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Nama : Muhammad Liwaulhamdi

NIM : 2010010083
Jurusan/ Kelas : Ekonomi Pembangunan/ C
Mata Kuliah : Bahasa Inggris Ekonomi I
Unit 1



Lengkapi dialog-dialog berikut dengan menggunakan ungkapan ungkapan yang

Peter : Good afternoon Mr. Blake.

Mr. Blake : Good afternoon. How are you Peter?
Peter : I’m fine. Thank you.
Mr. Blake : What about John? Where is he?
Peter : He is in the hospital. He had a car crash yesterday, and he broke his


Judith : Hi! Jones. How are you?
Jones : Fine. I’ve just received an excellent grade on my final exam.
Judith : Congratulations. What are you going to do?
Jones : I am preparing for my major paper. How about you, Judith?
Judith : I still have another two courses to finish this year.
Jones : Good. What about your parents?
Judith : They are all right. We live in a new house.


Cobalah Anda buat sebuah dialog terkait dengan Greeting antara Anda
dengan teman Anda.

Hamdi : Hi, Amin.

Amin : Oh! Hi, Hamdi. How’re you doing?
Hamdi : I’m doing fine. I’ve just start my study at Nusa Cendana
Amin : Thats good. I hope you have a good grade.
Hamdi : Thanks bro. How about your father?
Amin : He is fine, and now he is enjoy his hobby, reading.

Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat!

1) Joe : Hello, John .…
John: Good morning.
A. How are you?
B. Good morning.
C. Fine. Thank you.
D. What about you?

2) Mrs. Suryo: Hi! Roni ....

Roni : I’m very well. Thank you.
A. How is Mrs. Suryo.
B. Good morning.
C. Good evening.
D. How are you?

3) Susan : Good evening, Monica. How are you?

Monica : Just fine. Thank you. And you?
Susan : ....
A. How are you?
B. Good evening.
C. I’m fine, too.
D. How is he?

4) Marry : Hi! Mirna. How are you doing?

Mirna : ....
A. I’m very well. Thank you.
B. I’m doing fine.
C. Thank you.
D. Thanks.

5) Pram: Hi! Sorta. …

Sorta: Fine. I got a good mark in English.
A. How are you doing?
B. Good afternoon.
C. Good morning.
D. How are you?

6) Bahrul: Good morning, Burhan. How are you?

Burhan:................And what about you?
A. I’m fine. Thank you.
B. How are you doing?
C. Good afternoon.
D. How are you?
7) Martin: ....
Bram : He is very well. Thank you.
A. How is your brother?
B. How is your mother?
C. How are they?
D. How are you?

8) Mathew: How is your father, Peter?

Peter : ....
A. I’m very well. Thank you.
B. He is fine. Thank you.
C. She is very well.
D. All right.

9) Robert : Hi! Anne. ?

Anne : She is all right.
A. How is your mother?
B. How is your father?
C. How are you?
D. How are they?

10) Robby: Hello! Good morning.

Ruly : ....
A. How are you doing?
B. What about you?
C. Good morning.
D. How are you?
Unit 2

Give Self-Identification and

Personal Information
Anda lengkapi monolog berikut ini.

I’m Ruth Wong.

I’m from Singapore.
I’m Singaporean

I’m Sidik.
I’m from Malaysia. I’m Malaysian

I’m Thong Lee. I’m from China.

I’m Chinese
I’m Michiko. I’m from Japan. I’m Japanese


Teacher : Hello, good morning
New student : Good morning.
Teacher : What’s your name, please?
New student : My name is Johan.
Teacher : Where do you came from?
New student : I’m from North Sulawesi
Teacher : Where do you live in?
New student : I live on Jalan Ragunan, South Jakarta
Teacher : What’s your phone number?
New student : 587 8989
Teacher : Thank you, Johan.
New student : You’re welcome sir.
a. Lengkapi dialog berikut ini. Anda kerjakan dengan partner Anda.
b. Berlatihlah untuk melakukan dialog yang sudah Anda buat dengan partner
Dialog 1
Lidia : Hello! What’s your name, please?
Marsa : My name is Marsa.
Lidia : What’s your father name?
Marsa : Hardi. My father’s name is Hardi.
Lidia : You are from Java, aren’t you?
Marsa : Yes, I am from east Java. I’m Javanese. What about you?
Lidia : I come from Maluku, and my surname is Pattinama.
Marsa : Where were you born?
Lidia : I’m from Manado. Were you born in Java?
Marsa : No, I wasn’t. I was born in Jakarta.
Lisa : How old are you?
Marie : I’m twenty years old.

Dialog 2
Hilman : Hi Adi! How are you?
Adi : I’m fine. How about you?
Hilman : I’m fine, too. Where do you live now?
Adi : I live at Jln. A Yani no. 96 Yogyakarta. How about you? Do
you still live at your old adress?
Hilman : No, I don’t. I rent a room close to my office. Have you
finished your study?
Adi : No, I haven’t. I am still working on my research. How about
Hilman : I have just completed my sarjana degree in education.
Tulislah identitas Anda yang menyangkut nama, tempat dan tanggal lahir,
alamat (tempat tinggal) beserta kode pos, dan nomor telepon dalam sebuah
paragraf. Tulisan Anda sebaiknya tidak disingkat.

My name is Muhammad Liwaulhamdi. I was born in Kupang on 16 th Marc

2001. I live at Jl. Pahlawan Kelurahan Namosian. My zip code is 85232.
My phone number is 081246305288


Isilah formulir berikut ini sesuai dengan identitas diri Anda.

Mr. Sex: M
Name Mr.

Muhammad Liwaulhamdi
Last First Middle
Jl. Pahlawan

Number Street

Kupang Indonesia 85232 081246305288

City State Zip Code Phone Number


Complete the following conversations with the most appropriate words or
a M = Martin, J = Jacqueline
M :Excuse me, are you Jacqueline Turner?
J :Yes, that’s me.
M :May I introduce myself? I’m Martin Young. How do you do?
J : I’m fine, Mr Young.

b C = Chris, F = Frank
C :Hello, Chris Evans. Mind if I join you?
F : Oh, of course not. Frank Richards.
C : Nice to meet you, Frank. So how are you finding the conference
so far?
F : Actually, I’ve only arrived this morning.
C : All right.

c L = Lin, D = Dan, P = Peter

L : Dan! Good to see you again. How are you doing?
D : Hello, Lin. Fine, thanks. Pretty busy, as always, I suppose. Can I
introduce you to a colleague of mine, Peter Winston? Peter, this is
Lin Farrell.
P :Nice to meet you, Ms Farrell.
L :Nice to meet you, too. You can, call me Lin.
P :Then you can call me Peter.


Think of the most suitable reaction to the following phrases.

a How are you? I’m fine

b How do you do? I’m doing good
c Pleased to meet you. Pleased to meet you too
d It was nice meeting you. It’s nice to meet you too
e Have a good weekend. Thanks, you too.
f See you next month. See you
g You must be Ann Peterson. Yes, that’s me.
h I hope to see you again. Same here


Complete these conversations. Then practice with partner.
1. A: Are you from the United states?
B: Yes, I am. I came from Chicago.
2. A: Did Rosa in English 101?
B: No, She does. She is in English 102.
3. A: Did you and Clara from France?
B: Yes, we are. I came from Paris.


Complete these conversations. Then practice with partner.
1. A: Who is that?
B: That’s Rich.
2. A: where he from 101?
B: He is from Los Angeles.
3. A: what is his last name?
B: It’s Broiwn.
4. A: who is the two students over there?
B: Their names are Lisa and Kate.
5. A: and where they from?
B: They are from Canada.
Talking about countries, Nationalities, and Languages.
1. A: Are you American?
B: Yes, I am
2. A: Mr. Alexander doesn’t speak English
B: No? Where’s he came from?
3. A: Are you Italian?
B: No, I’m not. I am cam from France.
4. I am a little Portuguese.
George is Swiss. He is came from Genewa.

Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat!

1) Susi : …………..
Edi : I’m Edi.
A. What’s your name, please?
B. Where do you come from?
C. What is your birthday?
D. Where are you from?

2) Ramdan: May, I have your name, please?

Rasyid : ……………….
A. My name is Ramdan.
B. I’m fine. Thanks.
C. On Jalan Surapati.
D. I’m Rasyid.

3) Hani: What’s your address?

Fitri: …………………….
A. I live on Jalan Pakubuono, Yogyakarta.
B. On 56 Yogyakarta, Jalan Pakubuono.
C. Yogyakarta, Jalan Pakubuono 56.
D. My address is at Yogyakarta.

4) Patta: ……………………
Sumi: At Jalan Antasari No. 44, Surakarta.
A. Where do you come from?
B. Where are you from?
C. Where do you live?
D. What’s your name?

5) Susie: Where were you born?

Sufi : ………………………
A. I was born in Bogor.
B. Jalan Cabe, Jakarta.
C. In April in Jakarta.
D. April 23, 1980.
6) Sudi : …………………………
Fahri: August 13, 1976.
A. What’s your birthplace?
B. Where were you born?
C. When were you born?
D. How old are you?

7) Amran: What’s your telephone

number? Wira : ………………..
A. Jalan Ampera, Jakarta.
B. Jalan Ampera no. 23
C. (0251) 612 021
D. Number 56.

8) Anton: …………………..
Andy: 081213141516
A. What’s your telephone number?
B. Where do you come from?
C. What’s your address?
D. What’s your zip code?

9) Andi : …………….
Bertha: Bekasi 17215.
A. What is your birthplace?
B. What is your birthday?
C. What’s your address?
D. What’s your zip code?

10) Hanafi: ……………………….

Asrul : Situmorang.
A. What’s your first name?
B. What’s your last name?
C. What’s your given name?
D. What’s your middle name?

11) My name is Ali. ...... .I’m Madurese.

A. Where are you from?
B. What’s your name?
C. I’m from Madura.
D. I’m Madura.

12) Hi! My name is Mi Lan. I come from China ................

A. Do you come from China?
B. Are you from China?
C. I am from Chinese.
D. I’m Chinese.

13) Hello! My name is Clara. I’m Canadian. …………..

A. I’m from Canadianese.
B. I’m from Canadian.
C. I am from Canada.
D. I am Canada.

14) I’m Hanafi. I am from West Sumatra. …..

A. I come from Padangese.
B. I am from Padangese.
C. I am Padangese.
D. I’m Padang.

15) I’m Cindy. I’m from Semarang. I’m …..

A. Javanese
B. Padangese
C. Madurese
D. Sundanese