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William Shakespeare is a well-known British writer, considered the most popular

English author of all times. His pieces usually included topics about life, love, death,
revenge, murder, magic and mystery. On his famous works “Romeo and Juliet” and
“Hamlet”, somehow, these themes are outlined pretty well. Both of them deal with different
main subjects, nevertheless, they portrait the history of people that had tragic ends. This
essay will compare these Shakespeare’s works.

To begin with, “death” or “tragedy” are addressed in both plays when the main
characters face with some momentous obstacles that result in horrible and fatal conclusions.
In Romeo and Juliet both die at the end of the play, and the reasons were bad choices, adult
interference, and bad luck. However, in Hamlet everybody that had to do something with the
main plot died, due to different reasons, mostly, because of the desire to avenge Hamlet’
father's murder.

Apart from that, the term “love” was another key topic in both plots. In Romeo and
Juliet is evidenced the deeply love they have, they couldn't stay with each other because
Romeo is a Montague and Juliet is a Capulet, and these families had a rivalry; they hate each
other and do not want the young couple to be together. In that sense, love is depicted as an
intense passion that springs up at first sight between two lovers and which is suffered but
tries until the end even when there is opposition. On the other hand, Hamlet’s lover is known
as Ophelia, and similarly, they could not stay together because Ophelia's father thinks
Hamlet's crazy, but, it was not a boundary for their love. At the end, Ophelia ends up killing
herself and Hamlet dies in a fight, for his love to his father as well.

The works of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet are characterized by using tragedy, love
and death to impulse the characters to show their lives and the events surrounding them.
Hamlet was willing to revenge his father’s death that murdered his uncle Claudius which
consequently took his life. On the other side, Romeo and Juliet were in love of each other but
this love was not approved for each of the families involved, which led to Juliet to fake her
death and Romeo heard this, he ended up committing suicide at seeing his love was dead. It
looks like this tragic closures are preferred for the father of modern English, and you which
ending would you lean to if you could write a story?

By Maria Raquel Ortega


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