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Question 1

Supervisors play a crucial role in employee relations because they are the voice of their
employees and simultaneously represent the company on a day-to-day basis. This, essay will
discuss on any five human resources responsibilities of supervisors.

To begin with, providing training is one of the human resources responsibilities of a supervisors.
In this case supervisors may conduct training such as formal workshops and seminars or may
have conducted demonstration on the jobs. So therefore, such practices help employees who lack
support from peers. Supervisors also provide feedback on job performance and mainly direct
remedial training among employees who lack job experience. In addition, interviewing and
selecting candidates are also a supervisor’s responsibility within an organization. Supervisors
select candidates from a verity of interviewing techniques which will help them to choose
carefully and to employ goo workers that will help in the performance of the organization.

Furthermore, forecast HR needs is another responsibility that may involve with the supervisors.
Supervisors carry out forecasting HR needs which involves in labor needs where most
employees perform the instant work in the business. As a supervisor, we must forecast both
short-and long-term needs of the business that is based on the project sales. Secondly,
motivating, with support from pay, benefits, and other rewards are what supervisors may support
with there employees, basically supervisors motivate their employees with their pay they get that
should be enough for what they have worked for and other then that are the bonus or rewards
employees get for working hard and smart. Employees work even harder with their bonus pay,
on the other hand, supervisors also help individual employees with defining their own jobs, in
case for workers finding it difficult to perform their individual tasks. Lastly, supervisors appraise
performance for their individual work contribution towards the company’s performance. Also,
the key performance for employees must up to the expectation of business job and working

To conclude, it can be cleared stated that supervisors’ responsibilities in HR departments have a

variety of functions related to acquiring and managing employees. Mostly managing the
performance of the business up to its expectation.
Question 2
Some major global trends that being experienced in the modern labor force. Human resource
professional needs to be ready to take up this challenge.

To begin with, labor force in this trend is defined as the number of people who are able to work,
in regardless of whether they are employed or still searching fore employment. Labor force is
also section according to the age group of 16-64 in the economy currently employed of seeking
employment. In addition, internal labor force refers to the employed current workers with higher
levels are filled from within. In other words, these are the recruits for job opportunities from
within the existing employees. Where as external labor markets are basically to a person outside
who still seeking for employment.HR professionals need to be aware of this trend in the
composition of the internal and external labor market because affects organizations skills supply.
Correspondingly, internal labor force works within the organization and on the other hand,
external market force works fluidly between firms and wages are work among individuals
without any unfairness.

Furthermore, aging workforce means that employees will increasingly face issues such as
retirement planning and retaining of older workers to avoid skill obsolescence. Firstly, one
implication of HR in an aging workforce is understanding the specific needs of older workers.
Mangers might desire more flexible work arrangements in terms of working extra hours away
from the workplace to help with aging parents, so therefore, more sensitivity and diligence of
retaining older workers are needed from HR. Secondly, familiarizing knowledge transfer
between generations this is where certain HR departments works in recording seasoned workers
performing tasks to younger employees who are following older ones with their jobs. HR
departments are finding more ways to capture knowledge and transfer them to younger workers
who will follow after older employees retire.

To sum up this essay, understanding this trend, internal and external labor force market, there
has been a huge difference in human resource implication in different work force, choosing to
adopt a strict and good internal labor market structure will develop in the future performance of
the companies.
Question 3
Human resources mangers are somehow responsible with the employees work safety and health
issues are some concerns in the business that must be taken hid of when working in a company.
This essay will discuss on some three possible ways employers can promote workers safety and
health issues in the business workplace

Firstly, giving your employees medical screening at work is one of the ways to maintain
employee’s safety. In every business organization, every worker goes through a medical
screening so that to help identify risks to health of employees and so that to improve the
wellbeing among staffs. These will help employees and the organization benefit in terms of
achieving business goals. Secondly, employers can distribute health and safety rules and also
safety equipment to their employees. Thus, will help each staff members to protect themselves
from harm, well not only the safety for themselves but also for the company they are working
for. Safety in this case is a very important issues, for instant if one employee may have gotten
sick or injured at work it may be very difficult for workers and employees to deal with. This may
result in the company decreasing of the production level of the company and more workloads.
Employers can encourage employees to join health and safety committees in the company. This
will help individual employees be aware of the rules and safety areas in an organization. If such
promotion is being carried out, it will not only protect the well-being of the employees but also
the performance of the organization as well

In addition, safety in a work place is a team work, everyone must be involved in it, both
employer and employees. Workers must also know their rights as an individual employee in an
organization. Are right to be protected and also ensuring that you have the right to safety
procedures and policies

It can be concluded that, safety of the employees in work places is to be taken care off so that to
reduce the arising of work risk activities of people at work. This may also help in the balancing
the organizations performance and its success towards their goal.