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DLI Watchman® ST-101


ST-101 is a vibration screening tool Benefits

that provides basic diagnostic § Plant operators and maintenance
capability at a very low cost. It's technicians cannow alert predictive
maintenance personnel of impending
easy to use; designed for plant
mechanics and machinery § Monitor machinery traditionally too small or
operators. in-frequently run to be included in a
predictive maintenance program.
The ST-101 will extend the capability of your § Small facilities can now implement a low
operations and maintenance departments by cost predictive maintenance program.
providing clear, on the spot insight of your
machine condition. Without specialized Specifications
vibration analysis training, your personnel can § Hand-held instrument for vibration
assess your equipment condition and identify monitoring and screening
sources of potential machine problems. § Designed for monitoring simple machinery,
including fans and air handlers, centrifugal,
The ST-101 goes beyond the idiot light screw and rotary pumps, and other
approach of traditional hand-held vibration nonreciprocating machinery
meters. Green, yellow and red bar graph § For use by plant mechanics and machinery
segments show acceptable/unacceptable operators with limited vibration analysis
representations of machine vibration. The bar experience
graph displays indicate vibration levels based § Bar graphs use proprietary methods to
on Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement indicate faults and diagnostic information
measurements. Simple patterns on the bar § Mechanical defects indicated by easy-to-
graph displays aid in the identification of understand bar graph patterns
underlying machine problems. In addition, a § Provides pass/fail results, and additional
numerical display allows the user to log these information for condition analysis
readings for the purpose of historical data and § 4 digit readout reads acceleration, velocity &
machine condition trending. displacement vibration levels, and
information for trending
The user simply attaches the magnetic mount § High-impact plastic case, water resistant
accelerometer to the machine, selects the § Powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries
operating speed of the machine and reads the

display. Problems such as imbalance,

misalignment and rolling contact bearing wear
have never before been so quick and easy to
detect and identify.

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Bainbridge Island WA 98110
206-842-7656 / 800-654-2844
Bar Graph Displays and Accessories Included
Associated Machine • 100 mV/g single axis accelerometer
• Magnetic accelerometer mount
• 10' coiled accelerometer cable
• Four AA alkaline batteries

Smooth running machine. All indicators green.

Mid bar graph higher than low or high bar graph

indicates high vibration level between 2-9 times
rotation rate. Usually caused by high vane or blade
rate, indicating flow or wear problems.

Equal low and mid bar graphs indicate high rotational

rate vibration level. Indicates balance or misalignment
problem depending on orientation.

High frequency bar graph has much greater levels

than the mid bar graph. This is usually caused by
failing rolling element bearings.

Call DLI Engineering today to find out how your

plant can benefit from the new DLI Watchman
ST-101 Vibration Screening Tool.

Mid bar graph 2 segments higher than low bar graph

indicates high twice-rotational rate vibration level.
This indicates misalignment.
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253 Winslow Way West

Bainbridge Island WA 98110
206-842-7656 / 800-654-2844