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Fuzzy Logic



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ABSTRACT variables and to infer crisp values out of

Fuzzy logic has been introduced uncertainty. Hence, fuzzy logic can find
to deal with vague, imprecise and applications in many aspects of real life,
uncertain problems. A fuzzy logic where there is lack of information, there
controller can be regarded as an expert is uncertainty. A good example of such
system that is able to process qualitative

an application is in AUTOMIZATION  Neural networks can be trained
OF UMPIRING IN CRICKET using real time data which makes
Cricket now- a -days has gone it highly efficient in operation.
beyond the scope of a ‘game’ to be a COMPONENTS OF FUZZY LOGIC
inherent part of our senses.Humans are DECISION-MAKING SYSTEM
always prone to errors, which hold well The four principal components of
even with the umpires. Thus the fuzzy decision-making systems are:
automization of the decisions will help 1. The fuzzifier determines input and
to improve the essence of the game. output variables and maps them into
 The main objectives we propose linguistic variables that are to be
to solve are: displayed on a universe of discourse.
o Unravel the contradiction 2. The rule base: is a part of expert
between a boundary and a systems that contains the domain
six. knowledge. Membership functions and
o Identify an LBW. control rules are decided by the experts
o Identify a catch. at this point, based on their knowledge

 The tool we have used is “Fuzzy of the system.

Logic” as it is a good decision



Crisp FUZZY Crisp

input INFERENCE output

A Fuzzy Decision Making System

3. The fuzzy inference system: treats a two or more fuzzy propositions can be
fuzzy set as a fuzzy proposition. One associated by a Boolean connectivity
fuzzy proposition can imply another, and

relation to infer a final fuzzy manipulated to determine the
proposition. outcome of the delivery of a ball.
4. The defuzzifier converts the fuzzy  The cameras may be installed at
output into a crisp (non-fuzzy) value. the top of the stadium to provide
a panoramic view, which eases
FUZZIFICATION the task of measuring the height.
 A membership function acts on  The cameras may also be
input variables usually from installed around the ground to
sensor data, in what is known as measure other parameters like
a fuzzifier. angle.
 The fuzzifier output is referred to  All the cameras will always be
as a fuzzy-data value, which is tracking the ball, so that we have
the input to the rule evaluator, a lot of angles to look at the ball.
which compares the fuzzy-data
value to the value established for PARAMETERS INVOLVED
each rule. Three input parameters are
 If one rule seems to be dominant involved viz height ,distance and angle.
explanation for the fuzzy-data  Height:
value it is considered to have o This parameter is used to
‘won’. distinguish a boundary
 This news can be defuzzified for from a six. Also it is used
our real values. to identify a catch.
 Distance :
FIELD SETUP o This parameter is used to
 We install cameras at appropriate determine if the ball has
places, which are capable of crossed the boundary line.
providing the fuzzy system with  Angle:
the input values angle, height and o This parameter is used to
distance. These data are then identify an LBW.

Block diagram of Fuzzy System
MEMBERSHIP FUNCTIONS and 1.E.g.: Height has 7 membership
Each input has some membership functions 0 , 0.1 , 0.2 , 0.3 , 0.4 , 0.5 and
functions whose value ranges between 0 1.

Membership Function Graph

The software is developed using observed using the rule viewer as shown
MATLAB. below.
RULE VIEWER From the figure below we
The next step is to set the rules observe that when the height is 0.288
for our system using the rule editor.The and the distance is 0.924 then the result
rules can be changed and results can be is a four!!

The blue mark indicates a boundary for the given condition.

The output values for the
complete range of all input values are as
shown by these graphs.


The graph shown above is the ANFYS which we have avoided for the sake of
graph which shows the flow of decisions clarity.
as dictated by the input values and References:
results in one of the possible outputs. 1.
Conclusion: 2. newtechnologyrealtime.blogspot.
This system can be used to weed com/fuzzy-logic-based-
out inaccuracies and unprofessional automation-of.html
conduct of umpiring of one of the
world’s craziest game. This proposal can
be extended to include all the other rules

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