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Your values form the foundation of your life.

They reflect the choices you make and determine the

direction that your life takes. They will also influence your decisions related to your relationships,
career, and other activities you engage in (Jim Taylor. 2012). Your values come from many facets,
includes your family, your friends, personal finances, significant life events, religion, media, culture.
Your values are the original of your attitudes that link directly to your behavior. An attitude is "a
relatively enduring organization of beliefs, feelings, and behavioral tendencies towards socially
significant objects, groups, events or symbols" (Hogg & Vaughan 2005, p. 150). Following the ABC
model of attitudes, attitudes structure is described as Affective component, Behavioral (or conative)
component, and Cognitive component (McLeod, 2018).
Attitudes are part of our personalities that help us to be aware through the expression of feelings,
beliefs, and values. Your attitudes express the way you are working, your interest at work, or how
you are coordinating with your manager or your team. It helps a person to mediate between their
own inner needs (expression, defense) and the outside world (adaptive and knowledge) (McLeod,
Malicious behavior at the office creates an uncomfortable, distrustful atmosphere for the employees.
It also restricts creativity, productivity, and team-building abilities. They are the reason to explain why
negative behaviors affect organizational success. The organization leader understands how positive
and negative attitudes affect the success of the organization will help them find a way to build up a
harmonious workplace. Following Peoplewave (2018), there are eight things the leaders should do
to foster a positive work environment:
1. Have excellent and clear communication practices
2. Show your appreciation
3. Listen and be open to ideas
4. Spread happiness
5. Show your trust
6. Avoid criticizing in public
7. Laugh and have fun
8. Celebrate wins and special occasions
It is crucial to form your values, to have positive attitudes in their life as well as in the working
environment to have the best results. As a positive leader, your actions will help you to lead your
team to success in the organization.

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