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SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and is an important tool

often used to highlight where a business or organisation is, and where it could be in the future. It

looks at internal factors, the strengths and weaknesses of a business, and external factors, the

opportunities and threats facing the business. The process can give you on overview of where the

business, and the environment it operates in, is strategically. This is an important, yet to simple

to understand, tool used by many students, businesses and organisations for analysis.

The following SWOT analysis looks at dabur india which is operating in fmcg industry. The

analysis shows dabur india's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The SWOT

analysis will give you a clear picture of the business environment dabur india is operating in at

the present time.









a aving alliances with other strong and popular businesses is a major plus point for dabur
india as it helps bring in new customers and make business more effective.
a eing a market leader, as dabur india is, is key to their success as it boosts reputation, profit
and market share.
a ompetitive pricing is a vital element of dabur india͛s overall success, as this keeps them in
line with their rivals, if not above them.
a iding high in the niche market in fmcg industry has helped boost dabur india and raised
reputation and turnover.
a eeping costs lower than their competitors and keeping the cost advantages helps dabur
india pass on some of the benefits to consumers.
a The services/products offered by dabur india are original, meaning many people will return
to dabur india to obtain them.
a dabur india͛s marketing strategy has proved to be effective, helping to raise profiles and
profits and standing out as a major strength.
a dabur india͛s innovation keeps it a front-runner in fmcg as it is regularly turning out new
patents/proprietary technology.
a xperienced employees are key to the success of dabur india helping to drive them forward
with expertise and knowledge.
a igh quality machinery, staff, offices and equipment ensure the job is done to the utmost
standard, and is a strength of dabur india.
a dabur india has an extensive customer base, which is a major strength regarding sales and
a dabur india͛s reputation is strong and popular, meaning people view it with respect and
believe in it.
a eing financially strong helps dabur india deal with any problems, ride any dip in profits and
out perform their rivals.
a  strong brand is an essential strength of dabur india as it is recognised and respected.
a dabur india has a high percentage of the market share, meaning it is ahead of many
a dabur india͛s distribution chain can be listed as one of their strengths and links to success. a
igh quality products/services is a vital strength, helping to ensure customers return to
dabur india.
a dabur india͛s international operations mean a wider customer base, a stronger brand and a
bigger chunk of the global market.
a evelopment and innovation are high at dabur india with regard to their products/services,
which is a sure strength in its overall performance.
a dabur india͛s position in the market is high and strong ʹ a major strength in this industry as
they are ahead of many rivals.
a aving little competition, being one of very few companies providing this service/product is
a major factor in dabur india͛s performance.
a The online presence of dabur india is strong, meaning it is ahead of many competitors.
a The lucrative location of dabur india adds to its strengths due to its accessibility (road, rail,
air etc).
a Supplier relationships are strong at dabur india, which can only be seen as strength in their
overall performance.






a eputation is important, and a damaged one like dabur india͛s is a major weakness as
consumers will not trust the firm enough to spend money with them.
a  serious weakness for dabur india is the fact their products/services are of low quality,
meaning people will have better-quality substitutes.
a ot reducing costs in the same way as their competitor͛s means dabur india is outlaying
more of their profits. aving higher costs than competitors is a major weakness.
a dabur india͛s   work is low and insignificant, which is a major weakness in fmcg as it is
constantly creating new products.
a The lack of staff experience is a major downfall for dabur india as it could lead to mistakes or
a Old and outdated technologies hold dabur india back and limits success, as other firms are
making use of better and more reliable technologies.
a ot having an effective marketing strategy seriously hampers the success of dabur india.
a Over pricing, setting too high prices for dabur india products/services makes them
uncompetitive, which is a major weakness.
a The lack of business alliances is a major weakness for dabur india, as they will struggle to get
deals, favours and partnerships.
a dabur india is in a poor financial position which makes it weaker than its competitors.
a dabur india͛s lack of innovation limits its success, as there is no forward thinking.
ood companies need loyal employees, but dabur india has a poor relationship with staff
which affects performance.
a dabur india does not function internationally, which has an effect on success, as they do not
reach consumers in overseas markets.
a roblems with stock are a weakness for dabur india as they need to keep up with demand.
a Online presence is vital for success these days, and lack of one is a limitation for dabur india.
a dabur india\'s underdeveloped distribution chain has a marked effect on performance as it
affects the distribution of their products/services.
a The lack of original products/services is a major flaw in dabur india͛s future success, as it
shows a blinkered outlook.
a dabur india\'s location is weakness for the firm, as it means they miss out on many
a dabur india͛s lack of patents/proprietary technology puts it behind its rivals and is deemed
as one of their weaknesses.
a The weak brand name compromises success for dabur india as it doesn\'t inspire people to
buy their products/services.
a  limited customer base is a major weakness for dabur india as it means they have less
people to sell or market to.
a The weak market position of dabur india is a limitation to their overall success, as they are
well behind their rivals.
a dabur india͛s limited product line is a major weakness.
a dabur india͛s weak supplier relationships also have an adverse effect on success, as it cuts
ability to negotiate.
a dabur india is behind its competitors with a low share of the market, which in turn leads to
lower turnover.




a dabur india could benefit from

overnmental support, in the form of grants, allowances, training

a Looking at export opportunities is a way for dabur india to raise profits.

a hanges in technology could give dabur india an opportunity to bolster future success.

a dabur india could benefit from expanding their online presence and making more money from
online shoppers/internet users.

a The changes in the way consumers spend and what they buy provides a big opportunity for dabur
india to explore.

a dabur india is in good financial position, which is an opportunity for them to explore in terms of
investment in new projects.

a ecrease in taxation gives an opportunity for dabur india to reduce prices or increase profits.

a The growth of the fmcg industry is an opportunity for dabur india to grasp.

a ew market opportunities could be a way to push dabur india forward.

a s the economic climate improves, so do the opportunities for dabur india.

a dabur india has the opportunity to enter a niche market, gain leading position and therefore boost
financial performance.

a eaching out into other markets is a possibility for dabur india, and a big opportunity.

rasping the opportunity to expand the customer base is something dabur india can aim for,
either geographically or through new products.

a Takeover and merger opportunities could be explored for dabur india and used to acquire new
customers, new resources and enter new markets.

a xpanding the product/service lines by dabur india could help them raise sales and increase their
product portfolio.

a eduction in interest rates could benefit dabur india as business costs would come down.

a xpanding into other markets could be a possibility for dabur india.

a Forming strategic alliances and joint ventures is an opportunity for dabur india to maximise profit
and gain new business.

a dabur india has a number of highly skilled staff, which is an opportunity for them to explore as
expertise of their staff can help dabur india to bring the business forward.

a Structural changes in the industry opens other doors and opportunities for dabur india.












a onsumer lifestyle changes could lead to less of a demand for abur India products/services.
a Tax increases placing additional financial burdens on abur India could be a threat.
a hange in demographics could threaten abur India.
a The financial burden of increasing interest rates could be a threat to abur India.
a egulations requiring money to be spent or measures to be taken could put financial or
other pressure on abur India.
a ew products/services from rival firms could lead to dabur india's products/services being
less in demand.
a hanges in the way consumers shop and spend and other changing consumer patterns could
be a threat to dabur India͛s performance.
a eing undercut by low-cost imports is a major threat for abur India.
a ot keeping up with changes in technology could be detrimental to the future of dabur India
as they could slip behind their rivals.
a Slow growth and decline of the fmcg market is a threat to abur India.
a Increased competition from overseas is another threat to dabur India as it could lead to lack
of interest in their products/services.
a xtra competition and new competitors entering the market could unsteady dabur India and
be a threat.
a The actions of a competitor could be a major threat against dabur india, for instance, if they
bring in new technology or increase their workforce to meet demand.
a rice wars between competitors, price cuts and so on could damage profits for dabur india.
a  slow economy or financial slowdown could have a major impact on dabur india business
and profits.
a  decline in demand for dabur india products, with no likelihood of resurgence could pose a
a The rise and/or fall of the foreign exchange rate could threaten dabur india with regard to
importing and exporting.
a ising costs could be a major downfall for dabur india as it would eat into profit.
a dabur india could be threatened by the growing power customers have to set the price of
their products/services.
a Structural changes in the industry could be a threat for dabur india
a dabur india could be threatened by the growing power their suppliers have to set their
a Substitute products available on he market present a major threat to dabur india.