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Abhyudaya’ 11

Unleash the warrior within you


Pinnacle of human excellence


Name Divya Teja +91 9884058024

About the Event

The story of Mahabharata is a strong amalgamation of personalities

representing great strength and power of characters. These characters can be
related to many personalities which we come across in the present times as
This event will be focusing on how well the participants apply their
understanding about these characters of Dwapar Yug and how well they can
relate those personalities to the current age personalities who made a
difference in this world.
This event would also test the overall personality of the participant right from
his understanding of others personalities to how well they can fare under
pressure and different situations provided to them.

Event Structure:

Prelims Round:

This stage is based on the analysis of a case study ,attach in the event stages tab
filename Niyukthi_CASE. The participants are expected to give their view on the case
study provided. The shortlisted participants will be notified.

Final Round:

Conducted in two stages. Not Elimination rounds.

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Stage 1

The participant will be given names of personalities and they will be expected to
present their understanding about these personalities. The criteria of the presentation
will be given on the spot.

Stage 2

This round will be a stress interview.


Individual participation only. No teams allowed.

Judging criteria

• Stage 1: Your analysis of the case will be evaluated on the basis of clarity of
thought, feasibility and validity of the thought.
• Stage 2 & 3: You will be rewarded points on the basis of the participants
performance in both the rounds. There is NO ELIMINATION in these round.

Rules and Regulations

• Individual participation only

• Cannot participate in the final event without prior confirmation.
• Formals compulsory for the interview round.
• Any student from Under graduation or post graduation can participate.

Submission Guidelines
• Font : Times New Roman

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• Font size : 12
• Line spacing : 1.5
• Margins : all sides margin 2.5 cms
• Maximum words : 750
• Format : .doc or .docx and .pdf
Name format : fullname_niyukthi2011.docx or fullname_niyukthi2011.pdf
• Please send your prelims entries to email id :

Important Dates

Preliminary Round Start: 24th Jan 2011

Registration closes: 3rd Feb 2011
Submission of Entries for Prelims Ends: 4th Feb 2011
Declaration of Results for Prelims: 8th Feb 2011
Final Round: 26-27th Feb 2011, at IFMR.


First Prize : ` 20000

Second Prize : ` 10000

Contact Details
Divya Teja
+91 9884058024

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