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The most well-known Disney movie, ‘Cinderella’ was based on a story written by a French writer named

Charles Perrault in 1697. It is a story about a young woman who was mistreated and slaved by her
stepmother and stepsisters for a very long time, but by the single snap of the fairy godmother’s wand
her dreams all came true and was happily married with the prince. It is no doubt the most magical fairy
tale ever published in history. Though it seems to be an innocent love story, little did we know that it
hides its true intention. As a matter of fact, like most of the fairy tales do tell us, this story substantiate
the concept of patriarchy, dashes girls that they are highly dependent on men especially in times of
crisis, and that also they should pass the beauty standards of men and the society.

In the part of the story where the fairy godmother showed up while Cinderella's whipping in great
sadness, she then granted her wish to be able to attend the ball. The fairy godmother administer the
idea that men only want beautiful women and the only way for them to look good is if they are well-
dressed and put together.

When Cinderella finally get to attend the ball, and as she enters the hall, the prince immediately noticed
her because of her screaming beauty and elegance. Cinderella's a certified head turner that night and
many were jealous of her. The prince then danced with her , and as they were dancing the prince fell for
her even if they only just met. This indicates that generally, outward beauty matters the most for men
rather than what’s inside.

The prince was holding a continuous search operation looking for the owner of the glass shoe and it
finally came to end after he visited Cinderella's house and the glass shoe fitted Cinderella's foot. It's too
crazy to think how the prince didn't recognize Cinderella, the woman she fell in love that night, even
without the need of the "glass shoe must fit screening process". Cinderella then accepted the prince’s
proposal not because she is in love with him but because she badly wanted to escape from her current
state of life.

It is very unrealistic to think that she's truly, madly, and deeply in love with a man she just had a chance
to meet and dance with in a ball once. Therefore, she took the advantage and marry the prince in order
to successfully run away from her stepmother, stepsisters, and her cruel life.

On the other hand, the prince wanted to marry Cinderella because of her beauty and the pressure to
settle and get married as soon as possible to grant the wish of his father---the king.

Nevertheless, the said story was made magically because of the great efforts made by the author and
the movie production team. This was made possible because of the appropriate selection of characters,
namely, Cinderella, Fairy Godmother, the Prince Charming, the Stepmother, the Step sisters, the King,
and the Animals; well-structured of plots which captivated the hearts of the audience or readers the
most; utilization of symbols such as the glass shoe which means the revelation of the true identity,
animals for the lower-class, and many more; and lastly, the application of 3-point lightning in the movie
which created a more intense dramatic scenes in the story.

Cinderella is indeed an enchanting story for kids and adults that are young at heart. But it is not just a
story of a woman whose dreams came true but a story that showed the underlying concepts and
oppressions of women.