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1. What do you need to be focused?
(Answer) Well, I think there are certain ways that keep myself always fixated on a task.
(Give a reason for your answer) I would normally set aside a specific time and place and request to be
left alone for a period of time. Another alternative for me is to seek out a quiet location where I know I
will be able to work undisturbed.
2. What might distract you when you are trying to stay focused?
(Answer) Well, there are many things.
(Give a reason for your answer) I sometimes abandon a task because I am disturbed by
either a noise or sound, or other thoughts creeping into my mind suddenly.
3. What do you do to help you concentrate?
(Answer) Whenever my work requires complete concentration, I played the finger
gyroscope for about 5 minutes to be mentally well-prepared to undertake the task.
(Give a reason for your answer) All you need to do when playing this toy is holding the spinner in one
hand and the other hand spinning rapidly using small continuous strikes with indefinite practice. What
really amazes me is that it keeps rotating for a long time and seems to go on non-stop. All my vision is
captivated by this little instrument.
4. Is it difficult for you to stay focused on something?
(Answer) For a very long period of time, I suffered great concentration issues and was not
able to focus on one thing for a long period of time.
(Give a reason for your answer) Until now, my focus capacity has become sharper as I have been
trying different ways to concentrate on my important work. The key here is to prioritize and carry out
your task in order with absolute commitment.

Do you have a lot of furniture in your home?  (Cấu trúc: This is mainly because) : we don’t have
much furniture in …, just some typical wooden items such as wardrobes, tables and chairs. This is
mainly because our rooms are not spacy enough for us to put every items we love. Also, we are living
from paycheck to paycheck so my parents don’t want to squander money on unnecessary stuffs.
Which furniture do you like best in your home? (Cấu trúc Liệt kê: Let me see, my favourite piece
of furniture in my house is … The primary reason is that it was given / constructed by … Besides, it is
truly versatile; I mean it can go well with every  paint colour …)
What kind of furniture would you like to buy?  (điều kiện: if I was loaded with money/ rich, I
would pay a fortune to own a massage chair. This is because I could unwind and recharge right at the
comfort of my home after a hard working day. Also, my dad has some serious problems with his back
so I think it would be of immense help …)
Is there anyone who bought furniture for you?  (Thời quá khứ: parents / rewards for excellent
grades: new desk/ chair/ bookshelf + tả màu sắc, hình dáng (thời hiện tại)… + phát biểu cảm nghĩ
love it, treasure it, take a very good care of it  …)

1. Do you often write things?
(Answer) Absolutely yes.
(Explain) Writing is one of the things that I love doing in my leisure time. I practice writing every day
to sharpen my language and writing skills as well as relieve stress after a hardworking day.
2. Do you prefer to write by hand or write using computer?
(Answer) It depends.
(explain) When writing about everyday things or practicing for the IELTS test, I’d rather write by
hand. I only use a computer to write academic reports.
3. Do you think computers might one day replace handwriting?
(Answer) I don’t think so.
(Explain) It’s true that the computer has been doing a good job in helping people to write. However, I
don’t think that it will totally replace the traditional way of writing as there will be no computers to
rely on in urgent cases.
4. When do children begin to write in your country?
(Answer) Vietnamese kids start learning to write at the age of around 5 to 6, (explain) which is
considered quite early by some European experts. But Vietnamese kids know how to do it well
5. Is your handwriting easy to read for other people?
Well, I think so. Many people say that I have a legible penmanship; sometimes they even think that my
handwriting actually comes from a girl.
6. Can we tell someone’s personality from his or her handwriting?
Absolutely. I do believe that handwriting speaks volumes about a person’s personality. For example, a
person whose handwriting is neat and tidy is believed to be a good-hearted, funny person.

18. FISH
1. Why do people go fishing?
I think that many people consider going fishing a leisure activity, which helps them escape from the
hustle and bustle of city life and contemplate nature.
2. Do you like eating fish?
I must say that I am a fish eater. Eating fish is believed to provide nutrition and calcium to support our
3. Where can you see fish?
Well, fish can be easily found in any rivers, ponds and oceans. In addition, an estuary might also be an
ideal place to see fish.

Who taught you how to cook? Do you like cooking?
My mother is the person who inspires me a lot when it comes to cooking because she always makes
mouthwateringly delicious dishes. I also enjoy cooking. Whenever I have free time, I always don my
apron and make traditional dishes as a way to reduce stress.
Is it difficult to cook?
I don’t think so. It mostly depends on how passionate you are about it. The more you cook, the more
delicious your dishes are.
Do you want to learn how to cook?
Absolutely! I’ve always been curious about different cuisines, and it would be great to have a person
who shares my interests and could teach me more about it.
Do you think baking is a health method of cooking?
Baking is generally considered a healthy cooking method because it does not require large amounts
of unhealthy additives like fat or salt. ... Additionally, baking does not typically cause nutrients in a
dish to break down, which further contributes to its reputation as a healthy cooking method.

1. How do you like insects?
Not really, I would say. Just hearing the word insect gives me chills and thinking about those
cockroaches, beetles, wasps, is hair-raising. I can’t stand those kinds of insects.
2. Are there many different insects where you live?
Well, my house has a big yard and we plant many trees; therefore, butterflies and dragonflies can be
easily found in our home.
3. Do you think insects are useful?
 Yes they are, I think every living organism in this world has its purpose. They all contribute to the
beauty of environment and humans.
47. AGE
1. What do you think is the best age to learn driving?
In my opinion, 18 is the perfect age to start learning driving. I believe that when people turn 18, they
have already become full-grown adults and no longer need their parents to pick them up.
2. How do you feel about getting older?
Well, I think that when people grow older, they may have more serious concerns to worry about, such
as finding a job or paying monthly bills.
3. Should we treat people of different ages in the same way?
Well, I believe that people should be treated fairly and equally regardless of their age. This could create
fairness in society and everyone would respect others’ values.
1. Are you happy to be the age you are now?
Absolutely yes! To me, life is too short to worry about things you can’t control, especially aging. I
think self-improvement and self-esteem go hand in hand and together they are the most important
things at any stage of your life. As long as you feel you are progressing, then aging is not a big deal.
That’s why I go to great lengths to live life to the full.
2. When you were a child, did you think a lot about your future?
Not a bit (or: Of course, not). I think every child at that stage live entirely in the moment and doesn’t
stop to think about tomorrow. The only responsibility that hey have is how to educate
themselves to repay their parents’ favors. And I was no different from this. I spent much of my
youth learning new things, interacting with everyone and discovering my hidden talents.
3. Do you think you have changed as you have got older?
I would say yes definitely. As I got older, I have become more mature, responsible and selfless (or:
less selfish). I think, all experiences are valuable even the painful ones and I think they help to shape
me who I am now. I think it’s a universal path for anyone. We all learn form our past mistakes.
That’s how we become a better version of ourselves.
4. What will be different about your life in the future?
Without a doubt, my life will be unrecognisable from the life that I’m living now. I have a strong
instinct that slowly but surely I would have a bright future ahead and can enjoy the fruits of my
hard work. These days, I study like an eager beaver and I always have a positive approach towards
life.So, I will achieve my target in IELTS, gain a lucrative income and have a healthy and happy


1. Are you good at telling jokes?
I think so. My friends usually say that I have a good sense of humor. It's a nice feeling when you can
make someone laugh because you can see that you've made them happy
2. Do your friends like to tell jokes?
Well, I guess that my friends are those who enjoy telling jokes. We do not take it too seriously, so
telling jokes sometimes helps us break the ice.
3. Do you like to watch comedies?
Definitely. Watching comedy movies helps relieve stress after a hard-working day and discover the
subliminal messages.
4. Have you ever watched a live show?
Yes. Our school organized a live concert last year and all students were invited to come without charge.
Needless to say, it was such an unforgettable experience to see famous singers performing in person.
When are some time you shouldn’t tell a joke?
I think when someone is telling you what they feel and you know they are very susceptible at that
point, telling a joke can only ruin the situation. Like, a person is telling you the problems he or she is
facing at work or in life and if you tend to tell a joke, it might be possible that the other person get
How can a joke hurt someone?
When a joke is on the physical appearance or things that someone is sensitive about, it tends to hurt
people. Also, there are times when people ignore things, but when those things become in tolerable
they start hurting people.
What are some situations when it is impolite to laugh at a joke?
When someone else is making fun of other person’s feeling, I think it is improper to laugh at the joke.
Because, then it shows that you support what the other person is saying making the person being
laughed off at even more irritable.
How can joke be a form of discrimination?
When a joke is on the physical appearance, be it color, sex or community, it becomes a form of
Have you ever heard a sexist joke?
Yes, there are so many times that I hear them. Either on television or on some video or sometimes even
the people I work with.
1. Do you prefer to read a newspaper or magazine?
I think I would choose magazines. The way magazines display information looks really appealing to
me. Moreover, they always have in-depth articles to broaden my horizons about specific fields such as
education or science.
2. Do you prefer to read news online or in a newspaper?
I’ll probably go with reading news online. Electronic newspapers are updated frequently, which means
I can keep abreast of new information immediately compared to obsolete traditional newspapers.


1. What form of transport do you prefer to use? Why?

Without any doubt, I would say motorbikes. You can see people driving a motorbike all over the
place in my country. Almost everyone travels by motorbike. The reason why a motorbike is so popular
is due to their reasonable price and convenience. They also extremely varied in terms of size, color and
quality, thus a wide variety of choices is available for everyone.
2. How often do you take buses?
Almost every day. Since my house is so far away from my university, it’s impossible for me to travel
by motorbike. In addition, the air is heavily polluted by exhaust fumesand traffic jams always take
place, especially during peak hours. Thus, I’d prefer to take the bus, to save time, save gasoline and
causing less pollution.
3. Can you compare the advantages of planes and trains?
Planes and trains regularly depart and arrive on time. Plus, there are many convenient
facilities catering particularly to certain groups of passengers. However, travelling by plane is clearly
time-saving and enjoyable in terms of onboard services like meals or comfortable seats, while
travelling by train offers you a chance to see the world outside, admire the views from their seats. It’s
totally a great experience for most train-travellers.
4. How much time do you spend travelling on a normal day?
I have to commute from my home to my workplace on a daily basis. It normally takes me 30 minutes to
travel back and forth.
5. Would you ride bikes to work in the future?
Definitely not. Riding a bike means you’re exposing yourself to the unpredictable weather and to air
pollution. What is worse, I’m afraid are the main streets or the highway which is too dangerous for
cyclists, as cars, motorbikes and buses will travel at a very high speed. Thus I’d rather ride a motorbike
or take the bus instead.
6. What will become the most popular means of transport in your country?
I think buses will take the lead. You can travel the distance without much worries about ticket price
or rainy weather outside. Also, new buses now offer better services like comfortable seats for the
elderly or good air conditioning systems.
7. Do you prefer public transport or private transport?
I think I’d prefer public transport. It’s much more inexpensive and because it can contain a large
number of people, it helps ease the intensity of traffic jams during peak hours and reduce
the greenhouse gas emissions caused by vehicles. Private transportation is more costly in terms of
fees, taxes and gasoline.
 Are you a tidy person?
Well, to be honest, I am not a highly – organized person but I do love keeping my place tidy. Unless
I’m working flat out to meet a hanging deadline, I often try to clean my home and work space on a
daily basis. Tidying my room or clearing piles of books and papers on my desk can also make a
fantastic way to sort out my thoughts and relieve stress, a wonderful brain workout.
 Are you tidier at home or at work/ (school)? 
At work (school) definitely. While it’s totally fine to create a mess in my own room from time to
time, I’ve never thought it would be acceptable to throw stuffs where they aren’t supposed to be in the
work place/ (at school). Also, if I’m up to my ear in work (schoolwork), I will skip my daily cleaning
routine at home to focus on the task at hand but I’ve never forgotten to clean up my desk
before leaving work/ school.
 Are your family members tidy?
Let me see. My mom is obsessed with cleaning. She prefers to keep everything neat and spotless.
She is always complaining about my dad’s throwing his dirty clothes everywhere. Obviously, she is
the tidiest person in my family.
 Is it important to be tidy?
Absolutely.  A messy room is said to represent a disordered mental state. By keeping everything in
good order, people don’t have to search frantically for a key, a watch, a shirt or a pair of shoes every
morning. They can therefore save a lot of time and start their day at ease. Most importantly,
regularly-cleaned places are vital to a healthy life as they are free of harmful bacteria and viruses.

 Do you often talk to strangers?
Well, I used to be painfully shy. I would be scared of going to parties where there were a lot of people I
had never met before. Although I’ve become more open and sociable now, I do sometimes
feel uncomfortable striking a conversation with someone whose style and personality appear far
too different from mine. I don’t think I have social anxiety but it can get really hard to venture out of
our comfort zone you know.
 Do you have difficulty talking to strangers?
Well, I had in the past but I find it much easier now. It has been such a long
journey to overcome my awkwardness and to be more outgoing.  It is amazing really. I’ve taken
great pride in my dramatic progress though I still feel nervous when being around people who
look intimidating or unapproachable and I only start talking to them out of necessity. (out of = due
 Are you afraid of being judged by strangers?
That’s exactly what I had in mind while trying to break the ice with someone I had never talked to.
Now, I don’t mind being judged and rarely take offense. There is nothing wrong with making an
effort to socialize with people. However, I do worry that I might intrude on their privacy or solitude.
So, to some extent, I’m still quite cautious about approaching and talking to complete strangers.

What types of programmes are most popular in your country?
Most of the people in my country have seen a shift from television to You tube and that is for sure.
People now are much more interested in seeing the new web series by AIB or TVF than probably a
new television series. But, for those who do watch television, there are different tastes. So, the young
loves watching cricket or any other sport for that matter. Or some reality shows. People who have
grown up a little bit, I think prefer drama. But, it happens vice versa as well. But, anything that makes
them laugh or cry goes down well with my country men.
Do you like to make people laugh?
Yes, I do love to make people laugh. I think it is one of the most beautiful art to be able to make others
laugh. For me, it is not always a planned thought process. May be my blatancy makes people laugh.
Sometimes my responses to their problems make them laugh. But is is always good that even if you are
not able to solve someone’s problem at least an attempt to make them feel lighter about it.
Do you think it is important for anyone to have a sense of humour?
I think definitely yes. Having a sense of humour, towards everything in life ,including yourself helps
take things and life in a very beautiful perspective. It is only a person with a certain sense of humour
who can deal with life in a more beautiful manner. Also, I believe, not only it helps in dealing with life
it does makes life so much more better to live in than it actually is.
Do you think insult comedy is the right way of making others laugh?
Too an extent it is right. Sometimes people do take insult way too seriously than it should have been
and people do insult in manners that really hurt. But, when it comes to small and not so serious insults,
I think there is not much issue with it and there should neither be. However, with things getting serious
and when people pin point on the same things or make only insultive comedy, I think that is when the
problem begins.
What type of programmes do you find funny on Television?
I am a true blue romantic when it comes to television. So, when others find jokes on particular things
funny, I love it when two people in love fight. I find it really funny. The sweet love fights, I simply
enjoy them. I remember, watching television serials like Kitanni Mohobbat Hai, Dill Mill Gaye, the
kind of serials that were more like romcom. Apart from this, I love sarcastic comedy. The one in which
the literal word said has nothing much to do but the meaning behind is amazing.

Is your idea of success same as your parents idea of success?
There is a certain amount of gap between the way me and my parents things. Mostly because they have
seen life in some other way, at some other time and faced difficulties of certain different level and
degree. According to them, it is very important for a person to have a stable life, earning money and
getting married and stuff like that. But, for me, success is happiness. I do need money but more
important is the work. For me success is to be able to get up, feeling wow about my life and sleeping
with a thank you for a great life, and money doesn’t defines that.
Do you think people focus too much on appearing to be successful?
I think definitely yes. The reason being that we look at a “society claimed” successful person and then
try to be like them. So, we define our success on the parameters of what the world thinks is successful.
Even more, in our society, it is assumed that the person who has the most amount of money or fame is
successful. But, someone who speaks of a content life, with happiness, is assumed to be the non-
competitive unsuccessful person. This makes people trying to show about their success stories.
Why do you think money is the most common way of seeing success?
I think this has to do something with the past. In earlier times, people did not had much money. So,
anyone who had lot of it and could earn a great lifestyle for themselves was assumed to be successful.
And in this fight of becoming successful people have forgotten that earlier people were more happy and
content which actually made them more successful.
 What do you often discuss with your friends?
Well, nothing in particular really. Most of my friends are girls so food, makeup, holidays and fashion
are our favourite topics whenever we get together. We also love celebrity gossip and tell inside
jokes from time to time. Social and political issuesare rarely brought up because such topics tend to
be boring, controversial and sensitive.
 Are you a talker or a listener?
That’s an interesting question! Though I’m quite chatty and friendly, never in a million years did I
think that I’m eloquent enough to be a decent speaker. I always consider myself a good listener as
most of my friends keep turning to me when they need a shoulder to cry on.
 Do you often change your opinion?
Well, when I was young, I was quite obstinate (stubborn), refusing to change my view at all cost. As
I’m getting older, however, I’ve learnt to put myself in others’ shoes and see the world from their
perspectives. This helps me become more receptive to others’ opinions and possibly change mine if
I’m sure that’s the right thing to do.
 Do you often judge other people?
Oh, I used to. Humans are prone to judgement and prejudice. Now that I’m getting older, I’ve
realized it’s better to stop judging people and focus on my own progress instead. It was such
an epiphany, a life-changing experience for me. This doesn’t mean that I’ve become a completely
non-judgmental person. I still make judgment about other people from time to time but I always try to
keep it to myself because I don’t want to hurt others’ feelings.
 What do you feel if someone hates you?
Well, I don’t mind. I’ve never tried to be a people pleaser. Haters gonna hate. As long as I know I’m
living responsibly and my family and close friends will always be there for me, I don’t
need approvals from any one else.


1. What’s your favorite animal?

Hm.. I would have to say whales. I’ve been fascinated by them ever since I was a child. There’s just
something so majestic about them, maybe it has to do with (is related to) their size. Plus they are
highly intelligent and family-oriented creatures. It’s believed that they even speak their own languages!
2. Do you like to see animals in the zoo?
Not really. Sure, it’s interesting to see them, but I also feel sad seeing them in cages. In my opinion,
wild animals should not be in captivity (caged) unless they have some sort of injury. Actually, I think
it’s a shame that humans feel the need to see nature so badly that they cage them and charge people to
3. Do you keep a pet?
Not currently. I would like to, but I’m actually not allowed to because of my apartment regulations.
Additionally, I live in a small studio apartment so it wouldn’t be the best environment for a pet, unless
it were a cat or small animal. Moreover, I work full-time so I wouldn’t have a lot of time to tend to the
4. Did you have a pet when you were young?
Yes, I did. My parents were both animal lovers (people who love animals), so we always had a house
full of pets. My first pet was a lizard named Charlie, then onto my very own black kitten named Pal.
Although I played too hard with my pets and made them annoyed, I still got a lot of joy from them.
Additionally, I also learned a sense of responsibility from a young age.
5.What pet will you have later?
Hmm. I think I want a dog and a cat. When I think about it more, I cannot imagine having a family
without a dog for my children one day. I can envision them playing with a Golden Retriever or a
Labrador retriever, as they have a friendly demeanor (way of being). On the other hand, I’m more of
a cat person (a person who prefers cats to dogs), so I would like to have one as well.  
6. If you raise children in the future, will you allow them to keep a pet?
Yes, for sure. I would like to make their dreams come true of having a pet, as many children want.
Moreover, I feel a pet is a great addition to a family. Lastly, I think allowing them to have a pet is a
good opportunity for them to begin to have a sense of responsibility when it comes to walking their pet,
changing the litter box (the box where cats go to the bathroom), feeding them, cleaning the cage,

Did you sleep late when you were a child?

(Answer 1) No, not even once because my parents were so strict. I remember after doing my homework
at 7:30 in the evening, I needed to hit the sack as soon as possible. No TV and no computer games
except weekends. But I really liked it because I learned the importance of self-discipline which is really
needed in this adult life and I'm forever grateful for what my parents did to me then.