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There is a New King of Tw itter

In the past 30 days Joe Biden had his best month ever on Twitter in terms of
engagements per post, engagements per video, and audience growth, according to
Conviva, the leader in global streaming media intelligence. A look at the monthly
averages since the beginning of the year show a steady increase by Biden in
average engagements per post, average engagements per video, and increase in
followers until his passing of Trump in all three metrics in September.

Biden out engaged Donald Trump on Twitter in terms of average engagements per
post in the last 30 days (September 14–October 13), during which time Biden
averaged 148.6k engagements per post while Trump averaged 136.1k
engagements per post.

Biden also tallied his best video engagement yet in the past 30 days, but was
slightly edged out by Trump after overtaking him during the month of September.
A look at the follower growth of both accounts shows Biden has also been growing
his follower count faster than Trump in the past 2.5 months. Trump currently has
87.3 million followers on Twitter compared to Biden’s 11 million.
A breakdown of types of engagements per Tweet show that, while Biden is closing
the gap, Trump still has the upper hand when it comes to retweets but as of
September Biden surpassed Trump in generating more likes per tweet.

While Biden has gone head to head with Trump on his home turf of Twitter, Trump
still has a significant lead in engagements on Instagram. The one area on
Instagram that Biden has edged out Trump is in follower growth in the past 2
months, picking up more Instagram followers than Trump in August and

It’s no surprise that Trump is popular on Facebook and his engagement numbers
continue to illustrate just how true that is. To his credit, Biden continues to
increase steadily although he remains behind.
Note: All data was collected using Conviva Social Insights. The last 30 days refers
to September 14 through October 13.