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Class: 4 BELATU No. of pupils: 35

Pre-Test Question: As the secretary of English Club in your school, write a report
about the visit to an orphanage last week to your principal.

UNPACK knowledge and skills:

For pupils to successfully attempt this question, they need to know:
1. Tenses – Simple Past (verbs)

2. Vocabulary

3. To- infinitives

4. Sequence connectors

5. Modal verbs

6. Spelling

Have I pre-taught the / Yes No


Intervention Activities/Lesson Notes Worksheets / Other


Week 1

Gap Identified: Tenses (Past Tense)

Learning Objectives: Pupils should be able to use the

correct form of past tense for each verb.

Success Criteria: I will be successful if I can

Identify and change the forms of verbs into past tense form
in the text given.

Awareness Raising Activities: (MUST use authentic

data minimum twice) - Student’s sample
-Students’ directed writing sample scripts
Intervention Activities:

Pre-lesson (Starter)
1. Teacher revises ‘Past tense’ rules with the students.
2. Teacher divides students into group of four.
- 4 groups of HP
- 2 groups of LP
3. Teacher explains the ‘Chain Letter’ activity to students
and conducts it in class.
4. Ss participate in the activity creating a list of verbs while
the Tc writes on the whiteboard.
5. Next, Ss with their shoulder partner work together to
change the list of verbs into past tense form.
6. Check their answers as a class.

1. Tc distributes text passage (short story) to all Ss. - short story text
2. Ss are required to identify and highlight the verbs in the handout
text individually.

Differentiated activities
HP – Identify All the verbs in past tense form in the text.
LP – Identify All the verbs in past tense form in the first

3. After the Ss have done the activity, teacher displays the - Projector
text using the projector on the whiteboard. Then, teacher
will show the answers during answer discussion and

Post lesson (Plenary)

1. Tc highlights the two types of past tense forms simple - Crossword puzzle
past & irregular verbs. worksheet
2. Tc distributes crossword puzzle worksheet to students.
3. In pairs, they will complete the task given.
4. Answer discussion. ( display the answer using the