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1. Question: What are the use of Customer Relationship Management to sellers?

Answer: As a seller, the more you know about your customers, the better you’ll be able to
provide them with the kind of positive experience they need. Everything that they do, and every
interaction that they have with you needs to be identified, documented, and recorded. To do this,
you as a seller need to move beyond the sticky-notes and disorganized filing cabinets. Well,
thanks to CRM this all becomes easy. CRM allows seller to store a massive list of customers and
any important information regarding them. Now, access to their file is even more convenient
than before, this will result in less wasted time for sellers. As we all know, the key to giving
customers what they want lies in understanding them, and a CRM system does just that. It
facilitates things by giving seller and the customer ease of communication, organized data, and
improved customer service. Furthermore, CRM enables seller to understand the needs of their
customers and identify the most effective time for online promotions. This way, sellers will be
able to segment their clients and understand what group of customers brings more money. In the
final analysis, CRM tool is a must for any seller that wants to take customer satisfaction to the
next level. CRM system allows seller to perform more tasks in a shorter amount of time,
therefore the information about your clients will always be at hand. Always remember that a
satisfied customer is more likely to return for more purchases and will surely recommend your
products or services to their friends and family.
2. Question: What are the use of Customer Relationship Management to customer?
Answer: Excellent customer service is an art. One that can be difficult to master. The single
biggest complaint that most businesses receive from customers is that they don’t feel their needs
are being addressed. Well, CRM is used to create a much more personal relationship with
customers, allowing organizations to treat them as individuals rather than mass markets. With
CRM, customer support becomes a walk in the park. CRM software gives a better way to
manage external relationships, therefore, it allows customers to feel secured and satisfied. Since
CRM provides easy access to data, it also becomes much easier for customers to inquire and seek
solutions to their problems with regards to the product they purchased. CRM allows businesses
to focus on their relationships with customers. With CRM, it becomes much easier to find new
customers, win their trust, provide qualified support, and provide additional services throughout
the relationship. On my final statement, I would say that a customer is more than just a sales
opportunity. You can have the most amazing product to offer, but if you don’t treat your
customers right, you won’t sell a thing!
3. Question: What are the use of Customer Relationship Management to companies and business
Answer: The better a business can manage the relationships it has with its customers the more
successful it will become. CRM include functionalities that allow companies and business
establishments to track their customer interactions through various available channels. These
channels include contact forms, emails, phone calls, and more. In addition, CRM automates
routine processes and provides companies and businesses with tools that allows for the tracking
and measuring of the company’s performance and productivity. For example, CRM software can
remind you of tasks that you need to complete at a given time. You can make it perform pre-
scheduled activities like sending emails and initiating phone calls. Well, miscalculated data
should not be the reason you cannot succeed, with CRM this is no longer a possibility. CRM
systems store information in one place which leads to improved analyzing of the data as a whole.
Lastly, CRM is effective in building up effective communication within the company. Different
departments can share customer data remotely, hence enhancing team work. Such a strategy is
better than working individually with no links between the different business departments. It
increases the business’s profitability since staff no longer have to move physically while in
search of critical customer data from other departments.