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INTRO ADLIB: Introduce yourselves/ Greet everyone

MARNER: Thank you for joining us in our prayer time in line with UNITE
714, a global prayer movement of churches, leaders and individuals
coming together to Pray for a Miraculous healing of our lands from

ERWIN: This is Based from

2 Chronicles 7:14…if my people who are called by my name humble
themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked
ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal
their land.

MARNER: TONIGHT We will be praying for RESTORATION

Before we pray, I would like to ask Kuya Erwin, who is one of our leadership
group leaders a few question to guide us in our prayer time.

MARNER: Kuya Erwin, can you tell us about yourself and your family
and what do you do?

ERWIN - - -

MARNER: We have learned that so many families have been

affected, emotionally, financially, even spiritually. Marriages have
been affected with so many issues as well as family members to
each other,.

I want to ask how did you face this pandemic as a family?

Have you encountered these challenges as well?

ERWIN - - - (Tell generally)

MARNER: (responds) WHAT can you encourage our people so that

families and marriages will remain strong in this time of crisis? What
steps should they do?

ERWIN - - - (Share a verse, encouragement)

MARNER: (responds)
We will now proceed to our prayer points…..

1. Pray for rebuilding and restoration of broken relationships
among family members, friends, co-workers, and fellow citizens.

2. Pray that God’s love will reign and rule over us that we will see
unity and harmony in our families and in the nations of this world.

3. Pray that we will see reconciliation, healing, and forgiveness

all the more this season instead of hate and divisiveness.

Note: (Recite and allow people to pray for 60 sec) TIMER

Before we end Join me in Praying for this week’s Prayer of Declaration




Lord, for the last few months, we have been coming to You, with one
voice, from 179 nations around the world. We thank You for Your
mitigation of COVID-19. Without Your divine aid, things could have
been far worse. Yet, many of us find ourselves in nations still in the
clutches of this pandemic. Our economies have not recovered. Our
lands are in deep need of spiritual and social healing. Despite these
realities, we refuse to lose heart. You promise to give justice to Your
people as we cry out to you day and night.
Lord, with one voice, we ask You to eradicate COVID-19 and bring
healing to our nations.

Heavenly Father, You are not an unjust Judge. Even when the
answers to our prayers are seemingly delayed, there is a higher
purpose at work. As we continue to cry out before Your throne, fill us
with fresh power, hope, and love. May we have the faith to fully
cooperate with You when Your Spirit is freshly poured out on the

Heavenly Father, send a fresh move of Your Spirit that will lead to the
salvation of millions of people around the world.
Lord, there are times when faith alone does not help us to see our
prayers answered. It takes faith and patience to receive Your
promised breakthrough. Therefore, we refuse to quit. Continue to
build in us a faith that does not wither in the heat of crisis or break
under the weight of impossibility.

MARNER: Thank you for joining us in our UNITE 714 Prayer time,
see you again tomorrow. Have a pleasant evening.

Lord, we pray You would find faith in our hearts as You awaken Your
church and save the lost through a fresh outpouring of Your Spirit.