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Subject: English III First term 2020

Topic: P​resent perfect/ Past perfect Teacher:

Ph.D. Brian Burgos

Name RCN Day Mo Yea

nth r
6757 YO 0

Past Perfect Tense

A. Match the first part of the sentence on the left with the correct ending on
the right.

1. Betty’s plants died because.... _​G​__ a) she had lost her doll.
2. Bob couldn’t buy the new computer b) she had left her purse at home.
because.... _​E​__ c) he had already left the office.
3. Sammy couldn’t fall asleep last night d) he hadn’t studied at all.
because... _​H​__ e) he had spent all his money.
4. The little girl was crying because... ​A f) she had forgotten to set the alarm.
5. I didn’t have to buy groceries g) she hadn’t watered
because... _​I​__ them.
6. Kevin failed his exam because... h) he had watched a scary movie.
_​D​__ i) I had gone shopping the day before.
7. Monty bought a new camera j) he had lost his old one.
because.... _​J​__
8. Clara couldn’t pay for lunch
because... __​B​_
9. Susan slept late because... _​F​__
10. I couldn’t speak to the boss
because... _​C​__
B. Choose the correct verb from the list below to complete the following
sentences. Put the verb in the past perfect tense (had & past participle).

make start write leave forget fly escape close give ring eat change go see

1. When I got to the house, Mary wasn’t there. She _____​HAD​____ already
___​LEFT​______ .
2. I didn’t recognize my old classmate because she _____​HAD
________​CHANGED​____ so much.
3. We were late for the show last night. By the time we got to the theater, the
movie _________​HAD​____ already _______​STARTED​________.
4. Yesterday I went on my first plane trip. I was very nervous because I
_____​HAD​______ never ___​FLOWN​__________ before.
5. I couldn’t eat much dinner last night because I ____​HAD
EATEN​__________ such a big lunch.
6. I couldn’t buy any groceries last night because when I got to the
supermarket, it _​HAD​___________ already ______​CLOSED​________.
7. Last week our teacher gave back the essays we _______​HAD
WRITTEN​_________ the week before.
8. The house was quiet when Andrew got home. Everyone
____________​HAD GONE​_____ to bed several hours earlier.
9. They got to school late yesterday. The bell _________​HAD​____ already
10. Sheila couldn’t come to my house last night because she
___________​HAD​____ already __________​MADE​_______ other plans.
11. We couldn’t find the house. It was clear that he _______​HAD
GIVEN​_________ us the wrong add address.
12. Annie didn’t want to come to the movie with us because she
_________​HAD SEEN​__________ it the week before.
13. By the time the police arrived at the bank, the robber _____​HAD ​_______
already ______​ESCAPED​_____________.
14. I couldn’t get into my apartment when I came home from work last night
because I _______​HAD FORGOTTEN​__________ to take my key.

C. Make sentences with the past perfect and the words provided. Follow the
example below.
Ex. I missed my plane. (airport/ plane take off)
By the time I got to the airport, the plane had already taken off.
1. I missed the show. (theater/ movie start) _​BY THE TIME I GOT TO THE
2. I couldn’t get my prescription. (drugstore/ close) ​ By the time I got to the
drustore, it had already closed
3. I couldn’t say goodbye to my friends. (call their house/ they leave) ​By the time I
called their house, they had already left
4. I didn’t get the job. (I apply/ they hire someone else) ​By the time I apllied they
had already hired someone else
5. We couldn’t buy the house. (we see/ someone else make an offer) ​By the time
we saw the house, someone had already made an offer
6. The house was destroyed. (the firemen arrive/ house burn down) ​By the time the
firemen arrived, the house had already burned down
7. I didn’t get to taste her chocolate cake. (I arrive/ her children eat whole thing) ​By
the time I arrived, her children had already eaten the whole cake
8. I didn’t see her when she was sick. (I go/ hospital/ she go home) ​By the time I
got to the hospital, she had already gone home
9. I didn’t see the game. ( I turn on the TV/ game finish) ​By the time I turned on the
tv, the game had already finished
10. I missed my daughter’s performance. ( I arrive concert/ my daughter finish her
song) ​By the time I arrived at the concert, my daughter had already finished her

D. Complete the sentences below using the past perfect in the negative and
the words provided.
Ex. My house was very dirty when she came over because.... (I/ not clean/ for
weeks) My house was very dirty when she came over because I hadn’t cleaned it
for weeks.
1. Joe had to study hard for yesterday’s test because... (he/not do well/ the week
before) ​he hadn’t done well the week before
2. I was worried when she didn’t arrive on time because... (she/ not be/ late/
before) ​she had not been late before
3. Judy didn’t want to go on the school ski trip because .... (she/not ski/ before) ​she
had not skied before
4. I didn’t recognize Ellen at the party because.... (I not/see/ for years)
I had not seen her for years
_5. John didn’t catch the bus because.... (he/not leave/ the house/ on time
he had not left the house on time
Subject: English III First term 2020
Topic: ​past perfect or simple past Teacher:
Ph.D. Brian Burgos


Name RCN Day Mon Year


Doris Salamanca Parada 6757 12 may 202

o 0

1. Complete the text with the correct form of the verb (simple past or past

a) Mary ________​had given​___________ ​(give)​ me Tony's address before

she left.
b) When the boys arrived at the cinema, the film ____________​had already
started​_______ ​(already, start).
c) Before we reached the station we saw that we ______​had
lost____​_________ ​(lose)​ our way.
d) All the tickets ________________​had been​___ ​(be)​ sold before the concert
e) They took a shower after they ________​had finished_​__________ ​(finish)
the game.
f) I asked Mr Green how many books he ____​had read_​______________
g) Mum asked me why I _______​had not tidied_​___________ ​(not tidy)​ up
my room.
h) Bob was sorry that he ____​had told_​______________ ​(told)​ me the story.
i) Alan watched TV after he ____________​_he had had__​____ (​have)​ lunch.
j) The sun __________shone_________ ​(shine)​ yesterday after it
___________​_had been_​______ ​(be)​ cold for many weeks.
k) Uncle David __________​__went_​______ ​(go)​ to the doctor after he
_________​_had been​__________ ​(be)​ ill for a month.
l) Before the police ______​caught_​____________ (​catch)​ the thief, he
____​_had stolen___​____ ​(steal)​ two more watches.
m) Mum once ______​painted_​____________ (paint) a picture although she
___________​_had never learnt__​_____ ​(never, learn)​ it.
n) I ___​did not_​_______________ ​(not tell)​ my teacher that my mum
______​had helpen​_____________ ​(help) ​me with my homework.
o) I _____​_was__​___________ (be) very angry when I
__________​saw_​________ (see) that my brother ________​had
eaten​___________ (​eat) ​my apple.
p) The bike _________​was​__________ ​(be)​ much more expensive than he
_​had​ ​thought_​____ (​think)​ at first.

2. Choose the correct option

a) When Anne ​opened​/​had opened​ the door, she realized that somebody
broke​/​had​ ​broken​ into.
b) Elisa was very upset because her computer ​disappeared​/​had disappeared
c) My cousin ​promised​/​had promised​ me to bring me a souvenir from France
last month.
d) By the time Julia ​left​/had left the shop, she ​spent​/​had spent​ all her money
on clothes.
e) I didn’t want to see that film because I ​saw​/​had seen​ it twice.
f) Philip ​tidied​/​had tidied​ his bedroom before he ​l​eft​/​had left​ for work.
g) My husband ​did/​had done​ ​the shopping after I ​called​/​had called​ him.
h) Alfred ​had worked​/worked in a bank for five years before he was sent to
i) The judge said that she was guilty because she ​took​/​had taken​ the money
for herself.

3. ​Complete the text with verbs in brackets. Use Past Simple or Past Perfect:

In March 1999, thieves ……​STOLE

……….. (steal) diamonds jewellery from
Woolworth, a famous jewellery shop in
Boston. The thieves were very smart.
Before the robbery, they ​HAD
HIDDEN​… (hide) in the building next
door and ​HAD CUT (cut) a hole through
the wall.

They used it to get into the shop. By the

time the guard at the
entrance…​SAW​……. (see) them, they
(already/take) the very expensive
jewellery from the safe.

A man from the neighbourhood

……​HEARD​…​…. (hear) some noises in the shop and he ……​CALLED​…. (call) the
police but when they ………​ARRIVED​…… (arrive) to the shop, the thieves
………​HAD ESCAPED​…​…. (escape)

Subject: English III First term 2020

Topic: P​assive voice Teacher:
Ph.D. Brian Burgos

Name NRC Day Mo Year


Doris Salamanca Parada 6757 20 ma 2020


1.​ Fill in the blanks below to complete the sentences. Study the boxes above.

1. English (speak)_____​is poken​___________ in many countries around the

2. Much of the world’s coffee (grow)_____​is grown​___________ in Brazil.
3. Many photos (take)________​_are taken__​_____ of the beautiful scenery
near the mountain.
4. The flowers (water)____​_are watered__​_________ every evening by the
5. How many books (check out)_____​checked out_​__________ from the
library every week?
6. Millions of dollars (make)________​_are made​_______ on the stock market
every day.
7. My friend’s salary (pay)_______​_is paid_​_______ by his company every
two weeks.
8. Many criminals (catch)______​are caught​_____ with the help of modern
9. The department store doors (open)________​are opened_​_______ to
customers at 9 a.m.
10. Letters and packages (pick up)_____​are picked up_​__________ by the
postman every day.
11. The rooms (clean)_____​are cleaned​___________ by the hotel maids every
12. Canada (know)_______​is known_​________ for its long, cold winters.
13. Patients (give)_______​are given​_________ very good care at that hospital.
14. Monopoly (play)_________​_is played__​____ by people in many parts of the
15. A new president (elect)_______​_is elected_​_______ every four to eight

2. Re-write the sentences below–use the Passive form (without the subject).

1. Egyptians built the Pyramids thousands of years ago.

The Pyramids were built thousands of years ago​.

2. ​__________________________________________________________

2. Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb in 1879?

Was the light bulb invented in 1879?
4. ​__________________________________________________________

3. Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in 1930.

​ luto was discovered in 1930.

6. ​__________________________________________________________

4. The Chinese first used paper money over a thousand years ago.

Paper money was first used over a thousand years ago.

8. ​__________________________________________________________

5. Steve Jobs didn’t introduce the iPad in 1986.

The first iPad wasn’t introduced in 1986

10. ​__________________________________________________________

6. When did Karl Benz invent the first real car?

When was the first real car invented?

12. ​________________________________________________________

7. People watched the first TV in the 1920s.

The first TV was watched in the 1920s.

14. ​__________________________________________________________

8. People made the first McDonald’s hamburger in 1955.

The first McDonald’s hamburger was made in


3. Find and correct the mistakes below.

1. He surprised by the loud noise.

He was surprised by the loud noise

2. They were ate dinner at six o’clock.

They ate dinner at six o’clock

3. Grammar was tecahed by teacher Brian

4. This photo was take by my uncle.

This photo was taken by my uncle.


... has been stung by laura no she hasn't


... has been bitten by a alison no, she hasn't


... has been helped by wendy yes, she has

a stranger.

... has been hit by Marion No, she hasn't


... has been very Korina yes she has

scared by a horror

... has been stopped by Camilo No, he hasn't

a policeman.

... has been annoyed Teacher Brian yes he has

by a noisy neighbor.

Name NRC Day Mo Year

Doris Salamanca Parada 6757 209 ma 2020


Rewrite the senteces in passive voice

I clean my room every day.
My room is cleaned by me every day.

2. Tom bought a nice present yesterday.

A nice present was bought by Tom yesterday

3. Ann will sing a beautiful song.

A beautiful song will be sung by Ann.

4. Ben repaired my computer yesterday.

My computer was repaired by Ben yesterday.

5. My sister is making a tasty cake now.

A tasty cake is being made by my sister now.

6. We have bought tickets to the concert.

Tickets to the concert have been bought by us.

7. Helen teaches French at school.

French is taught by Helen at school.

8. They grow strawberries every year.

Strawberries are grown by them every year.

9. Tim sent an SMS to his friend.

An SMS was sent by Tim to his friend.

10. She has written a test today.

A test has been written by her today.

11. They visited that museum yesterday.

That museum was visited by them yesterday.

12. I am watching a football match now.

A football match is being watched by me now.

13. Pam has found the keys in the table.

The keys have been found by Pam in the table.

14. Mona is washing the clothes now.

The clothes are being washed by Mona now.

15. You have made a lot of mistakes.

A lot of mistakes have been made by you.

16. Bill will bring sandwiches.

Sandwiches will be brought by Bill.

17. They attend lectures every day.

Lectures are attended by them every day.

18. We are meeting the relatives now.

The relatives are being met by us now.

19. He will copy this text.

The text will be copied by him.

20. He has bought a new car.

A new car has been bought by him.

21. We are playing volley-ball now.

Volley-ball is being played by us now.

22. Our teacher explained the rule.

The rule was explained by the teacher.

23. She translates the texts every day.

The texts are translated by her every day.

24. She is watching a comedy film now.

A comedy film is being watched by her now.

25. He put the candle on the table.

The candle was put by him on the table.

26. Pam has bought a new ring recently.

A new ring has been bought by Pam recently.

27. He will correct the mistakes.

The mistakes will be corrected by him.

28. I have got a beautiful present.

A beautiful present has been got by me.

29. The cat dropped the vase yesterday.

The vase was dropped by the cat yesterday.

30. I am playing the piano now.

The piano is being played by me now.

31. He has turned off the TV set.

The TV set has been turned off by him.

32. We receive e-mails every day.

E-mails are received by us every day.

33. Nick is eating an ice-cream now.

An ice-cream is being eaten by Nick now.

34. She will lend money to her friend.

Money will be lent by her to her friend.

35. I visit Paris every year.

Paris is visited by me every year.

36. He has already prepared the report.

The report has already been prepared by him.