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Participants: Hansel, Participants’ characteristics Function of Language:

Gretel, the witch, the The text tries to entertain
father & the stepmother In general, they are a poor and the audience and gain their
hardworking family, they are attention.
closely related, because there
are two children who are
siblings, their father, and the
step mother. Apart from that,
there is a stranger in the tale,
who is the witch.

Processes: The Hansel & Gretel Organization: (Focus on a

stepmother along with Hansel is a little clever boy, sequence of actions)
the father, decide to because he makes a plan to look
abandon their kids for a way back home, and when The text is well-organized,
(Hansel and Gretel) in he tricked the witch about his with good use of coherence
the woods. fatness, making her believe he and cohesion.
was still thin. He is also
concerned about his sister, and And at first it draws a
takes care of her. representation of the
characteristics of the
Gretel is a sensitive and narrative, as it introduces
frightful girl that cries all the the characters of the story
time, but even so, she shows her and a general view of the
braveness at the end by pushing context and situation
the witch into the oven. (orientation). After that,
there comes the problem to
arise, where something
unexpected happens and is
established the situation that
generates chaos
(complication). Finally, the
solution to the problem is
given (resolution).

Circumstances: There Father & Stepmother

is a huge famine, and The father is someone who
the family is starving. cares about his family, but is
foolish by his wife, and easily
manipulated by her. But he is
worried about his children, and
it’s hard for him to make a
decision about leaving his kids.

The stepmother is evil,

manipulative and a selfish
woman. She was selfish
because she just cared about her
own wellness and not for others.
But she was also a manipulative
person because she managed to
trick her husband in order to
have her own way. She was also
sly because she wouldn't stop
until she got what she wanted.

Causation: by leaving Witch

the kids in the woods, The old woman pretended to be
they would have two kind to fool the children, but
hungry mouths less to she was evil and cruel to the
feed. kids.

By Raquel Ortega