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Installation and operational check list:

Document name: IQ/OQ protocol Company No.: IQ/OQ 05 01

Product Name: - 80 Deg. Freezers Prepared: 04.08.2005 Rev. no. 00

The objective of this Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) Check list is to qualify the installation and
operation of the Dairei -80 °C freezers for routine laboratory use.
This Installation and Operation Qualification Check will define the minimum test procedures and acceptance criteria to
be used to establish that the Dairei -80 freezers, are installed and operated as per our specifications.

This check list is mentioned to be used as input for distributors of Dairei -80 °C Freezers.
Please be aware that local circumstances can require additional control and verification during validation.

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1: Component verification

2: Environmental Conditions Verification

3: Equipment File verification

4: Operational Qualification Data sheet.

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1: Component Verification

1.1: Unpacking Checks

Verify that the following is correct:

Scoope of supply:

Delivered versus All Items are delivered as stated in P.O.


Cabinet check points:

Body All packing material has been removed

No scratches. No dents. No rust
No cracks on plastic frames

Door Can open and close

Can be locked via the key
No gab between gasket and frame
Controller No scratches on display

Documentation Operating Instruction Manual


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2: Environmental Conditions Verification

2.1. Verify that the following is correct:


Clima Ambient temp. 0 – 30 °C Class N. No direct sun on the

Electrical supply As per stated in Operating Instruction Manual and in
accordance to local regulations.
Surface Freezer kept on a solid flat surface to eliminate any
vibrations & irritating noise
Air flow The unit is installed with at least 10 cm free space to the
sides and 15 cm free space at the back


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3: Equipment File Verification

3.1. Verify that the documentation is available.


Purchase Order
Operating Instruction Manual
Parts List
Declaration of conformity (Only forEU)


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4: Operational Qualification Data Sheet. OQ

4.1. Make sure that the following parameters will be noted and filed.

PQ: It is our recommendation that the parameters are checked app


St1 Set point

P25 Low temp. alarm set point
P26 High temp. alarm set point
P27Alarm differential
P28 Alarm delay

Hours for cooling down to set point

(Use external measurement equipment)
Time Dislay External temp.
Ambient temp.
Comp. 01
Comp. 02 (Only UPUL)
Comp. 03 (Only UPUL)
Comp. 04 (Only UPUL)
Comp. 05(Only UPUL)

Other (Only UPUL Models)

Heated Vacuum valve and halogen light Observe that the heated vacuum
valve is functioning properly by
opening the freezer door at short
intervals & halogen lights where
activated when the doors were


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