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Cinema is a mean of entertainment that has potentially become popular over the years. As a
result, films have turned into something really important in our lives, and consequently,
have a big impact on viewers’ conduct and opinion. Through movies, people can feel all
sorts of emotions and see crazy things being materialized on the silver screen, for example:
new worlds, alien life, super powers or super advanced technology.

To begin with, movies provide people with a lot of knowledge that sooner or later will
influence their behavior, movies related to medicine, history, real-life events, biographies,
values and principles, they give useful information that changes people´s costumes and
their perception of the world, for example, the film Contagion. Directed by Steven
Soderbergh. Warner Bros. Pictures, 2011. Explains the cycle of diseases and how people
transmit infectious diseases around, from then on, many people took precaution and were
more cautious of hygiene routines in order to prevent disease transmission.

On the other hand, people emulate bad attitudes and behaviors they watch, mostly with
violent plots and scenarios, for instance, when the movie The Dark Knight Rises. Directed
by Christopher Nolan. Legendary Pictures, 2008. Was premiered in the US, a young adult
named James Holmes who was a big fan of the movie, so much, that he was inspired for
one of the characters “The Joker”, and provoked a shooting in a movie theater, were 12
victims died and 70 more were injured.

Finally, movies can be a double-edged weapon because when we see a product in a film,
cinema includes advertisement of different products in movies. An example is shown in the
film Nerve. Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Lionsgate, 2016. Where Apple
products were used by the characters of this film and it is probably some people wanted to
buy Apple products. However, this brings both positive and negative aspects such as
products related to characters or the movies help the economy of the producing-content
companies and as a negative aspect, ads influence people to buy things they may not use,
and so promoting to the consumerism culture.

It seems that cinema in general is so important in our culture and society. Films have
influence on how we behave, we think or our outlook on life but we need to be aware that
movies can affect depending the kind of movie is and the kind of viewer; after all, you are
what you watch.

By Raquel Ortega