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BM Bulat Main Battle

Tank, Ukraine

The BM Bulat main battle

tank (MBT), also known as
Obyekt 447AM-1, is a mod-
ernised version of the T-64B
MBT. The upgraded T-64B
tank has been designed to
meet the technical and com-
bat characteristics of a mod-
ern tank. With a crew of
three, it has a combat
weight of 45t.

LOARA – Self-Propelled
Anti-Aircraft Gun Sys-
tem, Poland

The system can be used

against fixed-wing aircraft, heli-
copters, cruise missiles and un-
manned aerial vehicles (UAVs)
flying at very low to medium alti-
tudes. It can also destroy light-
armoured ground and sea-based
targets. LOARA can perform the-
se tasks independently or can be
integrated with an air defence
AMZ-KUTNO - Armoured
Vehicles, Ambulances,
Buses and Money-
Transportation Vehicles

AMZ-KUTNO is a leading manu-

facturer of military and civil spe-
cial purpose vehicles. To meet
the most demanding customer's
needs, the company employs
over 400 highly qualified staff
with vast experience in the de-
velopment and design of devices
and systems compliant with
strict military standards.

MILS electronic - Un-

breakable Encryption

MILS electronic develops and

sells highly secure email, data
and network encryption sys-
tems. This is guaranteed
through the implementation
of the practically and even
theoretically unbreakable one
time pad encryption method
in the encryption systems of
mils electronic.
Airborne Systems - Troop
Parachutes, JPADS / Cargo
Delivery Systems, Delivery
Platforms and Air Droppable
Safety and Survival

Airborne Systems is a world leader in the

design and manufacture of parachutes for
military personnel, JPADS / cargo delivery
systems, delivery platforms, air droppable
safety and survival equipment, as well
safety and rescue harnesses. The company
also provides space and air vehicle recov-
ery systems, deceleration systems for high
-performance aircraft, deceleration sys-
tems for high-performance aircraft, naval
decoys, airbags, and weapons delivery sys-

WB Electronics - Military
Command and Control
Electronics Equipment

WB Electronics is the leading system-

integrator and manufacturer of spe-
cialised electronics equipment for
the command and control applica-
tions of land forces. The company's
main areas of activity are software
development, system integration, de-
sign and manufacturing of comput-
ers, terminals and communication
devices, and maintenance of de-
ployed systems.
Defusing the
With coalition troops still en-
gaged in combat in conflict zones
such as Afghanistan, the use of
improvised explosive devices
(IEDs) continues to threaten their
safety. In 2009, a total of 7,228
IED attacks were recorded and,
of the 448 servicemen killed in
action in Afghanistan, IEDs were
responsible for 280 of them, rep-
resenting 62.5%.

L-3 Space & Navigation -

Land Navigation, Tacti-
cal and Space Programs

L-3 Communications Space &

Navigation Division is a world
premier provider of guidance
and control systems to the global
market, and is a major supplier
of high quality pointing, guid-
ance, control and positioning
equipment for satellites, artillery,
and launch vehicles, serving the
commercial, military and scien-
tific markets.
Play the Long Game on En-
vironmental Impact

Addressing climate change has to

be about a lot more than cutting
emissions; it demands a serious
review of the way in which mili-
taries tackle the issue of product
procurement and lifecycle man-
agement. Group Captain Maurice
Dixon of the UK's Ministry of De-
fence talks to Phin Foster about
how a changing environment will
influence how vehicles are devel-
oped and the theatres of war
where they are deployed.

SISU 8x8 Military

Truck, Finland

Sisu 8x8, also called Sisu

E13TP 8x8, is a high-mobility
tactical military truck devel-
oped by Sisu Defence in Fin-
land. The off-road truck was
developed as a highly mobile,
heavily protected tactical ve-
hicle for international peace-
keeping missions and rapid
deployment of forces.
Matador Mine-
Protected Vehicle,
South Africa

The Matador is an ar-

moured mine-protected
vehicle manufactured by
Paramount Group in South
Africa. The vehicle was
officially launched at the
Africa Aerospace & De-
fence Exhibition.

Paramount Marauder -
Mine Protected Vehicle,
South Africa

The Marauder is a 4x4 mine-

protected armoured vehicle
manufactured by Paramount
Group. It was first launched at
the International Defence Exhibi-
tion (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi in Feb-
ruary 2007. Marauder offers ex-
cellent crew survivability and
protection, and demonstrates
outstanding payload capacity.