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Laser Exposure Endurance:

Sitting approximately 6 inches from a 3 milliwatt Helium-Neon laser, subjects appeared to be in no pain as the
laser radiation came into contact with their eyes. While no visible scarring was expected/apparent, blindness
may have set in almost immediately as the subjects failed to respond to any visual stimuli whatsoever after the
3 minute bombardment. This is not conclusive, however, as control subjects also failed to respond to visual
acuity tests...
Rapid Immersion in Heated Water:
Subjects were placed in a vessel filled with 212 degree water (boiling) and allowed to float. After 10 seconds,
subjects started to lose cohesion and apparently started excreting something that caused the water to froth. The
working theory is that this is a natural way of frightening predators away... After 30 seconds, subjects lost all
recognizable characteristics inherent to their species (ear shape, torso, etc.). After 60 seconds, subjects lost
ALL molecular cohesion and only a large amount of the froth remained visible. Control Bunnies were
unaffected, physically, but upset by not being able to perform their death rituals on the non-existent
remains of the subjects. The Bunny Death Ritual has never been seen by outsiders. Apparently, water is a
problematic substance for the subjects, as it appears to dissolve the outer layers (apparently a glucose-based,
fairly gritty yellow substance) of the subjects' skin.
Electrical Resistance:
This test the subjects passed with flying colors on the lower voltage of 120 Volts. The subject was inserted
with probes attached to a 120 Volt electrical outlet and allowed to sit for 3 minutes. At this point, it became
clear that the subject's internal physiology is a poor conductor of electricity Further Tests at 1250 volts were
attempted, yielding similar results.
Surprisingly, one of the Control Bunnies cheered researchers on while testing subject #1. It was later found
out that subject #1 had married his sister. (Researchers had extreme difficulty in gender_-typing)
The Coyote Test:
(Named for Wyle E. Coyote from the Roadrunner cartoons):
Subject Bunnies were strapped to a large, heavy object (a brick) in order to determine how they would survive
a long trip down. Assuming the average human is about 5'8", being dropped from 13 feet, a 2.5 inch Bunny is
falling the equivalent of 353.6 feet. Control Bunnies were unaffected, but seemed to develop an extreme fear
of heights.
Radiation Tolerance:
Subjects grew up to 3-4 times their original size, mostly proportional to original dimensions. Subjects
appeared to mutate as a result of the radiation bombardmants into much larger, more dangerous entities than
originally. This concern of danger was alleviated, however, soon after the test chamber door was opened for
observation. Further tests are not advised without the safety of a hungry researcher ready to eat the subjects
before they can do any harm to themselves or their surroundings. A few Control Bunnies attempted to contact
the ASPCA, but were quickly thwarted by their inability to dial a phone because of their light weight. A
Volunteer Bunny was chosen at random and devoured on site to remind others of their commitments. Control
Bunnies were otherwise unaffected.