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(ISAIAH 55:1)
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FIRST LESSON: ACTS 1: 8 -11 His own image? Doubts have since NONE TEACHES ANOTHER TO
But ye shall receive power, after ceased because that is a promise KNOW GOD
that the Holy Ghost is come upon that was made long before now, Is the above passage not fulfilled?
you.' and ye shall be witnesses unto sealed and delivered. Even babies in the womb know that
me both in Jerusalem, and in a/l THE ROOr OF MAN'S
the Father has come. The aged too
Judea, and in Samaria, and unto the PROBLEMS.
Now is not the time to remain in are aware that the Father is here No
uttermost part of the earth. man teaches the other to know God
ignorance and idleness. We have to
And when he had spoken these be up and doing. If you sit down idle All now know Him from the least to
thlrlgs, while they beheld, he was and lazy only full of expectations the greatest. black and white, men
taken up, and a cloud received him from God, how would those and women, young and old. Do not
out of their sight. And while they expectations be fulfilled? Will God therefore toy with the word of God
looked steadfastly toward heaven as Repeat the second lesson, reading
bring you your heart desires
he went up, behold, two men stood from verse 10 - 12 to make it more
personally in your state of inactivity?
by them in white apparel. conclusive.
Blindness and ignorance are big
Which also said, ye men of Who says that you are not a child
diseases. They are the root of the
Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into of God? The above passage speaks
problems plaguing the whole world.
heaven? This same Jesus, which is for itself. "For this is the covenant
Men have. for the past decades.
taken up from you into heaven, shall since the physical departure of the that I will make with the house of
so come in like manner as ye have Lord, been engaging in arguments Israel after those days saith the Lord:
seen him go into heaven. concerning the word "manner" used I will put my laws into their mind, and
Brethren, the time when people in describing the form that the Lord write them in their hearts: and I will
foolishly gaze at the sky expecting will come. So have men been be to them a God, and they shall be
our Lord Jesus Christ .has passed. arguing and disagreeing dOing to me a people.
nothing about practicing the word of And they shaH not teach every
For so long, people have had the
erroneous belief that the Lord shall Christ. The confusion has continued man his neighbour, saying, know the
descend from the skies as a dove, ever since. But now, at the fullness of
Lord, for all shall know me, from the
and perch on a tree. But the above time, the truth has surfaced in
least to the greatest. For I will be
passage does not state the mode of fulfillment of the nomination in the merciful to their unrighteousness, and
the coming of the Lord but the scripture that this generation shall not their sins and their iniquities will I
pass away until all things are fulfilled. remember no more."
manner or nature of the person
. ALL HANDS MUST BE ON All of us are the children of GOd.
expected. That is the meaning. How
DECK .. There is none who does not know
can Christ descend from· above?
Let no one deceive you any more. Him. You are therefore not to be
Who told you that? The truth is that
He shall come back in the body The teachings that you receive here taught to know GOd. Knowing Him is
wherewith He left. In like manner will are the truth. Our Lord Jesus Christ not dependent on Him buying you a
He return as flesh and blood. Has any has' come back to do greater works car, giving you food. clothing or
person ever descended from above than He did before. Th'is is God's shelter. Knowledge of Him is given
into this earth at any time? In His first vineyard and city. We are His people. freely from the least to the greatest
advent, did He descend from the If the kingdom and city of God abide We no longer recall or remember the
sky? Did the mode of His appearance in heaven, know that that is where we
sins that had been committed against
on earth, being born by a woman, are. If the kingdom of God consists of us.

stop Him from being the beloved of men, know that those men ye are. It Christ was the head of the church.
God, Christ or king? How did His does not begin and end with being or Who still heads the church today? Is
method of advent inhibit His duties? answering His vineyard, there are it not Christ. why should man roam?
He came as man and in like manner duties attached thereto. You are now Were men meant to be wandering
shall He come back. It is started (hat given to stealing. loitering and other about like destitutes and orphans?
all eyes shall see and know Him. ills because of idleness. If all of us The Father has taken care of us as
Have all eyes not seen and known put our hands on deck, then idleness He promised. We are now one flock
Him? shall stop and prosperity will take under one shepherd. We are His
Heaven and earth shall pass away over the land. children. Amongst us there' is no
but there is none of the word of God Re-examine the Second Lesson. orphans, no poor, no widow or
that shall pass away. As spoken by SECOND LESSON: HEBREWS widower, no penury, no hunger. We
those two angels that He shall come, 8: 10·12 have to abide in peace. No one
has he not returned as man? The For this is the covenant that I will should show God to you. He is
interpretations given by the churches make with the house of Israel after present everywhere and there is no
and individuals are false. those days saith the Lord: I will put place that you will stand and will not
Our Lord Jesus Christ promised to my laws into their mind, and write see Him.
pray the Father to give us a them in their hearts: and I will be to Everything that had happened
Comforter. They question is, has the them a God, and they shall be to me when Christ was here. the events still
Comforter not come? continue. He is with us even till date
a people.
God has come. He is maQ. He And they shall not teach every and is responsible for all the
said, let us create man in our own . man his neighbour, saying, know the goings-on. God is the Lord of all and
Image ... has He not created man in Lord, for all shall know me, from the we remain His servants and vineyard
least to the greatest. uadu O/umbo Olulllba Ooc
11" Solt Spi"Iu.a1 Htad