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What is philosophy and how can it add values in life of modern human beings?

Ans. The word “Philosophy” is made from two Greek words i.e. Philia and Sophia which means
love and wisdom. So, we can say that philosophy is the love of wisdom. Philosophy is the love
of knowledge. Philosophy is about asking questions. It seeks knowledge and understanding about
the truth. Philosophy tries to gain the understanding of existence as a whole. It tries to understand
the incompleteness of everything. Metaphysics is the limits and boundaries of all existence.
Philosophy is an examination of the assumptions of other disciplines. It is asking the
foundational questions that we don’t usually ask. Philosophy is very essential for critical
thinking. Philosophy is also required to see the perspective of other people and to communicate
according to that perspective. Philosophers are very good at writing and expressing abstract
ideas. Philosophy is not only about exploring what it is now but what it is ought to be.
Philosophy has 5 main branches i.e. logic, metaphysics, ethics and epistemology. Logic is relates
with the method of argument. Metaphysics is related with the question of reality and being.
Aesthetics deals with the beauty in music and arts. Ethics deals with what is right and wrong.
Epistemology deals with the knowledge. Philosophy includes factors such as curiosity, desire,
understand what is happening and why it happens. Philosophy is rather very important aspect of
our life. With philosophy people can know why they believe in at what they believe. Philosophy
provides the better understanding of oneself. With philosophy we can evaluate the information
that we seek from different sources and use it more efficiently. Philosophy also looks into the
relationships between an individual and his surroundings. Almost everything is derived from
philosophy as it explains why it has happened in a logical and agreeable manner.
Philosophy happens to be an important aspect of our life. Philosophy is important for modern
human beings. We live in a very advanced stage and we have to take right steps in every part of
our life. We need to make decisions in almost everything. In order to do so we need to gain the
knowledge about our surroundings and the reality and make rational decisions. Therefore
philosophy can help to take the advantage of the environment. In our world nothing is constant.
The only constant thing is change and we need to adapt the change accordingly. Philosophy
provides us the necessary information to adapt such changes in our life. Philosophy helps to be
physically strong and mentally stable. So people can work more effectively and efficiently. At
past, people used to work for only to gain profit as their main motive was to gain more profit as
possible. But now the focus has been changed. The main focus of people is to provide
satisfaction to the customers. Philosophy helps to understand the perceptions of other people due
to which people can provide the actual necessities that others desire. Philosophy is to gain
knowledge. It is better to have more knowledge. As a result we can have more choice. The
happiest moment in our life is when we are surrounded with choices and options and the most
undesirable moment in our life is when we don’t have any choice or options. It is a moment
when we feel hopeless. Philosophy is like a barrier that protects us from such hopeless situations.
So with philosophy we can enhance our ability to grab more and more opportunities. Now In
modern days it is very difficult to grab the opportunity as there is a great competition for the job.
Having only the knowledge about the job isn’t enough, we need to have the ability to understand
the perception of others and manipulate it. Such ability can be obtained with philosophy. As
mentioned earlier customers satisfaction is the most important part of the job. So understanding
the motive of others is very important to move forward in our life. In my opinion, there are three
traits of success; time, money and hard work. With the help of philosophy we can gain the
knowledge about those traits and use them to gain wisely to achieve success in our life.