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Teachers' role on Education

Since its beginnings, the Education System has experienced different changes along
history, especially, in the role that teachers play in the classroom. Nowadays, an educator
should be a facilitator, an assessor, a guide, an evaluator and even a learner, but this
portrayal has not always been accepted by all institutions and in the past people used other
techniques to develop the teachers’ role in the classroom. This thematic and many other are
portrayed in the movie “Mona Lisa’ smile” (2003), inspired on the traditional and out-mode
customs of Wellesley College; the analysis of the instructor’ performance in the movie will
make our bases for this piece of writing.

The first encounter of the teacher-student environment showed in the movie, led us reflect
upon our attitudes as instructors and also about the type of subject we would address during
the lessons. Our attitude should offer the learners opportunities to participate, they should
feel eager to learn and at the same time, we should support their participation with positive
feedback, remember that all opinions are important. On the other hand, the way we
implement subjects have to do with the type knowledge we want them to analyze, so, we do
not teach facts which are useless in today’s society, but going beyond them, thinking
outside the box, about how the subjects influence our surroundings that is what really

It would be awesome if students would learn many things and they can remember by heart
important facts, dates and bunches of historical issues, but what if they do not analyze it or
relate it with their daily life, or even if they do not reflect upon their behavior, it would we