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Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen

Learning Task 4 Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020

Relate the different art forms from the picture to the music of their eras according to elements and its function.

Medieval Period

This painting has a unique art style. Its style is well-

known so it can easily be determined as a Medieval
painting. Their art forms are all mostly religious. Just like the
Medieval music, they are mostly religious.

Renaissance Period

____Their statues’ subjects were people. They made

Their statues to be exposing their whole bodies or
at least something private. Those were the times where they
use painting as their language or to express each feeling

Baroque Period
Their statues have the quality of grandeur, sensuous
Richness, drama, movement and tension just like their
music during those times.
Fill in the table by writing the word on each column corresponding to eras. Do this in your


Mona Lisa

Stained Chant
Gregorian glass

Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen

Learning Task 5 Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020
Below are audios of music from Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods. Choose one period and scan
the corresponding QR code. Interpret the music through painting to represent the era. In your reflection journal,
explain your artwork.

Early Middle Ages Music Renaissance Baroque

Rubric for Painting

Category 4 3 2 1
Drawing Drawing is Drawing is Drawing has few The drawing
expressive and expressive and details. It is lacks almost all
detailed shapes, detailed shapes, primarily details o/r it is
patterns, patterns, representational unclear what the
shading, texture shading, texture with very little drawing is
are uses to add are uses to add use of pattern intended to be.
interest to the interest to the shading, or Student needs
painting. painting. texture. student to work on
Student has Student has need to improve control.
great control basics but had control.
and is able to not “branched”
experiment a out.
Planning and Student can Student can Student can Student has
Explanation describe on somewhat describe how thought very
detail at any describe how she/he little about the
point during the she/he envisions the project. Is
painting process envisions the final product and present but is
how she/he final product and can describe not invested in
envisions the can describe some of the the product.
final product and some of the steps she/he will
how they intend steps she/he will use to reach
to reach his/her use to reach the that goal but let
goal. Very goal. Focused things evolve in
focused and with some somewhat
goal oriented. planning. random manner.
Design/ Students applies Students applies Students tries to The student
Composition design design apply design does not appear
principles (such principles (such principles (such to be able to
as unity, as unity, as unity, apply most
contrast, contrast, contrast, design
balance, balance, balance, principles to
movement, movement, movement, his/her own
direction, direction, direction, work.
emphasis, and emphasis, and emphasis, and
center of center of center of
interest) with interest) with fair interest) but the
great skill. skill. overall result is
not pleasing.
Creativity Student has Student has Student’s has Student has not
taken the taken the copied some made much
technique being technique being painting from attempt to meet
studied and studied and has the source the
applied it in a used source material. There requirements of
way that is material as a is little evidence the assignment.
totally his /her starting place. of creativity, but
own. The The student’s the student has
student’s personality done the
personality/voic comes through assignment
e comes in parts of the
through. painting.

Explain your artwork and answer the process questions.

1. What art forms would you like to engage in? Why?
2. If you would be given a chance to be an artist, musician, or composer from the three periods, who would you
be? Who inspired you and what period is it?

1. This is my painting, and this is on the Renaissance Period. I chose to paint it as this was the period
when the music evolved, and many discoveries happened. Also, as of the painting they are playing
instruments. In the Renaissance period, instruments were also used.
2. I want to be one of those amazing composers in the Baroque Period. I was inspired by Johann
Sebastian Bach because he was a great composer of music and those music are still preserved today.
Also, when I first heard one of his songs it really is so amazing and pleasing to our ears that I feel like I
am floating.

Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen

Learning Task 6 Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020

List down your realization and personal perspectives regarding the significant relationship of music
of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque with their history and other form of arts. Translate your
output to any of the following:

a. 1-2 stanza poem

b. Simple jingle (adopt melody from any medieval, renaissance, or Baroque music)
c. Visual art using any medium
d. Instrumental playing interpretation of any adopted eras.

Output A or B may be written directly in your notebook, while if you choose output C, you may use
a short bond paper/ cardboard/ illustration board.

I realized that music was part of our lives. Music back then was still practiced today some are still preserved and
people or musicians are still making music until now. From religious music, it evolved to secular music. I was also amazed
that they were still heard today even they are old music. Our music is like a tree wherein it grows. The roots of it are the
composers and performers and the leaves and fruit they bear are the song that they performed and produced. Art also
has a part in the music because some parts of the art brings messages like music. I realized that music was like literature
that is used to express feelings/ emotion, it is like art that can be shown with creativity. Not all love music but when they
started hearing it, they start liking it. It becomes one’s inspiration to create new music that is why generations of music

Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen

Learning Task 7 Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020
History Composer/Composition
It was at 700 – 1400. It Adam de la Halle – Le Jeu
started at the fall of the de Robin at de Marion and
Roman Empire La chanson du roi de Sicile
Monophonic, based on
Latin liturgy, free meter,
and modal

History Composer
From 1400-1600. From Giovanni Palestrina and
the renaitre which means Thomas Morley
rebirth. Looking back to
the Golden Age of the
Renaissance Roman Empire

Characteristics Composition
Polyphonic, Melodies are Masses and Kyrie
easier to perform and the
use of word painting Fire,fire,my heart,Fantasie,
and Sing and Chant it

History Composer
It was in 1685-1750. It came George Handel, Johann
from the word Barocco which Sebastian Bach, Antonio
Baroque means irregular pearl Vivaldi and etc.


Characteristics Composition
Melodies are elaborate Fugue in E Minor, The Four
and ornamental, not easy Seasons, Hallelujah, Messiah
to sing/remember. and etc.
Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen
Learning Task 8 Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020

Direction: Identify the following characteristics. Write Music, Art, or Literature on the blank spaces.

Music1. Tonic Triad Music 9. Polyphonic Texture

Art 2. Asymmetrical Art 10. Three-Dimensional Figure (3D)
Art/ Literature 3. Protagonist Music 11. Single line melody
Music _4. Classical Triangle Art 12. Figures/flat & no expression
Art 5. Two-dimensional figure (2D) Art/ literature 13. Moral reformation
Music 6. Monophonic Art/ literature 14. Expressive ballet
Art 7. Central Perspective Music 15. Estampie
Art 8. Dynamic Contrast


Name Joanna Nicole O. Mercado Grade/Section 9- Roentgen
Reflection Score: _____________ Parents Signature /Date OCTOBER 7, 2020

Complete the following open-ended statements.

1. Today, I learned that performance practice is really important to understand a music. The performance
practice which is composed of setting, audience, composition, and the role of composers/ performers made me
analyze and differentiate characteristics of music in the three different periods.

2. I am amazed at the fact that the songs back then are still performed and still can be heard up to now.

3. I realized that the performance practice of Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods is important as it
was a part of our history. Those amazing compositions which can feel us calm and at peace. Those composers
and performers that made our history in music more colorful, the audiences where the influence of music
started and when people started to have interest on it that made thousands of music and the setting where the
music were performed.