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the history of cheesecake

cheesecake is an extremely popular dessert in american restaurants . nearly every eating

establishment across the country , from small hometown diners to fancy five star restaurants ,
offers some form of cheesecake on its menu . in fact , one variant of this decadent dish bares
the name new york chesse , emphasizing its conection with the city. based its popularity in the
united states one might assume that cheesecake originates north america however its history
and origins are as diverse and widespread as the ingredients that make up its numerous

many artifacts have been discovered that indicate the long history and importance of
chessecake throughhout the world . A) archaelogists have discovered cheese molds that date
back to 2000 BCE b) historians also believe that cheesecake was served at the first olympic
games in 776 BCE . C) since it was considered to be a good source of energy , it was served to
all of the athletes . D) this ancient recipe was very simple, containing only flour , honey and
chesse .

the recipe for cheesecake has evolved since its olympic inception , after conquering greece the
romans added more ingredients namely eggs to the recipe . through them the recipe traveled
to other european nations and was recorded in the first cookbook published in 1545 . over the
centuries and through many differents countries , it underwent further alterations in both
ingredients and method of preparation. for example a chef of king henry the viii added butter
and sugar , it was not until the late 19th century that cream cheese at not staple ingredient ,
was added americans.

in recent times cheesecake has been further modified by the addition of toppings such as fruits
caramel and chocolate . one can even purchase a cheesecake at a local bakery or grocery store
that contains several individual slices with different toppings to suit the tastes of many
diffrents people . in addition to new york style cheesecake , wich is tradicionally without
toppings turtle cheesecake is very popular . despite its name this variation does not contain
any reptilian based ingredients intead , it contains the ever popular turtle combination of
chocolate caramel and pecans . with cheesecake the posibilities are endless, wich only adds to
its popularity .

another way that different variations of cheesecake are set apart is the type of cheese sour
cream is popular in chicago these are far from the only milk based options , in italy the light
flavored ricotta cheese is prefered while in greece feta a stronger tasting cheese is used . there
are even cheesecakes that have blue cheese and tofu. the japanese skirt cheese all together
and use combination of cornstarch and egg whites as a cheese subtitute. thousands of year
and miles has altered this once very basic recipe in innumerable ways to reflect the tastes of
time periods and nations.