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Exam practice 1: Reading

Paper I Part 4: multiple matching

You are going to read an article in which six people talk about the part that travel plays in their
lives. For questions 1—15, choose from the people (A—F). The people may be chosen more
than once.

Which person
currently has very 11ffle time for holidays? 1
believes that the destination often compensates for a
tedious journey? 2
dislikes being kept waiting on arrival at a destination? 3
prefers to let someone else organise the travel arrangements? 4
finds that travelling provides inspiration for work? 5 6
says that feelings of homesickness can spoil the enjoyment
of travelling? 7
is reluctant to give up creature comforts when travelling? 8
is inclined to overpack when going on a journey? 9
visits so many places that it’s hard to recall much about
them individually? 10
regards travel as an educational experience? 11
does not spend holidays in the way some people
might expect? 12
welcomes the culture-change that long journeys
make possible? 13
appreciates the opportunity for reflection that travel can offer? 14 15

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Exam practice 1: Reading

My life in travel
A Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop D Matthew Williamson: fashion designer
As kids, we spent the summers helping out in my When I go on holiday, I tend to go abroad because I
mum’s cak, sneaking off when we could to the nearby want to escape from my daily routine. Even though 40
beach or amusement park. Since then, the insights I’ve the reason for going is to recharge my batteries, I take
gained from extensive travelling have been ploughed my sketchbooks with me so that I can draw new ideas
back into my work with the Body Shop. I think of for the next season’s collection. However, I don’t
travel as a university without walls, and for me there enjoy the procedure of getting from A to B at all in—

has always got to be a purpose to it. Lounging around fact, I would probably travel twice as much as I do if 45
on a beach doesn’t grab me at all, but I love soaking I could just magic myself there.
up the environment; walking, hiking and rafting with When I was younger, I used to rough it a bit on
0 family and friends in remote places. Long train cheap package holidays, but there’s no way I would do
journeys are sublime because they give me time to that now For me, the biggest luxury if I go away now
think, but air travel is abysmal .When I do have to do is time, and because I like everything to go smoothly 50
it, I make sure that I just take hand luggage, so I’m not and pleasantly, it’s safer to let my personal assistant sort
hanging around the baggage reclaim at the end of the out the whole thing for me.
IS journey.
E Nelly Furtado singer
B Laura Bailey, model I grew up in Canada, and remember many holidays
I’ve clocked up lots of miles through my work since I just swimming in the lakes and going cycling. But one
started modelling.When I was small, we mainly rented of my best memories is of backpacking around 55
cottages on the coast in the holidays, although I do Europe with friends when I was around 18, and
remember going camping in Europe. These days, I waking up and not knowing where we were. Even
20 regard long-haul travelling as a necessary means to an now, I’m quite happy with this kind of wandering,
end; I tolerate it because the place itself generally rootless lifestyle, although I still haven’t learned to
more than makes up for the tedium of getting there. travel light. I’ve done so much touring in the last three 60
When I travel for work, I have no choice but to let my years that it all blends into one for me these days, and
agent organise the trip, but I’ll very often stay on grabbing a day or two off to look around a city counts
25 afterwards or take a detour to somewhere I want to as a vacation. The process of getting there means you
explore. Over the years, what I’ve learned is just to go can just sit with your memories flying back to my

with the flow sometimes the wrong turn can turn

— old home town I get swamped by all these feelings. 65
out to be the right turn.
F Jamie Cullum, singer
C Bear Gryfis: explorer With short-haul flights, it hardly feels like you have left
People assume I must be a nightmare to go on holiday home, so I’m quite happy to do long-haul travel if
30 with because I’ll always want to be going up a there’s plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere at the
mountain, but actually that’s the last thing I’m up for. other end. Although I’m not averse to the occasional
I get my adrenaline rush from work, so on holiday I package holiday with friends it certainly takes away 70

Want to chill out properly, preferably on a beach. For the hassle I’ve had some of my best times travelling

me, travelling is all about arriving at a place. On my alone, perhaps because it’s a more intense experience. I
35 lecture tours to the USA, I always try to squeeze a lot used to take loads of books and stuff with me, but I’ve
into as little time as possible so that I can fly there and learned that sometimes you can get so immersed in
back in one day. If you’re away from your family, then reading that you could be anywhere instead of 75
the flin part of travelling is eliminated. appreciating what is around you.

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Exam practice 1: Use of English

Paper 3 Part 4: gapped sentences

For questions 1—5, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three
sentences. Here is an example (0).

0 Sarah is a good teacher and her students find her really to talk to.
Carl wasn’t a fan of hard work and was always looking for an life.
It’s to see why so many couples choose that lovely island for their
1 Estelle suffered a in income when she moved to a less responsible
There has been a in the number of people applying for seasonal
work in the retail sector this year.
After the long hot spell, there was hardly a of water left in the

2 On the preparatory course, all subjects are covered, but none in great

The actor managed to convey a great of feeling in the final scene

of the film.
The water in the swimming pool is of a constant so there is no
shallow end.

3 Fiona’s tutor her to believe that she was well prepared for her first
work placement.
After the film on recruitment procedures, Sarah Brown a short
discussion on the issues that it had raised.
It was Simon’s poor timekeeping that to his dismissal from the

4 The newspaper is a series of articles on employment opportunities

in the hotel and catering sector.
The works manager was just through the firm’s safety policy for
the benefit of the new recruits when the fire alarm sounded.
If you want to apply for a teaching job, time is short, as
applications have to be in by the end of the week.

5 At the end of the heated negotiations, the staff for a 3 per cent
pay increase.
Graham found a spare seat in the corner of the library and soon
down to work.
There had been a fall of snow overnight, but it had only on the
higher ground.

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Exam practice 1: Use of English
Paper 3 Part 5: key word transformations

For questions 1—8, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three
and six words including the word given. Here is an example (0).

a Do you think I could borrow your pen, please?
I could borrow your pen, please?
1 It was the most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been to.
I’ve expensive restaurant.

2 It’s two years since I first went to dancing classes.

I’ve for two years.

3 I don’t think Yasmin is likely to call round tonight.

I think will call round tonight.

4 People say it is the world’s most polluted city.

It polluted city in the world.

5 By booking in advance, students can get a 10 per cent discount.

Students who to a 10 per cent discount.

6 You have to hand in your assignment by the end of the month.

The is the end of the month.

7 There’s not much chance of our winning the match.

We winning the match.

8 Who left the room in such a mess?

Who the room in such a mess?

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Exam practice 1: Writing

Paper 2 Part 2

Write an answer to one of the questions 1—3 in this part. Write your answer in 220—260 words
in an appropriate style.

An internationally renowned art gallery is looking for people to work there as temporary
assistants over the summer. The job involves acting as an English-speaking guide for
groups of tourists from many different countries. You are interested in applying for the job.
Write a formal letter to the director of the gallery, asking for further details and giving
information about:

• any relevant previous experience

• your suitability for the job
• your level of English.

Write your letter.

2 A group of young people (18—21) from various countries is coming to your area as part of
a cultural exchange scheme. They will have an organised programme of daytime
activities, but will be free in the evenings. The local tourist office has asked you to
produce an information sheet in English which will give members of the group information

• social activities available in the area in the evening

• how to take part in them
• an indication of the cost.

Write your information sheet.

3 A website for English language students in your country has decided to include a page of
book reviews written by students themselves. You have been asked to provide a review of
a book in English which you have read for pleasure recently. It should be a book which
you would recommend to other readers.

In your review include:

• brief information about the plot and characters
• an indication of the level of English needed to read it
• the type of person who you think would enjoy reading it.

Write your review.

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Exam practice 1: Listening
Paper 4 Part 2: sentence completion

You will hear a university student talking about some research she has been involved with on
the subject of superstitions in the United Kingdom. For questions 1—8, complete the sentences.


The researchers intend

to use a 1 as a way of collecting future data.

The exact number of people taking part

in the initial research was

The researchers found that

various types of were used by 28% of people.

The commonest saying used by respondents to

bring good luck was

The objects most widely regarded as unlucky by

respondents were

The researchers were surprised

to find that people involved in 6 were quite superstitious.

The most superstitious age group turned out to be

When talking about the future, the speaker says the fact that superstitions are always
and is important.

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