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Amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, this award will look to recognize
companies that demonstrate innovation, resilience and sustainability despite the tough
circumstances. Entries should showcase how they had to pivot and build in digital
resiliency to ensure continuity in customer experience, operational efficiency and
competitive edge. 

Judges will be looking for examples of how digital transformation for these companies
has driven positive outcomes such as streamlining processes, harnessing data or
shaping entirely new ways of doing business. There will be consideration of policies and
practices to meet employees’ needs during this challenging time. 

Bangladesh is one of the top 20 countries that are being affected most during
pandemic. Due to the population density per square kilometer, pandemic situation
demands extra effort and innovative approaches to deal with. On the other hand,
climatic environment of Bangladesh is at high risk due to deforestation. According to
Global forest watch, Bangladesh lost its 6.75 kilo hectares of humid primary forest &
175 kilo hectares of tree cover in last 20 years which is a strong enough reason to
explain the importance of LPG usage in Bangladesh context.  

No exception, pandemic due to covid-19 in 2020 engrave its’ marks in every sector
including LPG industry from transport to operation, distribution to delivery.

Omera Petroleum Limited (OPL) kept eye on the situation from the beginning & reacts
within shortest possible time as soon as pandemic hit the region. Meanwhile authority
declared list of essential commodities which includes LPG.  

Despite of the lockdown situation, continuation of the operation and protecting overall
safety of the employees as well as the relevant community at the same time was the
toughest combination ever. Especially when OPL serving Rohingya camps under
supervision of UNHCR, supply of LPG cannot be stopped on the humanitarian ground.  

To deal with the situation & create resiliency, OPL demonstrate innovation and adopted
the following strategies for sustainable growth: 

a. Communicates, educates & enforce safety precautionary practices to all workers

and employees. Provide protective gears. 
b. Introduces additional steps to its operation & distribution channel to disinfect all
the cylinders that received or delivered. 
c. Launches digital campaign, door to door delivery to reduce the touch points as
much as possible. 

d. Develop SWI (Standard work instruction) considering COVID-19 and enforce to

maintain accordingly.
e. Hot number for customer to order product & services.

f. Enhance VTS (vehicle tracking system) to plan real time & increase productivity.

OPL statistics speak its success so far, no death case recorded, no community infection
happens since OPL relevant, the recovery rate is 100%.