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Research Design
The study will use the descriptive methodology as its main approach in analyzing

and interpreting data. A prepared survey questionnaire will be used in determining the

institutional capability and preparedness of the Central Bicol State University of

Agriculture Graduate School in terms of it’s a) physical resources - building, equipment and

facilities, learning resource center, b) human resources – involving the faculty and

administrators in terms of their knowledge, skills and attitude towards distance education,

c) available ICT based instructional materials, and d) availability of assessment instruments for

students and teachers in terms of teaching-learning process. Another survey questionnaire will be

used to determine the acceptability of distance education and the perception of the different

stakeholders in the offering of MS and PhD Development Education in the distance education

mode of teaching-learning process. The information that will be gathered will be an input in the

preparation of feasibility study in the offering of distance education in the identified graduate

program to determine its marketability. Likewise, a focus group discussion will be conducted

involving faculty, experts, students and administrators to identify major competencies and tasks

of a graduate of the course, identify core values to be developed among the students of the course,

and identify future prospects and scenarios which should also be addressed by the course.

Research Participants

The population respondents of this study will be composed of CBSUA

administrators, teacher, students, employers and potential students. The administrators


include the Deans, Associate Dean, Vice Presidents, and President. The teacher

respondents will include those that are involved in the graduate program identified. The

employers are those existing and prospective employers respondents. The potential

students are those that maybe connected in teaching either employed or unemployed but

are preferably graduates of teacher education courses.

Instruments to Use

Questionnaires are the main tool in the gathering of data. The accreditation

instrument designed by the AACCUP (Accrediting Agencies of Chartered Universities

and Colleges, Inc.) will serve as a guide in the preparation of survey instrument for

capability assessment in terms of physical resources covering the learning resource center

and laboratory and equipment, preparedness and capability of teachers, availability of

instructional materials and evaluation tools teaching –learning.

Procedure for Data Collection

To meet the objectives of the study, the researcher will employ the following

strategies to gather the needed information;

a) Focus group discussion (FGD) – The researcher will organize group

discussion detailing in the process the capability of the graduate school to offer distance

education. This focus group shall be comprised of the Dean, senior faculty, students and

other stakeholders that may provide relevant information and feedbacks necessary in

coming up with suggestions, recommendations and/or decision.


b) Key Informant survey – If necessary, key informant from sectors that need

to be assessed will be used to gain additional feedbacks that may not be dealt with by the


c) Survey – the use of structured survey questionnaires maybe used to gather

relevant information from representative samples coming from different stakeholders that

will be directly or indirectly affected by the program.

d) Resource assessment and evaluation – an actual inventory of facilities and

other resources needed in the offering of the program shall be properly evaluated. This

will help decide whether the institution’s available facility and resources are sufficient

enough to offer the program or come up with recommendations such as: to upgrade, to

purchase, to retool and other necessary actions relevant in the offering of the distance

learning program.

Statistical Analysis

Analysis of the data and information gathered shall be done immediately using

appropriate analytical tool. The results shall be presented for peer discussion and review

to come up with a collegial decisions.

Weighted mean will be computed to describe the capability of the Graduate

School to offer distance education in terms of physical resources, human resources, ICT

based instructional materials, assessment tools for teaching and learning. From the

gathered perception of stakeholders, a feasibility study for offering the proposed modality

will be carried out to ensure marketability and sustainability in the offering of the new

modality of teaching.