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Name: Sameon, Mary Joy P.

Section: BSA-G1 Date: September 3, 2019

I. Pre-writing
What is the Gadget is man's bestfriend
you are
What First, gadgets plays an important role to us as a student. Second, gadgets
explanations are plays an important role when we are alone in public or when we are out of
you providing place. Third, gadget can help us communicate better with friends and family
for phenomenon especially those who are far from us. Fourth, gadget made our lives
above? enjoyable and fun.
Give at least
How to do you By defining gadget
plan to introduce
your topic?
How to do you Summarizing the main point and stating a final conclusive statement
plan to end the

Did you Yes. The definition of gadget and its importance.

research for
your explanation

If you did
research, what
specific ideas in
your essay are
If you did
research, what
are your References

List all your

sources. Use
the citation
by the
Sameon, Mary Joy P.


Life is becoming fast every single passing minute and day. In this fast life, things are also going to be
advanced and enhanced if we talk and think technology wise then we can easily realize that the gadgets
are the main source tool which makes our life more reliable, adaptable and manageable. Gadgets are
those Most people in today's generation uses gadgets, it became part of our day to day lives, we spend
most of our times with these gadgets and a lot of these pieces of technology we use, becomes almost
like bestfriend to us.

Why? First, gadget plays an important role to us as a student. Because of the advent of technology, most
students need a mobile phone or smartphone in order for them to get information from the internet
which is commonly practiced by students and teachers nowadays. Most teachers do not use the books
as their references in teaching the students instead, they want the students to surf in the internet to get
information about a certain lesson.

Second, gadget plays an important role when we are alone in public or when we are out of place.
Whenever we are alone in public, we do not want to just sit there and do nothing. We don't want
people to know that we are alone, so we have our gadget as a tool to get away from boredom and to let
people know thar we're not alone. I also has an important role when we are our of place, like for
example when we are in a party then eventually you feel uncomfortable and out of place, the gadget
will be your savior.

Third, gadget can help you communicate better with friends and family, especially those who lived in
another country, due to the development of internet calling and web cam and in the near future make
more advancement i this area communication would be as and efficient as ever. It conveys delight to
the family, with the coming web calm and other video extras, avoiding familiar and companions is not
really difficut. These gadgets can infuence far off things to draw close and makes human availabily

Fourth, all the music devices today like Ipod, dvd player, video games and several others have made our
lives enjoyable and fun. These gadgets bring our smile on our faces and make our lives enjoyable.

We can't even imagine a life without our mobile phone, or what if we need to travel fron one pace to
another then absolutely we need to travel it by car or plane so there is no doubt to say this that gadgets
are our bestfriend , our life is totally dependable on gadgets and technogies plays an important role in
our routine .

Gadget is indeed a man's bestfriend, a bestfriend that a man needs during difficult times, a bestfriend
that is always there to help us make our life a lot easier for us to have everything at one place. Wherever
we are, we always have our gadget with us. Gadgets have become a huge part of our lives and without
them, our lives seem incomplete.