 BUDGIE, young healthy, beautiful, condition. $70obo 378-5004
All work guaranteed, reasonable rates, reliable yard and lots of TLC. Text 604-817-8670 easy to train. Looking for new home $50 TECHNICS electric keyboard -$200
References available upon request PAINTING SERVICES, drywall repair, 250-320-2054 - paid $5,000 originally - for more info
interior and exterior painting, 315-5194 6-WK OLD kittens, free to gd homes call 525-1166
Text/call Ken 250-315-6105 DR1VEWAY ASHPHALT paving, low 280-0857 for sale - recreational
pricing now! Spring & summer. 315- GUINEA PIG cage & hamster cage. 6105 for free driveway quote 50-gal. Tank with bearded dragon in it .303 CALIBER British Enfield ri-
HOUSEKEEPING 378-4022 280-9433 fle. PAL license required for purchase
$50obo 936-8484 after 5pm
WTD: reliable lawn maintenance, must 5-GAL aquariumw/ pump & access $60
MERRITT PICKLEBALL CLUB have ride-on mower & weekwacker for 250-641-7241 BRAKE control for trlr or rv $75. Golf
a lrgr site 1-800-361-8111, 378-6331 w/ 26” ENGLISH girth for mini/pony, cart Bag Boy exc cond $50 378-8140
New Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30-11:00am exper. & refs. $30 Mini headstall with snaffle, $50. MINN KOTA electric boat motor, excel-
PAINTING, fencing, roofing, looking Draft-size English saddle w/ stirrups & lent cond. $100 315-0003
Hours Merritt Civic Center for jobs 450-231-1611 leathers, $250, and nw bridle w/ snaffle 98 POLARIS 42J quad, 2up seat, gun
JPV ENTERPRISES: Landscap- & plaited reins, $150. Nylon horse hal- scabbard, xtra whls & tires, snw plow &
ing(lawn care, hedging, pruning, garden- ters, $10 ea. Lrge, sturdy dog harness, wndshld, nw tires $3000obo 378-4904
FMI  call Gary 250-280-0105 or Ayton  250-378-5691 ing), general labour.  Licensed, equipped.  $20 378-2410 REMINGTON camo winter suit: jckt
On Facebook. 250 280 7077 AWESOME CKC black lab for stud 2xl, pnts xl, used 2x $150 378-4904
DRYWALL, textured ceiling, painting. 378-5038 SOFT SIDED carrying cases for shot-
Call Jeff (250)378-3709, (250)315-2066 DUCKS $20 each. Nigerian dwarf goats, guns (2) & rifles (3). Individually priced.  TEL 378-5717 - FAX 378-4700
CERTIFIED TREE FALLER, w/ wd 3 boys 936-8368, 778-661-0344 $5-$12. Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit
chipper, sml truck & trailer, will do resi- for sale - miscellaneous $10 378-0216 MARKET@UNISERVE.COM
dential, fruit trees, etc. 378-6431 JIFFY ice auger, rns gd $225obo 378-4904
HAVE 10’X15’ LOCKER of household
EAGER, RELIABLE man w/ 4x4 truck furniture. What am I offered, or will sell 18 FT custom Canoe w/ custom HD trail-
& trailer, avail. Dump runs, deliveries, individual pieces 315-4566 er looks attractive one of a kind, good
List your garage sale &/or get our listing mail-out plywood, sand, gravel, appl., housewares for hunters etc. $3000, would accept 12
Greg 315-7525, (250)320-2054 Fast, TALL indoor hibiscus tree $75. Tall ft aluminum as part trade. Harvey 250-
Email: courteous service fiddleaf fig plant $75. Bird of paradise 319-2101
plant $75. Call/text 250-295-5519 PORT. ice fishing fire pits, no mess on
WOODY’S TREE services, pruning, re-
moval, hedges, anything to do with trees FOOZBALL table $225. Comp. desk ice $50 378-4904
315-8087 $40. New pr women’ cowboy boots sz 8
$80. 2 sets golf clubs $25 ea. 378-6915 77 CAMPER 8ft.6in. Fridge stove fur-
GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat nace bed $1000 315-7669

gift certificate
has fabric and sewing notions. 378-3734 2 BAGS Extra Foods composted manure REM 1100 12 ga. trap & skeet shotgun,
$2.50 ea. Or both for $5 250-572-3329
employment opportunity 2 barrels both w/ muzzle brks & choke
LEAN GROUND BEEF- ranch raised - tubes, ammo $900obo 378-4904
ATTENTION JOB SEEKERS: If you 1 lb pouch - 20 lb minimum - $3.50 /lb. DOWNSIZING: 35.5’ triple slide 5th
are a hard working, customer driven per-, 378-7820
son looking for a f-t job opportunity then 10 FT. satellite dish, dismantled and Wheel, wntr pkg, heated tanks, full skirt-
please submit your resume via email to ready for hauling, excellent for advertis- ing, f/p, office desk, king bed, n/s, clean, or ing or paint a mural on it. Good for ranch well maintained, never been a snow bird
stop by & drop resume off in person. RV, only serious buyers please 315-9439
advertising. 250. 250-319-2101
LOCAL RANCH looking for p-t sea- FREE peony tubers. 378-9699 GEN. or power plant lk brnd nw/used
sonal irrigator til end oct. Pat 315-5535 FREE: 3 interior doors 30”, two 32”. 1 camping 2hrs max. Champion model
childcare 3500 /3000  wrks exc, could power home
exterior door, metal w/ glass 32” 315-5018 or cottage on continual basis. pd $695 at
AVAILABLE for childcare $20/hr 378- LARGE Russian red garlic $10/lb 280- Can. Tire 4 yrs ago sell $300. 604-256-
2254, rm 208 1251, 2509 Aberdeen Rd 6794, 525-2024 or
BABYSITTING COURSE certified LT WT wheelchair suit for young adult/ PADDLE BOY by Seattle Sports, all-terr.

babysitting services avail. evenings & child $25. Old-style walker $10. Bath Centre cart, w/ assembly instructions $60
wkends. Genuine, attentive, caring, help- bench, nr new $15. Hospital bed, adjust- 315-1648
ful, hardworking. Plenty of experience able, gd cond $300 378-7595
(250) 378-5575
2052B Quilchena Ave. 250-378-5575
with babies. Electra 280-3237
for sale - appliances FREE pallets at Napa Auto Parts, at the immaculate cond. 280-0543
BAG BOY golf cart exc cond. $60 378-8140
JANOME sewing mach. $1000 378-2275 2 FOLDING 2-whl bicycles, $100 each,

back 2114 Nicola Ave. Pls take them KENDA Kwick seal  bicycle  20” tube 
FREE barbecue. 378-9663 2X- REAL walnut wood blinds
DANBY port. washing mach. DWM- 42”x64”  long. Still in the boxes., wrong $5 378-6027
17WBB, 35”hx21” w, offers 378-3781 size, pd $90 each, offers. 378-6272 CANOE paddles.  Varnished wood, lk
RCA 3.5 cu ft bar fridge, nw cond 378-5968 FREE TO A VERY GOOD HOME: nw.  $53.98 plus taxes @ Cdn Tire.  Sell
This certificate entitles
NW Microwave. Toaster oven. Noma beautiful, upright, solid walnut Heinz- for $30  936-8484 after 5pm
oil filled heater. Heat dish. Fan man piano, 1908, beautiful sound & 11 POLARIS Razor 800, owned by se-
778-639-0052 beautiful pce of furniture 778-865-4105 nior citizen, signal lights, winch, cargo
NUTRI-BULLET Max, new. 378-5968 WESLO Cadence G 3.9 treadmill $449 box, horn, gd cond. $8500 778-653-9295
located in Merritt
for sale - automotive from Can. Tire 250-641-7241
BASKETBALL stand w/ hoop in exc
3 WIND vent whirligigs $30ea. 3x50 ft cond. 280-9433
00 DODGE van $600, need to sell asap of white vinyl fencing $50. 3 camping
280-4279 chairs, new in bags for $10ea 280-0569 18’ RED fiberglass cargo  canoe, 17”
4 STUDDED winter tires on rims, WINDOW sealed unit side slider deep, 4’ across, 3 seats will handle a
To recieve205/55R16, gd cond $50 ea 315-6603 36”X48” $100. 378-6027
moose, on built H/D trlr on nw tires. Be-
07 MERCEDES 350ML, wht/beige in- MEN’S silver ring sz 8.5 $150obo. low market $3000. Buyer will receive a
terior, snow tires w/ rims, v6 auto, offers. Women’s 4-pc puzzle ring, silver $100, free kicker motor. Valerie 778-220-1399
378-7995 sz 6 315-5254 for sale - tools/equipment
87 CHRYSLER 5th Ave., gd shape.  OLD WALKING plow, restored John INDOOR Infrared Heater with remote &
$1000. as is, to view 315-9235 Deere $300obo 378-4904 wanted/wanted to buy DBL LOT Collettville Not in subdi-
instructions $25 280-0779 vision. Prop. Guys #10822 280-1017
4 YOKOHAMA ice guard snow tires. FREE: 48”x 78” 2-piece Glass sliding 709 BACKHOE attach. for Bobcat. must
Exc cond. 245/45R 17.  $350 315-0003 Closet door, one piece lk nw, other has a sell. 2 buckets, barely used though signif- FIR FIREWOOD 378-4301 for rent
GC 315-9597 378-5004, 2202 Garcia St Authorized by - signature
93 Z71 pick up 4wd for parts 378-2577, cracked glass, c/w track & all hardware. icant surface rust. Orig. user banged it up
a few times & decided to sell (cosmetic
CANOPY for 8’ box, 8’long x 73” wide LOT OF LUSH bath products, powder damage will not affect operation). Current
SML amount of turbine oil 315-1447
FRIDGE w/ ice/water 378-7412
1-BDRM for one n/s adult only, n/p,
n/s  Heat and cable incl.  Ref’s req’d. 
fits Dodge or Ford, mint cond. new & perfume, $70. Capezio MJ tap shoes owner used it occasionally w/o any prob- needing rental in Merritt. Jerry 250- $675/mo. 378-2954
shocks on bck wndw $200, gd for hunt- as new, size 8.5/9,  $35. Fitbit Alta HR, lems. All orig. hoses & fittings still in place, 392-9052 CLAPPERTON MANOR 2-bdrm
ing, etc. JR 936-8474 NIB, $105. 378-2410 NEED PLACE to put small trailer apt $1000 incl ht/hot water/ free
gears & cylinders in pristine cond. due to laundry in bsmt. Mike n/p 315-9097
FORD 5.8 motor, auto trans & aux from PLUSH beige area rug w/ sml dusty rose/ vry limited use. Bucket seat nds some wrk, up to 20’, ie. driveway, back yard,
94 F150, all gd cond., offrs 378-4904 blue flwrs (94Lx63W) $75, grt shape. Free easy to fix. Pd $3500 US$. Ben 378-0500 for approx. 6 months, can pay small RM for rent, refs a must 315-3290
08 FORD Focus 5spd man. trans. fwd brown bookcase. Txt 604-817-8670 rental. Herman 604-825-2677 3-BDRM home, n/p, n/s, Oct 15
20X24 hvy gauge green tarp w/ grom- 778-639-0244
4-dr pwr wndws, a/c, vry good summer NIGHTHAWK wheelchair $50 378-5038 WANTED TO BUY: small older
tires c/w 4 near new studded winter tires NEW carpets/rugs. Many household mets, lk nw $500. 20x25 used green tarp travel trailer, any condition. Get rid ROOM for rnt, kitch. privileges.,
on rims all scheduled maint., 1 owner, items 778-639-0052 $200. 280-0569 of that eyesore in your back yard lndry/wifi, n/s, n/drugs 315-5951,
runs exc., cln 204k kms $4500 378-1595 SML Folding mesh playpen with sun HVY duty Campbell Hausfeld pneumat- 778-661-0927, cell 520-820-5777 315-5767
TIRES: 265/70R16 Michelin radial cover, new $25 378-6272 ic nailer/stapler. barely used. mint cond. LANDSCAPE paintings on canvas, DPLX 3-bdrm 2-bth, upstairs, n/s,
m&s 315-5115 1-1/4” brad nailer; 2-1/2” finish nailer; framed or unframed, cheap or prefer n/p, n/parites, n/drugs,refs req’d,
AQUASCAPE Ultra 550gph pond Narrow crown stapler; Framing nailer. for mature working person $1450/
14 JEEP Patriot, auto.,4cyl, front wheel pump. $60 250-434-8378 free, for sewing into bags. 280-1017
drive, loaded, leather, sunroof,etc. Black BLOW OUT on take home wine making Ben 378-0500 for sale house/property
mo. + hydro & dep. immediately.
w/black interior 109700 km. Awesome kits. $20/ $30 each. Come take a look.  WD stove CSA appr’d $300 315-8087 378-8188
cond. $9850. 250-378-3919 2865C Pooley Ave 250-378-6622 INBOX Fuel tank, L shaped 125 Gal-475 HOUSE FOR SALE: 3-bdrm up- 3-BDRM house, upstairs, Sept 15
NOKIAN 235/55 R17 M+S tires for GRANNY’S House Quilting & Retreat liter cap. 12V pump and filter & hose. stairs 2-bth, 3 bdrm downstairs 2-bth $1500, sml pets ok, nr Cntrl School.
3-bdrm duplex, Sept 15 $1500, sml
sale. 280-1324 has fabric and sewing notions. Nw fabric $400obo, 378-4195 $575,000obo 378-4586
pets ok, nr Menzies St. 525-0240
84 CHEV short bus 427 motor, auto, from Katja’s Quilt Shoppe 378-3734 KUBOTA tractor w/ tiller 280-9433 TOP QUALITY Moduline modular
prop. 2 tanks. new rims/tires & more, runs UNPASTEURIZED raw honey: $40 for BELL & GOSSETT 1/4 hp 115 volt air home in exc cond. 2008, 2x6 walls, 1-BDRM bsmt ste, shared kitch./
Wd stove, bunk & cupboards, runs great 8 cups, $20 for 4 cups, $10 for 2 cups, $5 compressor, $70. for tires, tools, paint thermal windows, super nice! To bth,, util/cbl incl 778-869-3141
$13,000 firm ser. inq. only 378-9645 for 1 cup. Locally grown organic garlic, etc. 280-0569 view 315-6105 WTD: 2-bdrm, cat friendly rental
89 TOYOTA tercel hatchback exc rn coni, $10/lb. 378-4947 NW 30-lb sledge hammer $35 Joe 378-2676 TO BE MOVED: small 10x40 1986 for Sept.
4 nw tires, 4 snow tires, $1200 378-8272 SKIL  8” drill press  $125. Meddings drill mbl home, 2 bdrms, gas htr, w/d, f/s. 2-BDRM hse 1 blck dwntwn. 3-
08 HONDA Ridgeline, v6, p/w, p/l, back- for sale - furniture 1986 CSA approved $2000 315-7611 bdrm dplx nr Bob’s 525-0240
press $150. Craftsman 9” bandsaw  $100.
up camera, CD player/radio, rem. start, LEATHER sofa $100. Wing chair and Delta 2000 16” scroll saw $100. Crafts- YOU NEED A HOME? Manufac- 3-BDRM house upstairs, nr Cntrl
under 105k, $10,500. 315-5018 matching ottoman $50. Call/text 250- man 42” belt & 8” sander/grinder $150. tured home, 2 bdrm, 1 bath, Call to School, immed. $1500 525-0240
07 FORD Taurus, fully loaded, low km, 295-5519 Guest 50 amp marine battery charger view 1-800-361-8111, 315-1000 RM to rnt, shared, everything incl.
936-8297 LAZYBOY chair. 4-drwr chest 378-3663 $250. 250-378-6787   view with a mask on www.buyandsellmobilehomes. com some meals 280-2211 must like cats