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The purpose of a central sterile supply department (C.S.S.D.) is to supply all the departments
of hospital theatres, wards, out-patients and casualty departments with complete sterile
equipment ready and available for immediate use in the treatment of patients.

The only exception to this may be the theatre instruments, which are generally kept,
cleaned, sterilized and used in the theatre suite.


- C.S.S.D. Supplies sterile equipment ready for use

- Supplies to -Hospital Theatres, Wards, Out-patient, Casualty Departments.
- Supplies sterile equipment ready for use to nursing personnel,
- Reduces burden of work.


- Bacteriological safe sterilization.

- Better quality control.
- Prolonged life by proper care of equipment
- Less expensive.
- Elimination of unsound practices
- Establishment of standard procedures.
- Immediate and constant supply.


- 1 Jet water cleaning gadgets.

- 2.Ultrasonic Washers
- 3.Glove sharpener
- 4. Gas, Chemical or steam autoclaves.
- 5.Testing apparatus for efficiency of sterilization
- 6. O.T Instruments.
- 7. O.T. Linen
- 8. Infusion Fluids for Renal Dialysis.
- 9. At times LINEN. (other than O.T)

Essentials of the department

- Correct design, modern plant, skilful operators and proper work-flow.

- Regular skilled maintenance to avoid break-down of plant.



1. Clean receipts / dirty receipt / washing / Disassembly.

- All used equipments, goods expect fabrics are collected from wards by C.S.S.D staff in
stainless steel trolleys.
- Material from the theatres on the floor immediately above C.S.S.D is through dirty lift is
taken to this room.
- The room is fitted with a stainless steel bench and double sinks used for disassembling,
cleaning and processing.
- Returned instruments and hardware are disinfected and washed in this room.
- Free standing electric drying cup-board is installed for drying, needles, rubber, all glass
and metal-ware, preparatory to assembly packs.
2. Working Room
After washing and drying, all the equipments are brought here for assembly. The room
is fitted with benches, with drawers and kneehole spaces underneath and wall-
attached cup-boards above.
In this room packs for theatres and wards are assembled and wrapped.
3. Autoclave room
Assembled packs and miscellaneous items for wards and theatres are filled into special
baskets on low trolleys and transported to the autoclave room. Sterilisation of all
equipments and materials are done here.
4. Sterile store
After sterilisation all the packs and materials are held ready for issue. Emergency packs
for theatres on the above floor are placed in a clean lift. Proper and sufficient space for
different equipment and materials from various departments kept separately.
5. Sterile distribution
Sterile materials then supplied to respective departments through the windows.
While planning the C.S.S.D care should be taken that all the staff members in the
department are disinfected first and then allowed to enter. At the entry point sufficient
amount of lockers, toilets and disinfection areas are kept for both ladies and gents staff.
Besides all above rooms some ancillary rooms or areas are also has to be there in
C.S.S.D. Those are as follows:-
a) Linen store:- After Sterilization, adjacent to preparation room line store is provided
for proper stacking of all wraps , towels, gowns, etc.
b) Office:- This is used by the C.S.S.D In-charge and should be provided with telephonic
communication with all parts of hospital.
c) Solution room:- For sterilisation in steam pressure sterilisers various types of
sterilize fluids are required. Those are kept here in proper storage space.
d) Glove processing room:- In this the gloves are washed first, and then glove

conditioners are used for drying the gloves. Automatic glove powdering machine is
then used for powdering. Gloves are then examined and tested for tears or
perforations. The gloves in good condition then paired and paired and folded or
packed in cotton balloon cloth for sterilisation. The exhaust fan is required here for
removing the dispersed powder.