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Wireless and Network Components

David “Toby” Meyers

NTC/241 - Intro to WLAN Technologies

William Glassen

January 17, 2011


In todays networks you can have, any number of devices connected and working in

harmony. All you need for a wireless network is a computer with a wireless (NIC) card, a

wireless router and an internet connection. All other devices are optional.

A wireless router forwards data packets on the network; it performs the same function, as

an access point except it can be a bridge or gateway between two networks, (Beal, 2010). A

Computer is a medium for the user to manipulate and display files. A Firewall filters traffic

according to authorized and unauthorized packets according to the sender and the port they are

attempting to access. A wireless access point provides network access to wireless devices. A hub

makes a network segment act as a single device so that, “anything that comes in one port is sent

out to the others,” (Notenboom, 2011). A Modem is a device that converts a digital signal to an

analog signal and vice versa. A Printer will print an image made from a file on a computer.

A Server hosts information and services, accessed on a computer connected to it. A

Switch exchanges “network traffic only goes where it needs to,” (Notenboom, 2011) to reduce

traffic on a network. A Wireless card (NIC), allows a computer to communicate wirelessly. A

Router can hide nodes on a network and directs traffic to programmable parameters and

according what it understands about the information contained in the packet. A Scanner detects

radio frequency transmissions. A Multiplexer splits transmissions and signaling into different

channels allowing several signals broadcast together.

Wireless routers, access points and switches functions are generally contained within one

device a Wireless router and normally cost between thirty and one hundred dollars depending on

the functionality and brand quality. Computers and servers can cost between five hundred and

five thousand dollars for new equipment depending on the number of children or processing

power you need for the file manipulation.


Wireless NIC cards can cost between twenty and seventy dollars, though most new

laptops and other devices come with a wireless NIC card. A firewall costs between twenty dollars

and fifty dollars and can come with other software such as anti-virus. A printer depending on its

use, its capacity and software can cost between twenty dollars and five thousand dollars.

Modems are no longer necessary to buy alone and is included in most operating systems

however, if you need to connect to the internet through a dial up service it can cost between ten

and twenty dollars. A Radio Frequency Scanner can cost between fifty and five hundred dollars

depending on how much functionality you need. A Network Multiplexer can cost between three

hundred and three thousand dollars.



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