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December / January 2011 Newsletter

Team Sooby Inc.
PO Box 10306 Adelaide SA 5000

Photo by Chris Langley: Team Sooby Presidents Australia Day Cruise, January 2011

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Fast Facts Page 3
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Team Sooby Christmas Cruise & Superbowlz Page 5
Presidents Australia Day Cruise Page 6
Current Committee Contacts / Vacant Committee Positions Page 7
Newest Members Page 7
Member Profile: Tristan Catford Page 8
Editors Report Page 9
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From The Presidential Seat:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, welcome to the first edition of Chase That Feeling for 2011. The
Committee has been working long and hard over the break (well, sort of!!) to get things in shape for the second half
of the Membership Year with the usual array of cruises and so on, we are also working on some different ideas for
events this year. We’re hoping again to team up with some of the other local clubs for a bit of healthy club rivalry, as
well as getting the chance to kick back and enjoy a beer or two.

While we’re talking about the Committee, we are very pleased to welcome Steph Lange to the Committee as
Membership Officer. Steph has a lot of experience in coordinating group/club memberships, and will also bring a
fresh mind and ideas to the Committee for 2011. We may also have another Committee position filled, but we’ll
announce that next time around!

Committee Meetings are still held from 5:30pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Royal Hotel, Kent
Town, and any Members who wish to come along and have a say or just see what happens behind the scenes are
more than welcome.

While the Festive Season takes over everyone’s free time, we were still very pleased with the two cruises that were
run recently, and an entertaining afternoon was certainly had at the beer and bowlz, all the details inside. While we
endeavour to cater for everyone through our events, if you’ve got any ideas you’d like to see for an event, or would
like to have a go at helping to run one, please let us know.

Enough from me for now, so please, kick of the shoes, grab that coffee and sit back while you catch up on the latest
and greatest in the happenings of Team Sooby.

Thanks Team, Be Safe.

Fast Facts:
This March at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show Subaru is due to
unveil its version of the Toyota FT-86 concept. Subaru and
Toyota have been working together to create this front-
engine, rear wheel driven sport coupe and while it has been
confirmed that it will not utilise Subaru’s famous
symmetrical all-wheel drive system, it will be powered by a
2.0 litre variant of the boxer four cylinder engine pushing out
over 200 horsepower.

Photos by

So what do you think about the Toyobaru? Jump on the

forums and let us know.


Coming Club Events:

Wednesday 2nd Monthly Club Meeting:
February Meet at the Royal Hotel at 5.30 for a 6pm start, all members are encouraged
to come along for a casual bite to eat and chat about the club.
Wednesday 2nd Monthly Club Meeting:
March Meet at the Royal Hotel at 5.30 for a 6pm start, as always all members are
encouraged to come along and let us know what kinds of events you would
like to see in the new year.
Coming CAMS Events:
Sunday 6th Porsche Club Super sprint Round 1
February Held at Mallala thanks to the Porsche Club of South Australia.
For more information blast past
Sunday 13th Modern Regularity & Superkart Race Meeting
February Held at Mallala thanks to the Austin 7 Club of South Australia.
For more information cruise over to
Saturday 19th SA State Circuit Racing Championship Round 1
February Held at Mallala thanks to the Sporting Car Club of South Australia.
For more information investigate
Sunday 20th Dirt Motorkhana
February Held at Lanac Park thanks to the Southern Districts Car Club.
For more information drift over to
Saturday 5th G1 Drift Competition – SA Championship Round 1
March Held at Mallala thanks to the Mallala Motorsport Park.
For more information slide over to
Sunday 6th Time Attack Round 1
March Held at Mallala thanks to the Mitsubishi GSR / EVO Club.
For more information accelerate to
Sunday 6th Motorkhana Series Round 1
March Held at Big W Monarto thanks to the MG Car Club.
For more information suss out
Sunday 13th Khanacross
March Held at Lanac Park thanks to the Southern Districts Car Club.
For more information check out
Sunday 13th Kangaroo Motor Club Sprint
March Held at Kangaroo Island thanks to the Kangaroo Island Motor Club.
For more information swim over to
Thursday 17th to Clipsal 500
Sunday 20th March Held in the Adelaide Parklands.
For more information roar over to
Thursday 27th to Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
Sunday 27th March Held in Melbourne.
For more information fly over to
Sunday 27th MSCA Super Sprint Round 1
March Held at Mallala thanks to the Marque Sports Car Association.
For more information make tracks to
Saturday 2nd & Mount Alma Mile
Sunday 3rd April Held on Mount Alma Road thanks to the Southern Districts Car Club.
For more info floor it to


Previously on....
(Recent Events)
Team Sooby Christmas Cruise & Afternoon Superbowlz
Despite some ominous weather in the days leading up to the cruise we were very lucky to see blue skies for most of
the day. Leaving from Newton we headed east into the hills to sample some of the best tarmac Adelaide has to offer.
After approx 90 kilometres of twists and turns we came back down the old Norton Summit Road and made our way
to the Adelaide Bowls Club on Dequetteville Terrace. There we relaxed, threw some wonky balls, and enjoyed the
beats provided by The House Cats including our very own DJ Spark. Thanks to everyone that came along you all
made it a great afternoon.

Photo by Seth Coultas: Team

Sooby Christmas Cruise @
Mount Lofty December 2010

Photo by Tristan Catford: Team Sooby

Christmas Superbowlz @ Adelaide
Bowling Club December 2010


Presidents Australia Day Cruise

Starting off bright and early on Australia Day we cruised out from Blackwood and headed south. The route took us
along some of the ASP Tarmac Rally’s most exciting stages and ended at the Yankalilla Bakery for some delicious
snacks. Thanks go to Chris for organising a great drive and also to everyone that came along and made it a great day.

Photo by Chris Langley: Team Sooby

Presidents Australia Day Cruise,
January 2011

Photo by Seth Coultas: Team Sooby Presidents

Australia Day Cruise, January 2011

Photo by Chris Langley: Team Sooby Presidents Australia Day

Cruise, January 2011


2011 Committee:
President: Chris Langley myrs on the Forums
Secretary / Treasurer: Seth Coultas Suetekh on the Forums
Ph: 0403007473
CAMS Officer: Howie Ryan Howie on the Forums
Membership Officer Stephanie Lange
Events Coordinator: Vacant
General Committee: Vacant
We still have two positions vacant on the committee so if any members are interested in becoming more involved in
the club please let a committee member know. Details on the vacant roles below:

Events Coordinator:
The Event Coordinator role is both a challenging and rewarding one and will need to fulfil the following tasks:
- Responsible for the planning of social events, cruises and any other events that the club is taking part in. This
includes planning cruises at least 4 weeks in advance and ensuring that the route is sent to CAMS.
- Needs to be an ambassador for the club, especially at events to promote the clubs values and membership.
- Update and communicate with members about events (What do the members want? What can we do better?).
- Liaise with the CAMS officer in organising CAMS insurance for all events.
- Maintain and promote the events section and of the forums and also the events calendar (encourage other
members input).
- Coordinate with other clubs to run events with Team Sooby.
- Help members to run their own events and encourage involvement.
- May also be needed to help store some of the club's gear.
- Actively communicate with the committee members.
-Help promote other clubs motorsport and charity events.

General Committee:
The role of General Committee Member is to:
- Represent the members at all committee meetings.
- Put forward thoughts or ideas from members who are unable to attend a General Meeting.
- To help other Committee Members with bits and pieces from their roles from time to time.
- May also be needed to help store some of the club's gear.
- It is an excellent position to use to get a feel for just how much the Committee does behind the scenes for the Club,
and what is involved in the other roles.

Don’t worry if any of this sounds daunting, all committee members are
dedicated to helping each other out whenever possible.

Newest Members:
A massive congratulations goes out to Lindsey for bringing the newest and
littlest member of Team Sooby into the world; Elena Joy arrived on the 19th of
January weighing in at 2.3kg. We all hope that mum, bub and the rest of the
family are doing well and look forward to seeing some pics!


Member Profile:

Name: Tristan Catford – Catford on the forums

Married? Not yet... My long term girlfriend Kate Lehmann is also from the upper north SA, and specialises as a
theatre nurse in Adelaide. After getting thrown into tarmac rally navigation in 2010, and now requesting personal
rally driver training, Kate sure is a near future wife!
What do you drive: MY08 Subaru Liberty GT, when Kate isn't driving it to work. Libby is an absolutely beautiful car.
The other daily driver is the white whale Mitsubishi 380! I was fortunate enough to get into a Mitsubishi EVO 9,
which has been a significant core of my last 4 years, meeting a vast range of people and personalities, and the start
of my obsessive interest in motorsport.
Nice cars are you a drug dealer? No, but I do a killer strip tease routine for the ladies! I graduated university at only
20 years of age specialising in property asset valuation, where at the time enjoyed the peak market conditions! In
more recent times I have serviced the northern regions of the state for our clients.
Likes: I am a sucker for lollies, chocolate, and the guiltiest pleasure is a late night out garlic yuros!
Dislikes: Exercise.
Favourite quote: "If it feels good do it"!
Favourite music: I am useless when it comes to
downloading music, so I am stuck with my 1997
punk rock cds from high school. When I am in the
city it is Triple J!
Favourite author: Martin Donnon (Fast Fours &
Favourite movies: Love the Beast. I am also a
James Bond tragic too!
Favourite TV shows: I have just discovered SPEED
on foxtel, it is motorsport 24 hours a day.
Hometown: Jamestown, SA


Editors Report:
Happy 2011 Team Sooby! I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday season and looking forward to an exciting new
year. This year’s CAMS calendar has now been released and is packed with all sorts of events right here in Adelaide.
Check out the Events Calender on the website for details on what is coming up, but if you are interested in entering
make sure you don’t think about it for too long, entries to this year’s Mount Alma Mile Opened at 9am on Monday
the 24th of January and all the available spots were filled by about lunch time!

You don’t have to worry about that pressure if you want to come along to our cruises though, since our last
newsletter we had our Christmas cruise / Superbowlz and our Presidents Australia Day cruise. Both were
fantastically successful days and thanks to everyone that came along.

As always we are running our monthly club meeting at the Royal Hotel in Kent Town on the first Wednesday of every
month at 5.30pm. These meetings are very casual and kids are more than welcome to come along as well. The Royal
Hotel offers a wide selection of meals and not just your typical pub / bistro fare so why not come along and have a

We are working on some great events for the next few months so stay tuned on the forums and Facebook for full
details once details have been finalised.

Stay safe and I will see you all out there.

Seth Coultas

Photo from Howard Ryan: Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally @ Mallala 2010


To all friends, family, fellow competitors and sponsors, here is brief summary of my first ever rally, the 2010 Kuitpo
Forest Rally.

Friday night was a relaxing dinner around a campfire with the Brand family, at our beautiful block of land just across
the road from one of the rally stages. On Saturday morning my Co-driver Steve Glenney arrived at about 9.30 and we
both headed off to the service park only about 2 km from the block to start recce. The first and second stages were
just up the road from the service park, already making it easy for both Steve and I with our new jobs. At the start of
each stage we were getting some worried looks from officials as we pulled up in Steve’s Land Cruiser with L-plates on
board. The next three stages were close to my grandparent’s house so I was still in familiar territory. All up there
were only five stages to recce, with three being run three times and two being run twice. We finished by about
4.00pm, and Steve said don’t get use to this, as this is very easy pace-noting compared with most events.

On Sunday morning we headed straight for the service park to set up. The service crew was filled with very
enthusiastic and capable people like Dad, Simo and Shane from work, Mum and Brad plus Simon our very close
friend. As always with Motorsport events Mark Povey from SA Motorsport Tyres is there supporting the S&J Team,
and he had already erected a tent alongside his tyre trailer for our Rally Car’s debut. With the service crew plus my
Nan and Pop, our close friends the Krichauffs and Brands, we had a huge crowd of spectators ourselves. Mike &
Naomi from Mammoth Productions were also out there doing some 3D filming on-car and from the roadside, plus
interviews, which I am starting to get used to now.

The first stage was in the forest and was extremely slippery. Throughout this stage I was calm into entry and exits of
corners and mainly focusing on listening to the pace-notes and staying on the road. The second stage was only about
500m down the road from the finish of the first, it started in the forest and led onto council roads, it included very
step crests and speeds near 180km/h, close to the end we spotted the Brand family spectating. I was starting to get
into the groove, putting pace-notes and corners together. The third stage “Knott Hill” was my favourite, from the
start you hold it flat for 300m then take a “3 Left” (square corner), where the rest of our crew were spectating in
their S&J Rally Sport apparel. The stage was about 11km long and very enjoyable, I was really glad that we were
doing this one three times in total. The next two stages were rough, tight and steep, and were only run twice. I still
really enjoyed them due to the changing surfaces, tight corners, crests and ruts providing quite a challenge.

Now it was time the start the five stages again for the second time through. The roads were dryer and we were
pleased to knock over a minute off from each of the first two. “Knott Hill” for the second pass really felt like a true
rally stage, with cars off to the side, a bumper bar in the middle of the course, and after all that three kangaroos
jumped across the road just missing the front of the car by what seemed like a few centimetres. We then completed
the two rougher stages for the last time and improved our times by quite a few seconds on each.


The day went by so fast and before we knew it we were already up to the last three stages, which were being run for
the third time. At the end of each of these stages we had improved again on our last times through. The very last
stage was “Knott Hill” again and definitely the one that I felt most comfortable in, we set a time only 15 seconds
from the from the rally leader over it’s 11.1 km.

It was an awesome feeling crossing the last flying finish. I shook Steve’s hand and headed to Kangarilla for the official
finish of the rally. Steve did a brilliant job and I am looking forward to rallying with him in the future. Overall we
finished 12th outright from 32 starters with no damage or mechanical issues, we had improved our times throughout
the day, but most of all we had a heap of fun.

This rally also gave us the chance to try out 2 brand new products that we had just fitted to the car in the previous
week. PPG built us a Torson style Diff Centre for the Rear to match to Front Diff, this certainly worked a treat,
providing easy turn-in and positive drive out of the corners. Brett from Graham West Workshops has worked hard to
find us some sponsorship from his company and Vi-pec to supply their latest Plug & Play ECU. This is awesome, Dad
and Brett tuned it safely at 16psi for this first rally given that the motor has done over 250,000kms, Dad fiddled with
the Anti-lag on the day before the rally and just left it with mild ALS settings, and it sounded great. The Vi-pec will
give us plenty of scope for a competitive and reliable tune on our fresh S&J/STI motor for the 2011 SARC season.

I would like to thank Southern Districts Car Club, plus all event organisers and officials for putting on such a great

Also the S&J team congratulate the event Winners Gary Brown and Mike Dale, plus big congratulations to Russell
Marker and Karien Heimsohn on their drive to victory for the 2010 South Australian Rally Championship.

Photos thanks to Simon & Brad


Photo thanks to Naomi Tillett

I would also really like to thank Mick and the team from Rally School for all of the help that they have provided me to
this point.

Daniel Day, December 2010