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Generating T24 Web services using TWS

1) From T24 Design Studio navigate to “FileNewProject” and choose “TWS Project”

2) Fill in the connection details to allow TWS connect to T24.

T24 App Server name

or ip address.

T24 OFS.SOURCE set in T24.

Make sure this is not checked.

Unless the use of WS-Security or
Strong data type applied:
Eclipse Agent”. Then starts it.

Port used by jbase agent to

connect to T24.
3) On click of “Finish” button, a list of versions and enquiries will be shown as per following
- Select on the versions or enquiries to be generated as web services.

Click on this to start generating

web service codes into “TWS
web service” project.

Click on this to refresh the

T24Services list.

- In order to allow VERSION or ENQUIRY to be listed in above “T24 service” (above

screenshot) following steps is required in T24:

Create PW.ACTIVITY to map the


The id must contain prefix “WS.”

Assigned the VERSION id with

function or ENQUIRY id

Assigned the PW.ACTIVITY id(s) into


This can contain more than 1

4) Once generated successful, right click on the project and export the web service project as
war file.

Select the destination for

the war file to be
Implement web service into jboss

Implement the generated web service war file into webserver (jboss)
- To implement into jboss, just copy the war file into the jboss “deploy” folder.

Once war file implemented, the web service is ready to be used.

Note: wsdl can be extract from the webserver port itself, refer to the following screenshot:
SOAPUI – web services tool

There are a few tools can be used to test the web services. Following example is using the SOAPUI:
- From SOAPUI load the web service using the wsdl.

Click on this to load a new

web service wsdl.

SOAPUI project name

Input the wsdl link


Once generated all the functions for

the web services will appear here.

This panel will contain the

formatted request data.

This panel will contain the

formatted response data.