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UDC 621.87:625.143,1-034.14-423 September 1991, Crane rails Hot rolled flat bottom crane rails (type A) Dimension, section parameters and steel grades 536 Kransctienen: Mate, staiche Werte, ‘Supersedes December 1976 estion. Sahisorten fr Kranschienen mit FuBlanseh Form & |v keeaing with current practice in stancarts pubiehed by he Intemational Organizetin for Standarzation (SO), @ comma ‘has boon used thoughout as the decimal marker, Dimensions in mm 11 Scope and field of application This standard species requvements for hat roled crane rals wih a fiat bottom (ype A), wit the denensions specteg in ‘able 1 and made trom steel wih te properties species n cause 4 2 Dimensions and designation 21 pom =nRH— —» | 4 4, ie . exe stony : sravcoee a oA | Figure 1: Type A crane call Designation of flat bottom crane rai (ype A) complying with this standard, with head wicth, &, of 109 mm (A100) ane mage from steel witha minimum tensie strength of 680 Nim? Crane rail DIN 536 ~ A100 - 690 CCominued on popes 210 5. 40 Pepe? OWN S36 Part 22 Dimensions and tolerances 2.2.1. Crane rls shall be of the sizos and bo sutjoct othe limit deviations and gecmetrcal tolerances spectiodin table 1 Any Values for which no tolerance is spectied shot be regarded as approximate values. ‘Table 1: Dimensions, limit deviations and geometric! tolerances (ct subc'ause 221) crane] ok mlolalala] & [ella [lala p a] s [pal ‘all ne symbol Se 45] 45] ace [125] 54| 8 [ras al 55] 21 [2 |2o | 4 |aco] a] «| si «| 2 |e a 55| 55] a6 | 150) 66) 31 fis|is| | es| a1 lansl2s | sfaco| s| 5) e| s | 2 |e 65 | 65] 200 [175] 217 | 76] 98 20 [rs [10 75| =» [a+ oo | olacol s/s] els] 2) 1 15 | 75| zo» [200] +3 | 00] a5 a0 [isaj | | = [scales | aloo] «| «| ele a(S ‘A100 [100] 21 [200 100] 60 fs [ies] 12) 95] 2: less|eo | 10 sco) | 6| 6) ela |e A420 }120/ 21 j220) £$ | 120] 72/30 |20 | 14 |105| 215 |55,5|475] 10 [600] 6| 10/ 10| 6 | 3 |*3"I nso |150) +1 |220| 22 | - | eo |a15) - | 14/150] ar [ees/50 | 10 [800] 10! 30) 20/ @ | 3 |*3°| 1) Chavbeauses 222 and 224 7 Ct eubelauses 223 and 224 9) CF. Explenstony notes 2.2.2 The terance on tne symmetry of me naaa fy, shallbe established fortwo parallel surfaces a a distance of j trom each ‘other, the rference plane being that atthe cent ofthe haad, which ia equal to 4/2, 223 The ral seat stl nol be convex, the baseplate belng subject tothe tolerance on tans, fa specified in tale 1 (ct. figure 2, Figure 2: Tolerance on fatnone of baseplate 2.24 The specifications given in ISO 1101 shall apply fr tolerances fy and f 3. Mass and section parameters 8.1 Figure 9 iusrates the relevant sess components of crane ral, n accordance with DIN 1080 Parts t and 2 Figure 9: Stress components for erane 4 bmi so Pant Pages 3.2. The mass of crane ral, asa function ofthe section parameters, shall be as spected in table 2 “Table 2: Mass and section parameters Crane rail Mass, ,_Seeton parseneterah = = combat | Inwom | Sn | om | cme | oe | cme | ome | ont | ome | om | ome na |= [aw [sm [aa] wo] eo| @| 0] wo | uml me ee ci nes | 1 | «a7 | se | se | aa7| moa] va | oe | coo | cove] eae are | see | soe | ooo | vi@| sar | zoo | om | oo | vor | oom avo | va | saa | oar | ovr | ema | se | eww | ome | vacs | rare ava | roo | ave | oss | ara | ont | ses | voce | voor | ao [vere A150 wsoa_| 773 | eae | tora | 1598 | 1071 | 2008 | cara | aes | 41200 1m aecordanc wen DN 7080 Par and the atl have Th olowing messna 2h. Soc sutecod fo seas 1 Seton moment of are ron Fig. second morons of rafter) 8,8, tao momenta ot pare of ees sections detested by an ete ote ore! aes 4 Materials 4.4 Hot role crane rls shal be made trom steel complying wih the specications ghen In table. in the case of rail typee [ATS, A100, A120 and A150, tne requied minimum fensie strength (620 of 680 Nien) shall be epecified atthe time ot ‘orsering. 4.2. The actual tense strength of the material may be 20 Nim? les then the minimum values specified, unless otherwise ‘agreed atthe time of ordering, 4.8. Tense stangth shal be determined on longitucna test pia Tustrates in figure 4. ‘Crane rails mey be supped with s DIN 500048 inspection document. he type of document being the subject of agree ‘ment atthe te of ordering Which heve ben taken from the zane ofthe crane rll 4.5. Inthe strength analysis, a guideine vale of 60% ofthe value specified fortanate strength in table 3 may be assumed for the proof strongth [1], ‘Toble 3: Tena strength and chemlcs! composition of steel crane rail Mimum tensile CChemicel composition (percentage by mas") symbot) | eength in Nira? c si Ma P s AAS, ASS T 85, A75 a Ae Ae #20 | a40t0080 03s. 080 t0 120 Aiso noes | goes AT3A 100 (990 19 080 80 8808) ‘A120, A150 05510 075 250) 190 10170 ") OF subelnuse 41 42 Poge 4 DIN 596 Part 1 Zone trom which tonsie tas! pieces 9 0 ba taken Figure 4: Orlentation of sampling for tensile testing 5 Form of supply 54 Crane rails chal be supplied in specited lengths, which shall be he subject of agreement. 5.2 The upper tint deviation forthe crane rallongth shale 100 mm, lower valves being the subject of agreement. The lowar lun deviation is zero. 6 Other requirements 84. Grene rails shal be free fro intemal and external etacts that woul Mealy impaic th egroe {6.2 Welded crane cats shall comply with the requirements specified in StahElsen-Getiabsbiatt (ron and steel instruction sheet) (S88) 368 100, 16.3 The tolerances on crane traveling and erane trolley tracks end on welded ral joints shall be as specified in SEB 684.035, performance to a considerable Standards and other documents referred to DIN 1080 Part Quantiies, symbols and unite used in evi enginaering: principles 1 1080 Fart 2 uentites, symbols and units used in eid engineering: statics DIN 50049 Inspection documents forthe dalvery of metalic products '80 fio! :1983 Technical crawings; geometrical tolerancing; tolerascing of form, orientation, location and rurrout: geal: ties, datintions symbols and indications on drawings ‘Stahi-Eisen-Betsebsbist 368100) GaschwoiBte Kranschionenstide; technische Anforderungen (Welded crane rai joins technical requitements) ‘Stant-Eiven-Zetobsblont 84035") Krane und Kranbahren einscheBlich geschuelbtr Kranschienenstie; Tolranzen tir das Fahvaystem Lautrad Schiene (Cranes anc rail crane tracks with weidee crane ral joints; tolerances for rnning wheel racks) Other relevant standard and document iN 18 070 ‘Cranes; design prineotes for track wheels (1)_Moissiacs, A. Untersuchung der Seansprichbarkalt von Krantchienen auf elastischer Betung (Analysis ofthe beacing ca city of crane als installed on elastic bedding), Dlsserttion, Ruty-Universitat Bochum, 1966. Previous editions DIN 836: 08.41; DIN 596 Par 1:94:59, 12.74 ‘Amendments ‘in comparison with the December 1874 edtion, the foBowing amendmants have been made, a) Rall type A 160i incheded fr the fist time, ») dations! dimensional and gepmettcal tolerances have been specified. ©) More information has been givan with regard to eacton parameters. a Tha stanctard has hean ectorialy reviews ") Issued by tho Vorsin Deutscher Eisenhittenleute (Sociely of German Ferraus Metallurists), obtainable trom Verlag Stab ison mor, Postfach 105164, -40042 OUseetdor, 43 DIN 596 Parts Page 5 Explanatory notes twas orginaly Intended to prepare anew seris of standards on crane ral, but etter many justified objections were raised at the drat stage the project was terminate, andthe decsion was made to update the specications ofthe present stanéard, To tenure interchangeably with crane calle Comelying withthe peviaus edition, no changes were made to the principal dimen Overtime, crane systems have been madd, end new designs developed, which involve an increase in the load the wheel exerts on the ral and an improvement inthe properties ofthe whee! materia. In practon, ths has meant that type A120 eis suffered frequent fractures, particulary in the welded joints. Laboratory tess and analyses ave shown that atthe oad levels urrentiy involve, the strength of the welded jalnt zone fale alow the fatigue etrength at a stated number of eyeles, ie the possibity of fracture cannot be ruled out To ensure the future performance ef crane rals at these higher load levels, ype A 150 als have been specified here. The cone necting dimensions for ther baseplates correspond to those for type A120 ral, £0 that no changes need to be mace to tne ail fixings when this type i incorperated into existing ra-wheel systems, However, changes wil have to be made to the crane asian since the head of type A180 ral ls 451mm higher than type A120, which wit have a negative impact on other features (o requices power supp). The shape of the head was previously required to be Tat, but Is now tobe slighty curved. Laboratory teste and practical expe ‘ence have shown that this causes the load to be applied more eenely and prevents an accumulation of stresses atthe ri edges. ‘The Gimensional and geometicl tolerances and section parameters hava bean spectid in greater detall and brought inte fine withthe design prinipies gion in DIN 1080 Pesta t and 2, which collet the state of tho ar, ‘other standards relating to crane rails are currently in preparation, theee covering elastic bedding of crane ras, crane rail fixings, and sole plates. International Patent Classification 8667100 E01 825/00 44