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volume 44 / issue 17
Wednesday, February 2, 2011
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2 The Eyeopener Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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RyeRson AwARds
Celebrating Excellence

Sheldon Levy, President and Vice Chancellor; Alan Shepard, Provost and Vice President Academic; and
Carla Cassidy, Interim Vice President Research and Innovation, are pleased to announce the recipients of the

Faculty Scholarly, Research and Creative Activity (SRC) Awards and the
Sarwan Sahota – Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award

FACulty SRC AwARDS faculty of community services 2010 SARwAn SAhotA – RyeRSon
The Faculty SRC Awards recognize individual faculty members on Jacqui gingras, School of Nutrition DiStinguiSheD SCholAR AwARD
an annual basis for outstanding achievement in scholarly, research enza gucciardi, School of Nutrition The Sarwan Sahota – Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award is
and creative activity and impact on their disciplines during the Kathryn woodcock, School of Occupational and Public Health presented annually to one or more faculty members who have
previous academic year. made an outstanding contribution to knowledge or artistic
faculty of engineering, architecture and science
faculty of arts creativity in their area(s) of expertise while employed at Ryerson.
Kamran Behdinan, Department of Aerospace Engineering The contribution to SRC may be a long term, cumulative
Colleen Carney, Department of Psychology Alan Fung, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering contribution or a single, particularly insightful or seminal idea,
Stacey hart, Department of Psychology Ali Miri, Department of Computer Science experiment, application or interpretation. The Distinguished
trevor hart, Department of Psychology Ahmed Shaker, Department of Civil Engineering Scholar Award is made available through the joint contributions
naomi Koerner, Department of Psychology Krishnan Venkatakrishnan, Department of Mechanical and of Sarwan Sahota, a retired professor and Ryerson University.
David MacKenzie, Department of History Industrial Engineering Dennis Denisoff, Department of English
Candice Monson, Department of Psychology
ted rogers school of management gideon wolfaardt, Department of Chemistry and Biology
faculty of communication & design Rachel Dodds, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism
gene Allen, School of Journalism Management All awards will be presented at the Faculty
Charles Davis, School of Radio and Television Arts Deborah Fels, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology SRC Luncheon on February 15, 2011.
Bruno lessard, School of Image Arts Management
Catherine Schryer, School of Professional Communication Shavin Malhotra, Ted Rogers School of Business Management
ozgur turetken, Ted Rogers School of Information Technology

Everyone Makes a Mark

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 NEWS The Eyeopener 3

Three per cent

budget cut
hits Ryerson

Ryerson will be hit across the

board with a three per cent budget
cut for the 2011-2012 year with
predictions of a five per cent tuition
increase to be implemented at the
same time.
Senate passed the motion to
cut budgets on Jan. 25 based on
estimates that the university would
not receive additional funding from
the provincial government, which
is operating at an approximate $18
million deficit, said Ryerson president
Sheldon Levy.
Tyler Charlebois, spokesperson
for University and Colleges Minis-
ter John Milloy, said funding will
continue every year with predicted
increases in the amount of funding,
but no exact figure was given.
According to Charlebois, Ryerson
received $186,200,818 in govern-
ment funding for the 2009-2010
Former Ryerson student Ryan Lester suffers from bruising and broken bones after an assault in the early hours of Jan. 22. PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL calendar year.

Ryerson student charged with

Levy justified the increase of tu-
ition fees by saying in order to gener-
ate a two per cent profit, tuition fees
would have to increase by five per

homophobic hate crime

cent then subtract the three per cent
budget cuts. “With no fee increase
the budget cuts would have to go
up,” said Levy.
Ryerson currently has one of the
highest tuition rates in Ontario. Levy
Eoin McManus is being charged after an alleged altercation at Church and McGill Streets on Jan. also confirmed that Ryerson is not in
22. News Editor Emma Prestwich reports a present deficit. The Board of Gover-
nors will make a decision regarding
the tuition increases in May.
A Ryerson student has been face. “I find the incident shocking, in Ryerson up until this semester, but and was only a few steps away from “It is highly likely that we will rec-
charged with committing an alleged an area so closer to Toronto’s gay vil- said he dropped out when work at campus. ommend the five per cent increase,”
hate crime against a former student. lage,” he said. the advocacy organization became She cited the alleged murder of said Levy.
Eoin McManus, a third-year radio According to Toronto Police Const. too stressful. Ryerson student Christopher Skinner The Ministry of University and
and television student and his friend Tonyo Vella, the incident has been He said he couldn’t believe that in October 2009 as one case of sus- Colleges, which provides regulations
Benjamin McCall allegedly assaulted classfied as a hate crime. McManus was a Ryerson student, but pected discrimination and said she for the province, has implemented a
Ryan Lester and his brother Ben Lester McManus and McCall are facing said that he thinks Ryerson should thinks there have been several small tuition framework that caps tu-
at Mehran Tandoori Restaurant in the two charges of assault and one charge institute some type of discipline for incidents of anti-gay harassment hap- ition increases at five per cent and
early morning hours on Jan. 22. of mischief, said Const. Vella. these kinds of crimes. pening. provides guidelines for potential
McManus and McCall allegedly He said the two were arrested by “Students in post-secondary edu- “This looks bad on us as a univer- increases.
hurled homophobic slurs at Ben Les- cation should be accountable to the sity,” she said. Last year’s three per cent budget
ter when he entered the restaurant, school,” he said. “There are hateful people every- cuts lead to decreased class times
and beat Ben to the ground when he Ryerson’s code of non-academic where.” and cuts to speciality classes. Acting
confronted the two men. I don’t think I’m alone misconduct states that students Lester said that this was his first ex- combat classes, previously offered to
“He got up out of his chair, and they in things that happen should follow all levels of law and that peri- theatre students, were cancelled and
punched him to the ground,” said daily. the university can impose penalties the students had to take the class
Ryan Lester. — Ryan Lester, on students who don’t. privately on weekends instead. Mem-
Lester said he then went over to the former Ryerson student The penalties range from written This looks bad on us as bers of the faculty of communica-
two men and they punched both him reprimands to restrictions on enter-
a university. tion and design (FCAD) experienced
and his brother. police, taken to court and were re- ing the campus. reduced class hours and introducing
McManus and McCall then alleg- leased on certain conditions. It is unclear whether McManus
— Casey Giorgievski,
RyePride coordinator online learning.
edly ran out the door and up Church The two are set to appear at the will face non-academic misconduct Levy said the university would later
Street, where police arrested them. College Park courthouse on Feb. 16 charges. decide where to reimburse the three
Lester was taken away by ambu- at 2pm. Casey Giorgievski, volunteer out- ence of assault, but that he thinks it’s per cent based on areas most af-
lance. A CAT scan of his brain was Lester, fundraising director at Pride reach coordinator with RyePride, a common narrative. fected.
clear, but he said he still has broken Toronto, was taking public adminis- said she found it upsetting that the “I don’t think I’m alone in things “It’s very early in the process.”
bones and soft tissue injuries in his tration and governance courses at incident involved a Ryerson student that happen daily,” he said.

Ombudsperson: 81 per cent increase in instructor complaints


An annual report from Ryerson’s and “snippy” email from the professor systemic issue, but that the one-year fair and unbiased towards students, enough,” he said.
ombudsperson shows an 81 per cent in the summer defending his actions. jump in numbers doesn’t alarm him. there is currently no continuing edu- He said Ryerson may need to host
increase in instructor complaints from “I thought he must have read the “If it keeps going up, then we really cation for professors. more seminars for professors or open-
last faculty course survey,” she said. have a problem.” “Do we pull people into a room pe- forum discussions, but that he would
The report grouped the complaints “It seems very immature and child- In her report, which doesn’t iden- riodically? No,” he said. like to know more about the com-
into three main categories: lack of ish.” tify students to protect their privacy, Anver Salojee, President of the Ry- plaints to know how to respond.
instructor accessibility, disrespect, While she didn’t pursue the com- ombudsperson Nora Farrell recom- erson Faculty Association, also admit- “The [report] raises more questions
and lack of impartiality in decision- plaint, she has seen many more exam- mended the university ensure all fac- ted that there is no ongoing training for me than it answers,” he said.
making. ples of instructor misconduct, includ- ulty training emphasizes impartiality for instructors, but that the Ryerson Kapoor, who used the ombudsper-
Manvi Kapoor, a fourth-year direct ing professors yelling at students and in decision-making. offers “good resources” in the teach- son’s services in another situation,
entry student in business manage- swearing out of anger in class. Former vice provost academic Alan ing and learning office. said that she found the office helpful,
ment, said she can understand the “Professors teach behind closed Shepard responded in the report, say- He said there may be a number of but wished that they were able to do
jump in numbers. doors,” she said. “I’m not surprised ing that he was committed to incor- factors leading to the increased num- more.
She said that she filled out an anon- that the ombudsperson is receiving porating this issue in faculty training. ber of complaints, such as large class “It felt paralyzing, to know that all
ymous faculty course survey online more complaints.” However, Isbister, the new vice pro- sizes and heavy workloads, as well as they can do is make recommenda-
in the spring regarding a professor’s Vice provost academic John Isbis- vost, said that while the university of- limited office hours. tions,” she said. “Ryerson is not obli-
conduct, and then received an “rude” ter said that it’s possible that this is a fers training for new faculty on being “Students may feel like this is not gated to act on [them].”
4 The Eyeopener EDITORIAL Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ryan Lester was allegedly assaulted by a Ryerson student and another man on Jan. 22. PHOTO: LINDSAY BOECKL

Speak up to stop hate

corner of Victoria and Adelaide that understands gay people are
Streets. people too. But that’s not true —
On Mar. 9, 2010, at last year’s just ask Ryan Lester about his black
SHANNON HIGGINS Queer Positive Pub Night, “burning eye.
EDITOR-IN-CHIEF gays” and other homophobic graffiti Lester’s bruises should remind us
was discovered on the wall behind that we can’t afford to be compla-
a urinal at the Ram in the Rye. cent about ignorance and hate
On Jan. 22 a former Ryerson And this is just what has been around the LGBT community.
student named Ryan Lester was reported. Yes, it gets better, but it will take a
enjoying a night out with his brother My little sister is a gay Ryerson hell of a lot of work before everyone
when he was allegedly assaulted by student. (Full disclosure: she’s also can walk outside feeling safe.
two men — including Eoin McMa- the Eyeopener’s circulation man- And the next time I hear some-
nus, a Ryerson radio and televison ager.) one utter a homophobic slur on the
arts student. Last semester she was working escalator, I’m going to do the right
Allegedly, Lester was kicked in the on an in-class assignment when the thing and speak up.
face and berated with homophobic classmate sitting beside her started
slurs. talking about how, “dykes enjoy Have questions, comments

or a burning desire to yell at

Pretty shocking, right? being called dykes because if they

me? Send letters to editor@

Wrong. didn’t they wouldn’t dress like men.”

And just the other day I was tak- or tweet me

Despite our close proximity to To-

ronto’s gay village, Ryerson Univer- ing the escalator up from Dundas @murphyhiggins.
sity has had a long history with LGBT Station and I couldn’t help but hear
hate crimes. the women in front of me casually
In 2008, two men shouting homo- toss around “that’s so gay” and “he’s
phobic slurs assaulted a student in such a fag.”
YOUR BGraduate Council Exe
And — even though I pride myself Last week the Eyeopener incor-
the alleyway between Eric Palin Hall

CFacAultySDirTectors, Executive and

on being a staunch LGBT ally — I rectly named Secretary to the
and the architecture building.
Board of Governors Erin McGinn
On Oct. 18, 2009, Ryerson alumnus said nothing.
Gay youth come to Toronto hop- as Erin McGunn. Our apologies.
Christopher Skinner (an openly gay JA
man) was beaten to death on the ing to find an accepting community 1st floor,
near Rm
RCC 1st floor
1st floor,
near stairs

etE CH
stre UR
RD st UA
R RA re
e L
GE t st

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COMMUNITY Mike “NO RADIO” Duncan Centre and you can reach us at (full time undergraduate student or full or part-time graduate student)
Allyssia “INTUITION” Alleyne Matthew “SAVIOR” Kennedy
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 NEWS The Eyeopener 5

Student and professor

struggle to communicate
with family in Cairo

Ahmed El Saadany wishes he were The protests have resulted in 125

protesting in Tahrir Square. deaths so far. Army officials still roam
Instead, the second-year post-doc- the main streets but police presence
torate student is on Ryerson’s campus. has disappeared. Citizens are forced to
Though worrying about his parents obey a strict 3 p.m. curfew.
is his main focus, all the 33-year-old In a conversation with his sister
can do is try to keep in touch with his on Feb. 1 — the first in more than a
parents in eastern Cairo. week — Al-Solaylee said she is doing
Egypt has been in a state of civil fine. The family spends most of their
unrest since protests erupted on Jan. days getting supplies from downtown
24. President Hosni Mubarak, who has supermarkets which still remain open,
been in power since 1981, was plan- he said.
ning on having his son succeed his But the situation remains unsettling.
position. In response, people took to No one knows how even the next
the streets in an uprising inspired by week with unfold, or if supplies will
the recent political revolt in Tunisia. continue to be brought into the city,
“It’s a political situation and it’s very said El Saadany.
tough right now, but I’m very proud “It’s not yet a crisis,” he said.“The
of the people’s movement,” said El government is trying to wait for the
Saadany. people to give up, and that’s why we
Journalism professor Kamal Al- have to support [the people].”
Solaylee shares Saadany’s worry as Al-Solaylee said what needs to hap-
he struggles to keep in touch with his pen next is an orderly transition to a
sister’s family, who currently resides democratic government.
just outside Cairo’s downtown core. “The current government needs to
Like El Saadany, he has communi- give power over to a newly- elected
cated with his family over landlines government. If democracy is imple-
since internet and cellular service have mented they need to have an elec-
been turned off. tion,” he said.
“I’m less concerned about safety but Al-Solaylee said democracy has been
rather what’s next for Egypt?” said long overdue in the country. But he
Al-Solaylee. fears the wrong organization coming
He predicts that if a smooth transi- into of power, namely the Islamic
tion between governments isn’t Brotherhood.
implemented, Egypt could erupt into “Anyone that has family in Egypt will
economical failure and complete be watching the developments,” he
chaos. said.
Ahmed El Saadany said he wishes he could be with his family in Cairo, Egypt. PHOTO: CHELSEA POTTAGE

Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education Program

Experience, Mentors, Community. Apply today!

Reasons why:
○ 100 days of classroom experience throughout the school year, 3 different settings
○ Taught by educational leaders: teachers, principals, textbook authors and mentors
○ Cross-curricular emphasis in a supportive learning environment

Over 80% of the first graduating class has a teaching-related position.

Tyndale University College | 416.218.6757 Application Deadline: February 22, 2011
6 The Eyeopener NEWS Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CKLN plans to appeal revoked licence


CRTC kills
cheap internet
On Mar. 1, the CRTC will clamp down
on small internet service providers
(ISPs), mandating they eliminate their
unlimited internet plans and switch to
usage based billing (UBB), killing their
only advantage over the big ISPs like
Bell and Rogers.
Small ISPs, like Teksavvy and Pri-
mus, have been renting network ac-
cess from the larger ISPs in order to
offer more bandwidth for reasonable
prices that are particularly attractive
to students. But in less than a month,
Staff, volunteers and community members invested in the future of CKLN met Monday night to discuss the station’s options. PHOTO: NICOLE SIENA those deals will be dead.
200 gigabyte/month plans are
BY EMMA PRESTWICH “It’s only now that we’re finally in Louise Poirier, the sole CRTC com- “Your guess is as good as mine,” dropping to 25 GB/month plans for
NEWS EDITOR a position of hiring someone,” said missioner to disagree with the deci- she said. many consumers, which means that
Marque Brill, a technologist with the sion, wrote a four-page letter of dis- Peggy Rebout, with CRTC’s media customers will have to curtail their In-
CKLN 88.1 FM is slated to go off-air station. “The timing is incredible.” sent, which was attached to the end relations, dismissed rumours that the ternet usage, or risk overage charges
as of Feb. 12, but the organization’s The board of directors, led by Lau- of the CRTC’s official statement. decision had anything to do with of up to $2.50/GB.
board has plans to appeal the deci- ren Speers, a programmer and law Poirier’s letter noted that the nor- commercial interests. Do you like Netflix, download-
sion. student at Osgoode Hall, has decided mal procedure for a station that is “The report is as detailed as it can ing torrents or streaming video? Bell
On Jan. 28, the Canadian Radio- to appeal. non-compliant is to first issue a man- be about the reasons for the deci- and Rogers sure don’t. By imposing
Televison and Communications Com- At CKLN’s annual general meeting datory order before revoking the li- sion,” she said. UBB, the CRTC has essentially put the
mission (CRTC) announced the deci- on Monday night, Speers presented cense, which the CRTC did not do. She However, the station’s desirable power into the hands of the big ISPs.
sion to revoke the station’s licence the station’s legal options for appeal. said that the station had been under position on the FM dial is fueling The CRTC has imposed rules that may
after several instances of non-com- The two options are to either hire oath to fix the stated issues, and re- speculation about who might take handcuff the smaller competition and
pliance with the commission’s stan- a lawyer for an emergency appeal to voking a license immediately is not it over. drive more traffic to the big ISPs that
dards for broadcasting, including fail- stay the decision, or send a ‘renewal standard practice. President Sheldon Levy said that already have their hands deep in your
ing to fill necessary paperwork and charter’ to the CRTC, committing to fix Some disgruntled community Ryerson had no interest in buying pockets. The average movie down-
a lack of balanced representation on the problems members and programmers think it’s the station. load will cost you 700 megabytes. A
the station’s board of governors. Speers, who mediated the discus- all a big conspiracy against CKLN. Ryerson’s online station SpiritLive half hour sitcom will cost you 175 MB.
A courier from the CRTC officially sion at Monday’s AGM acknowledged “I admit that it’s conjecture, but I could not be reached for comment. The same service you’re getting from
delivered the papers at around 3 p.m. that the station had been non-com- think there’s political motivation,” Brill CKLN is currently funded by a $10 the small ISPs for $35-$40 dollars now
Friday. pliant and that it was best for the sta- said. student levy. RSU president Toby could cost you hundreds in the com-
Before their licence was yanked, tion to stay on good terms with the Suzy Alvarez, a programmer with Whitfield, who is a student represen- ing months if you’re really working
CKLN had been in the process of hir- CRTC. the station, said that in her personal tative on the CKLN board, said he has the bandwidth. Thanks CRTC. Maybe
ing a station manager after a lengthy “We can’t argue with the criticism opinion, corporate interests might no idea where this money will go if next you could come to our houses
legal process. they gave us, because it’s all true.” have played a role in the decision. the station shuts down. and kick our dogs, too.

Long Johns and Groaners

A laptop was stolen from the Jack Frost has it out for those two.
second floor of the Ted Rog-
ers building on Jan. 25. The man On. Jan. 22 security was called
had the laptop in front of him to the fifth floor of the Vic build-
but after turning around to talk, ing to investigate a disturbance,
it was gone. We thought we but instead interrupted show
made it clear ­— watch yo shit. and tell. A homeless man was
presenting a white paper star
On Jan. 26 a man was caught with the inscription “Ed Hardy —
peering over a stall in the wom- born to be wild” written on it to
en’s washroom. The girl escaped a classroom of students. The stu-
and called security, but in the dents cheered him on, especially
Greg Dojczewskiis is happy to have a fall reading week. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK
meantime, she barricaded the after he informed them he hadn’t
man in the bathroom with desks. stopped drinking since Christmas.
After the man was caught, he
admitted that ever since G20 he
had always wanted to experience
Security reported back to the
Vic building on Jan. 22 after
Senate approves fall reading week
going to jail... There’s too much reports of vandalism. The crazy LAUREN FOGAZZI example of what the fall semester FEAS can either fit their curriculum
crazy here to even comment on. vandals had gone ape shit with may look like. into the 12 weeks or they can skip the
cake, rubbing it on the chairs and Most Ryerson students can breathe A half-week break is shown break all together.
That same day in a nearby inside the microwave. Techni-
a little easier after the university fol- around Halloween but the Senate Some FEAS students and represen-
bathroom in the RCC, students cally it’s not vandalism unless it’s
lowed suit with the majority of other is pushing for the break to begin tatives are leaning towards a continu-
reported an ‘atrocious smell.’ permanent, so we deem this a
Turns out the smell belonged to delicious work of modern art. post-secondary schools across On- around Thanksgiving. ation of the 13-week semester.
a homeless man hiding out in tario and cut the fall semester to 12 “Although there are advantages Greh Dojcaewski said he thinks a
the toilets who earlier had been A man’s locker was broken into weeks from 13. to [a Thanksgiving break],” the fall fall reading week would be a great
bothering people for money in at the RAC. The thief pulled back The Senate has given a fall reading report states, “it is felt that the pos- idea.
the building. Dear hobo, please the corner and stole his iPhone week the go-ahead but the finer de- sible benefits to students would be “A fall reading week gives us a
hide out in the science lab next then proceeded to send inap- tails have yet to be finalized. maximized by a fall break later in chance to unwind. I think it’s easier to
time. They have safety showers. propriate messages to two of “The expectation is that the faculty the semester.” focus after the break,” said the first-
his friends and even change his
will have discussions at the end of De- The 12-week semester could be year business management student.
Two students were almost struck Facebook status. Geez, way to
cember to clarify further actions,” said implemented either fall 2012 or fall
with a chunk of ice that fell from the kick a man while he’s down.
roof of Pitman Jan. 28. No one was Keith Alnwick, the registrar at Ryerson. 2013. Senate is awaiting the Faculty Read more online at
injured but it’s quite obvious that ­ — THE NEWS TEAM A report to Senate provides two of Engineering, Architecture and
sample 12-week calendars with an Science’s decision.
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 NEWS The Eyeopener 7

Slighted by the slates

This year’s Ryerson Students’ Union election has only two slates.
What happened to the independent candidates?

BY SARAH DEL GIALLO Most of the RU Change candidates Karol Pawlina says he created a slate
NEWS EDITOR didn’t know each other before the because slates give an advantage.
election, but say they decided to form “As an independent, it’s very diffi-
Some students say a politically a slate, rather than run individually, in cult to win,” he said.
unsettling trend is appearing in this hopes of challenging the pro CFS slate “If slates weren’t allowed, it would
year’s Ryerson Students’ Union elec- which has had a monopoly on the RSU make the process much more demo-
tion. Voters’ choices have been re- for years. cratic because you wouldn’t have one
duced to 11 candidates operating The last time there was an election team controlling everything.”
from two slates and an independent with only independent candidates Some Canadian universities don’t
who has yet to campaign. was in 2004. In 2005 when there were allow slates in student politics. The
A slate is a group of candidates who two slates and eight candidates, there University of Regina and University of
run in a multi-seat election with the were only four positions available. Two British Columbia have both banned
same platform. slates ran again the following year, but slates in union elections.
Students United is known to work in 2007, a pro CFS slate Students Unit-
closely with the Canadian Federation ed ran unopposed.
of Students (CFS). The slate supports A political fire sparked in 2008
many CFS campaigns, like the move- when there were three slates and one
The Eyeopener will be
ment to stop the public funding of independent, totalling 13 candidates live tweeting the RSU
Maclean’s. for the four positions. elections. Follow us
The only opposition this year is RU Since then, the number of slates @theeyeopener or join
Change, a slate set on making major and candidates has stayed relatively us at the Ram and buy
policy changes to how RSU money is consistent until this year.
us a pint.
RSU candidate Caitlin Smith campaigns to students. PHOTO: STEVEN GOETZ spent. RU Change presidential candidate

grows, but still Video Game In Stores Tuesday, February 8 ! TH

not up to par
on Tuesday, February 8th at NOON

Ryerson’s endowment fund has

passed the $81 million mark, despite and YOU DON’T KNOW JACK will donate $50
in support of Habitat for Humanity Toronto for
the failing economy last year.
In 2007 Ryerson’s endowment fund
had grown to $40 million. Even amidst
the market crash, the lowest point the
fund hit after that was $70 million in
February of 2010.
each Ryerson student who shaves their head!
“We have come back very strongly,” Participants will also receive a copy of YOU DON’T KNOW JACK the video game!
said Adam Kahan, VP University Ad-
vancement. *maximum
Although the funds have grown
In support of donation
substantially in the last few years, Ka- $2000
han said the fund isn’t up to par with
other universities like the University of
Toronto that are older and more es-
An endowment fund is created af-
ter a donor — either a company or an
individual — makes a contribution of
$25, 000 or more.
The donation targets a specific
area, such as the faculty of business
or faculty communication and de-
sign, which currently receive the most
money from endowments. The faculty
is decided by the donor.
The funds are also used for student ORDER your copy of the video game at
awards and bursaries.
As the fund grows the interest is
used for student support, awards and
“The majority is about increasing
our student support both in the num- Crude Humor
ber of students and also the amount Drug Reference
we can give to our students,” said Ka- Language
han. Mild Blood
The endowment process can take Sexual Themes
up to three or four years.
But last week, Ryerson received a
Developed by Jellyvision Inc. Game and Software 2010 Jellyvision Inc. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK ®, Jellyvision, the Jellyvision logo, and the
$1 million donation which was pro- ©
YDKJ head are registered trademarks of Jellyvision, Inc. All related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are the
cessed in three weeks, according to exclusive property of Jellyvision Inc. and used under license. All rights reserved. Published by THQ Inc. THQ and the THQ logo are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc. All Rights Reserved. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective
Kahan. ©
owners. Wii and Nintendo DS are trademarks of Nintendo. 2006 Nintendo. “PlayStation” and the “PS” Family logo are registered trademarks
and “PS3” and the PlayStation Network logo are trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. KINECT, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox LIVE, and the
“I hope by the end of this year we Xbox logos are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies and are used under license from Microsoft.

will meet or exceed the 100 million For full terms and conditions visit

dollar mark,” said Kahan.

8 The Eyeopener SPORTS Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ryerson’s own Derrick Rose

In his rookie season, Rams point guard Jahmal Jones has already managed to make a name for himself by dominating his oppo-
nents. Jones is quickly establishing himself as one of Canadian Interuniversity Sports’ elite point guards. Gabriel Lee Reports
There are many things for Ryerson 2009, when Jones was taking part at a guard on a new team you have to be a
students to look forward to in the fu- recruiting camp that has served as the puppet master for the coach. He does
ture: the new Image Arts Building, the launching pad for several NBA players not look like a rookie out there.”
opening of Maple Leaf Gardens and including Lebron James. As he was Along with injured forward Bjorn
Jahmal Jones. driving hard to the hoop to take off Michaelsen, Jones was one of Rana’s
Originally from Mississauga, Jones for a high-flying finish, Jones was un- top recruiting targets last year and is
is one of the Canadian Interuniver- dercut by a defender. The result, a torn a player Ryerson’s up and coming bas-
sity Sport’s top point guards and is a meniscus that he only had surgery on ketball program can build around.
big reason for the men’s basketball this past summer. While he likes to remain humble
team’s 7-10 record. Throughout those “I was stubborn I didn’t want to about it, Jones admits the lure of com-
17 games, Jones has averaged 17.2 wear a knee brace or have surgery ing into a program where he could
points, 4.5 rebounds and three assists, or anything like that. The thing was if make an immediate impact was too
and leads all of Ontario with 104 free I kept playing on it, who knows how much to pass up.
long I’d be playing,” Jones wonders. “It “You know how most freshmans sit
was when Rana told me to have sur- on the bench and have to earn every-
I’m just a first-year guy try- gery and took care of me that I knew thing?” Jones asked.
ing to blend in and see what this place was like my home.” “[Well] I wanted to come in and be
it’s all about. Having fully recovered from the in- the guy to change the culture of Ry-
—Jahmal Jones, jury, Jones is not only looking to lead erson basketball. I think that was the
point guard the Rams deep into the playoffs, but main thing. Everything was brand
his future as well. new, and I’d be one of the focal points
“If I continue to soak in the ingredi- of the team.”
ents the coaching staff has given me. Despite filling the stat sheet every
throws made. Hopefully I’ll be playing overseas,” said night, Jones doesn’t see himself as a
With the numbers that he has post- Jones.“Some people think that’s [only] leader on this team quite yet.
ed this season, head coach Roy Rana a dream, but it’s actually a goal. I take “I’m just a first year guy trying to
said that Jones is definitely in the run- basketball very seriously.” blend in and see what it’s all about,”
ning for the OUA’s rookie of the year For those who have never seen Jones said.
award. Jones in action, he is a solid on-ball On and off the court, Jones has a
“He certainly is going to be in that defender who plays at a speed that his reserved personality, but to gradually
conversation but we have a lot of bas- opponents and teammates alike have prepare himself to take on a leader-
ketball [left] to play,” said Rana. “There trouble matching. ship role in the future, he has made
are a lot of other rookies across the “He is the quickest guy with or with- an effort to bond with the team’s cur-
country that have had great seasons out the ball,” said Ray Bala.“I’d be hard rent co-captain and fifth- year veteran,
but certainly he has to be in that con- pressed to find someone in the OUA Ryan McNeilly.
versation.” that is quicker than him.” “That’s going to be one of the as-
While a lot of people know about Bala, who writes about college bas- pects I have to grow in,” said Jones.
Jones’ abilities on the court, many are ketball for, said though “It’s something I’m learning, that com-
oblivious to the fact that he has per- he is new to Rana’s system, Jones is munication skill, because I haven’t
severed through a potentially career playing with the poise of a veteran. been that vocal leader, I’d rather lead
threatening injury. “It’s very difficult coming into his by example but the coaches want me
Rewind back to the summer of position,” said Bala.“[As a rookie] point to start talking more.” Jahmal Jones driving to the basket. PHOTO: CHRIS DALE

From the pitch to the hardwood


As the Ryerson Rams starting climbed the league ranks, and even- I wanted to make him proud.”
point guard her job is far from sim- tually ended up playing for a triple-A Clarke, who was recruited by Ryer-
ple. At the same time she is calling team in Quebec. son during the provincials last year
out plays, Ashley Clarke must decide At eight years old Clarke played where she won gold medal, is mak-
whether or not she will pass the ball in the Québec Cup, Canada’s provin- ing waves throughout the women’s
the ball off to a teammate or attack cial equivalent to the World Cup for basketball community.
the rim. youngsters, which she would com- Amongst rookies, she is second in
In her rookie season, Clarke has pete in for the next six years. steals per game 2.65, first in minutes
quietly guided the Rams to a near- As her soccer career was winding per game averaging 32.71 minutes
playoff berth while staying atop of down, she had a choice of either try- per game as well as first in assists per
the league in numerous statistical ing to go semi-pro, which meant try- game with 3.53.
categories. ing out for Laval University’s club in “She could be the Rookie of the
The 21-year-old from Montreal is Quebec or switching to basketball. Year,” said Rob Wright, an assistant
in the top of the league in several “I loved soccer but I was getting coach on the women’s basketball
major stats, easily making her a can- bored [with it] and my love for bas- team.
didate for the East Division Rookie of ketball was too strong,” she said. “I “She’s done a great job for us.
the Year. love the action in basketball, it keeps We’ve given her a lot of responsi-
While her success on the court you on the edge of your seat.” bility as a rookie [and] so far she’s
is undeniable, until recently, soccer In grade 10, her high school stepped up.”
was Clarke’s real passion. physical education teacher was im- While many of her teammates
“I was never really a basketball pressed with her athletic ability and believe that she is deserving of the
player growing up, it was always soc- told Clarke to try playing basket- annual award, captain Kelsey Wright
cer, soccer, soccer,” said Clarke. ball. At first she resisted the notion. said that by her fifth year that Clarke
Clarke fell in love with soccer At only five foot five inches, Clarke is going to be an extremely succes-
when she was five years old after she thought that she would never be ful and potentially win a CIS Player
subbed in as a missing player on her good enough to play. of the Year Award
cousin’s all-boys team. “It was self-motivation. But when “I always wished for an award like
After receiving accolades from my father passed away in 2007 to his that,” said Clarke.
her fellow players and coaches, battle with cancer, my determina- “[But] doing well as team overall
her mother got her to join a house tion was so much stronger because means more to me than my individ-
league team where she eventually my dad was my number one fan and ual performance.”
Ashley Clarke taking charge of the offense. PHOTO: STEVEN GOETZ
Wednesday, February 2, 2011 SPORTS The Eyeopener 9

Addition by subtraction
has plagued this school for nearly a
Even though some may argue that
SPORTS EDITOR Jahmal Jones is the team’s most tal-
ented scorer, the fact of the matter is
that the Rams’ predominantly rookie
roster has yet to establish their “go to
There’s no pretty way to say it so guy;” which is not necessarily a bad
I’m just going to put it out there. thing because it forces the players to
Losing Boris Bakovic was the best work together and win as a team as
thing that could have happened to opposed to relying on one guy to act
Ryerson basketball. as the team’s safety blanket.
Now I know what you all are think- Legendary college football coach
ing; how can anybody say that losing Joe Paterno once said that “when
a guy who is Ryerson’s all-time lead- a team outgrows individual perfor-
ing scorer and was widely considered mance and learns team confidence,
to be the best player in the CIS be a excellence becomes a reality,” and
good thing? that is exactly what Ryerson is do-
Well before you go and get your ing. The Rams must achieve success
pitchforks, light your torches and through teamwork, not through the
form an angry mob outside of The abilities of a single individual.
Eyeopener’s office, just hear me out. Would the 2010-2011 Rams be able
Amidst all of his scoring titles, MVP to achieve the same growth with
awards, and overall dominance over the LeBron James of the CIS on their
the competition, Bakovic was hinder- roster? Would the 2010-2011 Rams
ing the growth of Ryerson’s basket- be able to shape their own identity
ball program. if they felt forced to feed the ball to
Now, I’m not saying that Bakovic their star player? Would the 2010-2011
was a bad guy, nor am I undermining Rams be able to grow as a team if they
any of his accomplishments or what felt that they could take their foot off
he did for Ryerson basketball. Hell, the gas because a guy like Bakovic
I’ve never even met the guy. The men’s hockey team sulking after giving up a goal. PHOTO: MARTA IWANEK
would make up for it?

First to one of the worst

The point that I am trying to get Rana is quickly learning that build-
across here is how Bakovic’s domi- ing and implementing a new system
nance over the rest of the league in- from scratch is no easy task and the
advertently halted the development injuries that he has been forced to
of a team that was so clearly in need deal with have not made matters any
of a makeover.
Here are the facts: since 2002 the
However, despite all of the injuries
After making the semi-finals last year, the men’s hockey team has
Rams have been the proud owners of to the team’s big men, Rana is sticking
47-129 record, only once in the past to his guns. While having undersized
struggled to produce wins this year. Matthew Kennedy reports
eight years have they been over 500, players play down in the post is far
and despite having the best player from ideal, it i just one of the sacri- This season’s riches to rags sto- “Next fall, with the new arena in losing.
in Canadian college basketball for fices that have to be made in order to ryline isn’t quite over, but Ryerson’s place, I believe we’re going to see an “Yeah we had injuries, but you’ve
four years, they have only made the properly and effectively ingrain his men’s hockey team’s 3-2 overtime immediate impact,” Joseph said. got to find a way to win somehow,”
playoffs once and have been unable system into the team’s psyche. loss to the RMC Paladins in Kingston “It’s going to be easier to recruit, he said.“You can point to injuries, we
to make it past the inaugural round. A new era of basketball is upon on Jan. 29 brought the team’s play- easier to practice, and just a huge lost some key guys, but that’s never
Behind every success story is a Ryerson. As of right now, that era has off hopes to a new low. boost to [the team’s] morale.”
visionary, a man with a plan so to all the pieces for success. The reason “It’s disappointing to lose against The plans to move to Maple Leaf
speak. for that success is simple, because
Roy Rana entered the 2010-2011 RMC, especially when our stat sheet Gardens will stand to be a strong im- Coach Wise does a good job,
whether the Rams are winning or los-
season with a ton of young talent says we put up 50 shots … the only provement for the Rams. it’s as simple as that. He’s
ing, they are forced to do it together
and only handful of veterans. A as a team and in the end there is no thing that kept us from getting two Instead of travelling 30 minutes the right guy for this team.
young team that for the most part is better system than teamwork. points was a hot goalie,” head coach to Keele St. and St. Claire Ave. for a — Ivan Joseph,
oblivious to the losing culture that Graham Wise said. “We’ve just been home game, they will be playing in Athletics Director
snake-bitten at times this year.” a historic arena a mere three blocks
The Rams (8-15-1) made it to the away from campus.
semi-finals last season after posting Andrew Bucholtz, an assistant
a 12-13-3 record and started off the editor at, says the histori- an excuse. All it does is give other
2010-2011 season on a mission. To cal aspect of the arena will also be guys a chance to step it up.”
return to the playoffs. helpful in raising the team’s allure Injuries aside, the team’s statistics
After their first 10 games, the to young prospects all over Can- reflect their rocky campaign.
Rams only managed to post a medi- ada, seeing as how the team’s 25 The Rams’ shooting and power
ocre 4-6-0 record that still managed man roster only features two play- play percentages currently sit at 8.9
to keep their playoff hopes alive. ers from Alberta, while the other 23 per cent and 11.9 per cent respec-
However, those playoff aspirations players all hail from Ontario. tively, both the lowest in the Ontario
quickly took a turn for the worse as “The marketing aspect, in terms of University Athletics East division.
they proceeded to go on a 10-game prospects and hard cash, are huge,” Although these under whelming
said Bucholtz. statistics are alarming, Joseph has
“And probably most important of full confidence in the team and its
Yeah we had injuries, but all, Ryerson fans will actually go to coaching staff and says he has no
you’ve got to find a way to home games and home-field advan- plans to shake things up moving
win somehow. tage is huge at this level.” forward.
While the transitional feel of “Coach Wise does a good job, it’s
—Graham Wise, George Bell Arena isn’t an obvi- that simple,” said Joseph.
Head Coach ous reason for the team’s struggles, “He’s the right guy for this team,
the many injuries that the Rams and he does great work. Couple that
have been forced to deal with have with a young team, and things look
played a more prominent role in promising.”
losing streak over a 30-day span. their disappointing season. To reach the playoffs, the Rams
While there are a countless num- “Injuries aren’t exactly rare at this must win all four of their remaining
ber of reasons for their disastrous level of play,” said Bucholtz. games, while the rival Queen’s Gaels
losing streak and overall disappoint- “This may speak to a lack of depth (10-11-3) must lose all four of theirs.
ing season, many people have sug- on the Rams this year but they’re The teams meet each other twice
gested that the team’s home rink still a young team, and it’s easy to more this season.
has done more bad than good for predict an upward trend for the next Wise, who was named OUA East
the underperforming Rams. few years.” Coach of the Year in 2010 and is now
Located just West of the Junction, Wise noted that while the injury in his fifth season as head coach, is
George Bell Arena leaves much to be to team captain Marcus Booth, who just as optimistic.
desired, and is a problem that Ryer- suffered a broken leg in early Octo- “It’s baby steps, and it’s a learn-
To read recaps and watch highlights of all the games this past son Athletics Director Ivan Joseph is ber, was a major blow to the team, ing process,” Wise said. “We always
week, go to eager to see solved. that injuries are never an excuse for strive to get better, and we are.”
10 The Eyeopener FEATURES Wednesday, February 2, 2011


It’s Canada’s favourite drink and we spend our weekends savouring it, chugging it, throwing ping-pong balls in
it and just enjoying its bubbly, delicious goodness. Here is everything you need to know about your beloved pint o’
beer — just in case you win the Eyeopener’s Super Sunday Steam Whistle keg giveaway.
Features Editor Mariana Ionova reports

How much we drink How it is made Strange facts about beer

The average person drinks nearly 84 litres, The main ingredients in beer are water, malted
or the equivalent of 334 pints, each year. barley, hops and yeast. The barley is mixed with hot
In other words, we chug about six pints water to create a porridge-like mixture, which is 1. A brewery tank holding 3,500 barrels
of beer every week. Canadians spent then drained to separate a sugary liquid called wort. of beer ruptured in 1814, causing a beer
$8.8 million on beer in 2009 and money The wort is boiled with hops, a flower from the
wave through a London parish that left
dished out on beer accounted for nearly humulous lupus plant. Finally, yeast is added and the
mixture is left to ferment. To see how a keg is made, nine people dead and demolished two
half of all alcohol sales across the country.
check out our video tour of the Steam Whistle brew- houses.
ery at
2. The O’Keefe House used to belong to
Eugene O’Keefe, an Irish immigrant who
bought a brewery on the corner of Victoria
and Gould Streets in 1862. The O’Keefe
Brewing company was the first in Canada
to produce lager. It became the largest
brewery in Canada and merged with
Molson in 1989.

3. Vikings believed that those lucky

enough to get to Valhalla — Viking heaven
— get to enjoy a giant goat with udders
that provided an unlimited supply of beer.

Do you have Dust allergies?


Cetero Research is seeking people with allergies

to Dust to test an investigational allergy tablet.
How drunk we get How they are different You may qualify to participate if you are between
Alcohol levels range from beer to beer, and can Most beers fall into two types — ales and lagers 18–55 years of age and can attend 16 visits to our facility.
be as low as three per cent or as high as 14 per — with the main difference being the type of
cent. Light varieties usually contain between yeast used and the temperature at which they Qualifying participants will be compensated up to
three and four per cent alcohol, while heavier are fermented. Ales are typically fermented at $8,300 upon study completion.
beers usually have about eight per cent. General- higher temperatures, which gives them a more
ly, our bodies can metabolize about a pint and a complex flavour and higher alcohol content.
half each hour, otherwise we start getting woozy Some popular types include pale ale, amber ale, Call: 905-629-5777 or
and pouring our hearts out to strangers. Also, stout and porter. Lagers, on the other hand,
consuming five or more beers (or other alcoholic need cooler temperatures to ferment and tend
Toll Free: 1-888-274-5544
beverages) in a short time period is considered to turn out lighter in colour and drier in taste. Regular hours of operation:
binge drinking, so keep your intake in check un- Pilsner, bock and dunkel are some popular types Monday to Friday 9am – 8pm & Saturday 9am – 5pm
less you feel like getting your stomach pumped. 4520 Dixie Rd., Mississauga •
of lagers.

“Today’s Research for Tomorrow’s Healthcare”

CET_1210_DUSTP2KM1_Insider_PR_REV.indd 1 14/12/10 4:16 PM

11 The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The play is about what We established who was It leaves the visual It’s got something for
appears to be and how going to take what lines sense of the play to everyone, but it also
we just buy into that. and who was going to whoever is doing the has something not for
be in each scene. play. everyone.
— Virgilia Griffith — Phil Poirier — Tayves Fiddis — Edward Hillier


The upcoming play Attempts

lines and who was going to be in
each scene,” Phil Poirier said.
Out of those lines, the director
matter what is being said,” Virgilia
Griffith said. “The play is about what
appears to be and how we just buy

shake up the crowd on Her Life by the Ryerson Theatre

School fourth-year students is not
your conventional play.
and actors began to flesh out a
variety of characters — a feat that is
not as easy as it sounds.
into that. Like the music you hear in
a club. Sometimes you listen to the
beat and not the lyrics.”
The script is what is known as “Because there is so much free- However, the production, by
open text, meaning that when dom to create these characters, it’s nature, will mean different things to
the directors and actors received hard to choose what you want to go different people — to some, it will

it, there weren’t any characters or for. They could be anything,” Edward mean nothing at all — and that is
specific plots. Hillier said. what the cast is most excited about.
“The text is orchestrated so that it “It’s like a piece of modern art: “The more varied the response,
leaves the visual sense of the play to something you get a feeling from the happier I’ll be with it,” Hillier
whoever is doing the play,” cast- and sort of piece together.” said. “If half of the audience loves
mate Tayves Fiddis said. The result: an abstract represen- it, and half of it is like, ‘what is this

What the cast and crew were tation of the human experience, shit?’ I’ll be satisfied. It’s got some-
given was, quite literally, lines in with an emphasis on our contribu- thing for everyone, but it also has
bullet-point form. tion — unintentional or not — to something not for everyone.”
“As a group, and under the direc- the menacing hate standard in our Attempts on Her Life runs from

tion of Jennifer Tarver, we estab- society. “If you feel passionate about Feb. 8 to the 12 in the Ryerson
lished who was going to take what the presentation, it doesn’t really Theatre.


If you are a full-time student, you Valentine’s is coming, and

pay $193.33 for the Health and boudoir shots are the per-
fect gift. With location and
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POSTGRADUATE Our job is to make you look
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12 The Eyeopener ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Does Rye appreciate the arts?

Loren Hendin takes attendance for our end-of-year shows

Ryerson is filled with students tot- sure, META and the theatre school’s at the Gladstone Hotel, and not be- grams get any higher student atten- day at school than go to a show.”
ing cameras around their necks, lug- shows. ing on campus may account for stu- dance. Shows at the theatre school Students in FCAD are more famil-
ging film equipment, dragging life- “They might have heard of it,” says dents not making it out to the show. cost anywhere between $12 and iar with the shows in their faculty
sized art projects, sporting the latest Carina You, organizer of Maximum “It’s moved from being a school $18, which many students just aren’t because many of the programs work
trends and in certain buildings even Exposure. “But in terms of details show to being a legitimate exhibi- willing to spend. together to stage each show.
prancing around in dance tights. they probably don’t know what it is.” tion,” says Yu. “It’s university and you need to Karen Labis, a second-year pho-
A glance at the campus would META deals with another problem. think about what you’re spending tography student does see the value
tell you that students eat, sleep and It’s only five years old and not widely your money on,” says Petra Popescu- in attending these shows.
breathe the arts. But the low student known on campus yet. They’re try- moody, the PR and events coordina- “They have something to do with
attendance at Ryerson’s various art We are primarily ing to get the student population’s tor for the theatre school. “People my program so I think it’s important
shows may tell you otherwise. marketing to different attention with bake sales, social would rather stay home after a hard for me to see what’s going on.”
Multiple end-of-year art shows are audiences. networking, posters and advertis-
held in second semester to display — Robert Ott, ing with student media. But project
work from students in the faculty of School of Fashion Chair coordinator Ankita Dasgupta, knows
communication and design (FCAD). that becoming a familiar name to
There’s the fashion program’s Mass 30,000 students won’t happen over-
Exodus fashion show, photography’s Maximum Exposure showcases night.
Maximum Exposure festival, New film and photography work from “It’s just a matter of time for it to
Media’s META graduation exhibition image arts students. It’s a part of the become recognized,” she says. “Until
and the theatre school’s Choreo- Contact Photography Festival, which people hear it over and over again.”
graphic Works, New Voices and the is the largest photography festival Most Ryerson students have
upcoming fourth-year play Attempts in the world and takes place in the heard of the theatre school, but that
on Her Life. Queen Street gallery district. This doesn’t mean the productions put
“We are primarily marketing to year Maximum Exposure will be held on by the dance and theatre pro-
different audiences,” says Robert Ott,
chair of the fashion school.
The fashion school has been put-
I have the right to
ting on Mass Exodus for more than respectfully challenge
20 years. With around 5,000 guests
attending every year, Mass Exodus racist, homophobic,
is the largest student produced fash-
ion event in Canada. The show is well
ableist, sexist, a v e the
known to industry professionals and Eurocentric or Ih have
t o
the media, but Ryerson students are
otherwise right ability
left in the dark. Ott says they market
first to friends and family, sponsors,
oppressive my d odated
media, future applicants to the pro-
gram and then to Ryerson students.
teaching methods acco
The same goes for Maximum Expo-
and material
Teach English c r it ica lly; to challeng

Abroad I have the r

ight to thin
to spea k , h
oice and the
e r
ight to all oth
of speech. I the Canadia
to freedom g ra n te d in
nd rights have the
freedoms a a n d Fre e doms. I also .
Charter of R
ing e m e n t of my rights
st the infr le education
right to prote n a c c e s sib
ight to a
TESOL/TESL Teacher Training I have the r
Certification Courses
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• Thousands of Satisfied Students Student Rights Coordinator, Emily Shelton at
or Vice-President Student Rights, Annie Hyder at

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 COMMUNITY The Eyeopener 13

What’s your Super Sunday party style?

You don’t need to win a keg from Steam Whistle and the Eyeopener to celebrate Super Sunday. Determine your party style
1. What’s your drink? 6. Your go-to party out- RESULTS
a) Coors Light
b) Steam Whistle
fit consists of: MOSTLY As
a) A tee-shirt with my favourite Why not get together with a group
c) Gin and tonic of your closest friends and head out
sports team’s logo and light-wash
d) Alcohol is the elixir of sin to a busy sports bar, like Elephant
jeans from the Gap
2. You ideal party has: b) A plaid shirt, distressed denim & Castle? It’s an easy way to ensure
a) As many people as possible and Chuck Taylors that the energy stays high and food
b) A group of my closest friends c) Anything black, tailored and supply doesn’t run out. Also, this is
c) A select group of social elites flattering a great way to meet new friends.
d) Me, myself and I. Then again, d) Why bother with such frivoli-
three’s a crowd ties? MOSTLY Bs
3. It’s your birthday. 7. Your favourite food is
A traditional Super Bowl party may
be the perfect thing for you. Invite
Where do you decide a) Chicken wings
some friends over to your place,
to host the shindig? b) Anything vegan and gluten-
whip up some finger foods (might I
a) Brunswick House free
suggest sweet potato fries?), buy a
b) My apartment c) Mushroom caps, stuffed with
six-pack or two and just wait for the
c) The Spoke Club crab meat
fun to happen. Try to load your iPod
d) Pfft. Such Western decadence d) A buck that fell by my own
knife with good music so that the party
4. If you could live in any can continue into the evening after
8. Why do you want to the game has ended.
Toronto neighbourhood,
you would choose: attend a Super Sunday
party? MOSTLY Cs
a) The Annex To make the most of your Su-
b) West Queen West a) Um, I love football?
per Bowl Sunday, head over to a
c) King West b) It seems like a fun tradition to
posh lounge like the Zagat-rated
d) None of them. Toronto is a dy- share with friends. That, and irony
C Lounge or Dazzling Lounge.
ing city c) Any excuse for a party is a good
But be warned: the dress-code will
5. You bring the host/ d) Get back to me on that one
be far more casual than usual. But
hostess: 9. Aside from football,
if keeping it classy is of the utmost
importance, you’d be better off
a) Nothing. BYOB applies to the
hosts too!
your favourite sport is: mixing cocktails and exchanging
banter while the game plays on low
b) A bottle of cheap red wine a) Basketball/Baseball/Hockey
b) I have a very egalitarian view volume in the background.
c) A bottle of Grey Goose. If you’ve
got it, flaunt it of sports
c) Yeah, sports aren’t really my MOSTLY Ds
d) Oh, to be invited to a party
thing Maybe a Super Sunday party isn’t
d) Anything with “to the death” for you.
in the name — By Allyssia Alleyne
Wings and beer are party classics, but feel free to think outside the box.



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14 The Eyeopener BIZ & TECH Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pwn on the go
Matt Braga gives you a preview of the two hottest handheld gaming consoles set to duke it out this year

Nintendo’s 3DS (left), which offers glasses-free 3D, and Sony’s “Next Generation Portable” (right) will hit markets this year.

Two of the industry’s biggest glasses-free 3D. Using what’s called ered, or even turned off entirely, but games — titles that Sony claims will when released by year’s end, it’s un-
names, Nintendo and Sony, are set to a parallax barrier display, the 3DS it doesn’t bode well for what is un- be nearly equal to the PlayStation 3 in likely you’ll be paying anything less
release new gaming handhelds this can simulate a 3D image without the doubtedly the 3DS’s defining feature. terms of graphics quality. But what’s than $400 for this thing — at least.
year that promise to be faster, bet- need for traditional glasses, some- Meanwhile, Sony announced the nearly as impressive is how those As far as games are concerned, you
ter and stronger than anything we’ve thing that Nintendo hopes will make successor to their PlayStation Por- games will be played. Just like your know what to expect; both compa-
seen yet. for more immersive and innovative table handheld in an announcement standard PlayStation 3 gamepad, the nies are preparing their big franchises
First up is Nintendo’s newest hand- games. Players can even use the last week, codenamed “Next Genera- NGP has two analog joysticks, and full for launch, ranging from StarFox and
held, the 3DS. Successor to the com- handheld’s built-in cameras to create tion Portable”, and early reports indi- SIXAXIS motion-control capabilities Mario on the Nintendo side, to Little
pany’s wildly popular DS and DSi and share 3D images. cate this is going to be one impres- — not to mention a touch panel on Big Planet and Uncharted from Sony.
models, the 3DS boasts improved And that’s something that no one sive device. With a quad-core CPU, the back of the device. The difference is that you’ll be play-
graphics, more enhanced online else — not even the iPhone — has. support for 3G cellular data and a five Of course, all that high-tech hard- ing those Nintendo titles a lot sooner.
connectivity, and system software But that’s not to say Nintendo’s inch high-resolution OLED screen, ware will come at a price — one that With a release date of March 29, and a
that closely resembles their student- implementation is perfect. Players the NGP is the most capable mobile will undoubtedly exclude all but the suggested retail price of $249.99, the
friendly Wii console. must face the screen from a very device yet. most dedicated student gamer. Sony 3DS will be first to the market — just
However, the big difference here precise position, even slight move- That translates to bigger, better hasn’t discussed pricing just yet, but in time for exam season, too.
is 12956 tech ad (4x7.5):Layout
that Nintendo 1 12/23/10
hopes to entice po- 6:09 PMcan
ments Page 1 the illusion entirely.
tential gamers with the wonders of The ‘amount’ of 3D effect can be low-

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take it tech
Increase your skills and competitiveness
See where your
love of video games
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Fibre optics technician
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studies program in Applied Technology. Electrical engineer Computer analyst
Project Management Industrial designer Laser technician
Supply Chain Management Plastics technician Consumer products designer
Wireless Telecommunications Instrumentation engineer Plastics moulding technician
Supply chain manager Electronics engineer
Vice president of marketing To o l d e s i g n e r
Computer game developer Financial auditor
Graphic designer
Patent law yer Turn your passion
into a career.
Cryptanalyst Kingst
With a range of grants, Toron
Software technician Toron
scholarships and loans, keeping Toron
Plant engineer your career goals on track may Toron
St. Ca
Mechanical drafter be easier than you think. Water
Apply now!
Kitche Londo
Paid for by the Government of Ontario Kitche

Date: January 2011 Studio Docket: 31012485 Ad #: motcu_2466_11_C_005_c Colour: B/W

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 (BEER) FUN(NELS) The Eyeopener 15

Steam Whistle & The Eyeopener want all

How do you pass time to avoid studying? Write it down and drop it off. Winner gets
a Super Sunday party with a Steam Whistle Keg and all the fixin’s along with a
ridiculous amount of pizza from the Eyeopener. Here’s how to do it:

1) Find us on Facebook or at the Eyeopener office (SCC207)

A KEG PARTY 2) Give us your best excuse to avoid studying
WITH PIZZA! 3) Include your name, birthdate, student number
4) Get back to studying!

And now, a word from the small type. Remember, the large print giveth, and the small print taketh away. The contest is open to current Ryerson University students who have reached the age of majority. That means 19. Not “almost 19”. No purchase necessary.
Winners and party attendees consent to having their images used for promotion and advertising (you’ll be famous). One entry per person, of 100 words or less. Yes, 100 words. If you go over, you will be mocked and you won’t be entered. Draw will take place on
February 3, 2011, during the day. The draw will be conducted by someone you all know, and winners will be notified as soon as possible, so start cleaning up your living room. Note that you can’t be intoxicated when the prize is delivered. If you are, no beer for you.
You can have pizza though. Prize consists of: 1 keg of delicious Steam Whistle Pilsner beer, a tap for the keg, environmentally-friendly cups for the beer and some other Steam Whistle goodies. Oh and ice. About 25 pounds of ice. Don’t want any warm beer, do we?
The Eyeopener will be supplying you with some tasty pizza and treats to make your Superbowl experience that much better. We’re not responsible for hangovers or indigestion.


If Chris could punch the man CONTEST ENDS
Who decided on the prices of popcorn
and drink
At his local cinema
He gladly would
(Harsh thing to say
But then again Chris is a harsh man)
So the tension of the situation
Is compounded by the
Fact that that same man
Is Chris's father-in-law
—L Richardson

Peter Wong




Name: ____________________________________________


Mike did not call the police because he is a baby.
The robbers awoke him when they entered but he
fell back asleep. WINNER: MATT VERI!!!
16 The Eyeopener Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10Dundas Nov24 BC Ad_10Dundas Nov24 BC Ad 11-01-17 5:00 PM Page 3

Multi-tasking made easy!
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Extreme Fitness • Future Shop • Gadget City • Harvey’s • Hat World

Jack Astor’s • Johnny Rockets • Jugo Juice • Juice Rush • Kitchen Food Fair
Koryo Korean BBQ • Made in Japan • Milestones • Milo’s Pita • Mrs. Field’s • Opa!
Souvlaki • Petals & Twigs • Pumpernickel • Rogers Plus • Sauté Rose • Shoppers
Drug Mart • Starbucks • Subway • Tim Hortons • Timothy’s • Woo’s Restaurant



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