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Name of Torrent: Kyle XY (2006-2009) - Complete Series (Season 1, 2, 3 S01, S02,

S03) - 720p Web-DL x264

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Plot Synopsis:

"A teenage boy is found wandering, naked and dazed, in traffic. At a nearby youth
detention center, authorities discover that this kid -- Kyle -- is a savant who's
missing instinctive human behavior like joy, anger and love. Stranger still, he's
missing the one thing every mammal has: a belly button. One of the center's
psychologists, Natalie Trager, realizes that Kyle needs special attention -- so she
brings him home to live with her family. Soon, Kyle starts to investigate his
origins ... and some people aren't too happy about it."

P.S: Even though there are NO "Alternate Pilot" or "FUTURE Revealed" episodes (with
the INTENDED ending) for the "Web-DL" version of this series, I went ahead and
FOUND them FOR you all (and added them in the Season "1" and "3" folders,
respectively)! They are in "360p" resolution though considering there are NO "720p-
1080p WEB-DL" releases (that I know of) for those two videos, unfortunately...


Name (Title): Kyle XY (2006-2009) - Complete Series (Season 1, 2, 3 S01, S02, S03)
- 720p Web-DL x264.

Category Type: TV Series.

Length (Duration): Roughly 40-42 Minutes per Episode.

Year(s): 2006-09.

Starring: Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean-Luc
Bilodeau, Kirsten Prout, Chris Olivero, Jaimie Alexander.

Genre(s): Sci-Fi (Science Fiction), TEEN Drama, Mystery, Thriller.

Resolution: 720p.

Rip Type (Source): Web-DL -> Kyle.XY.S01.S02.S03.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H264-

BORDERLiNE[rartv] .

Codec Type: x264.

Format of File(s): MP4(s) for everything.

Audio Format & Language(s): ENGLISH-Language "AC3 5.1 6-Channel" audio in 384 KBPs
(KiloBytes Per Second).

Subtitles: NOPE :(...Unfortunately, I TRIED to "sync" up the subtitles but for this
"WEB-DL" version of the series, the "HDTV", "DVDRip" and OTHER "source" subs that
HAVE been released (on the subtitle aggregator sites) do NOT properly SYNC with
this version of the show (they always gradually go OUT of sync after awhile)...!

Chapters: No.

IMDB Link(s): .