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ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009 Read this newsletter on-line at www.profinews.


PI News
P1 MAJOR ENERGY PI has begun work on a major
MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE energy saving initiative designed
to manage the power consumption
P2 WIRELESS FOR SENSORS of high energy devices such as
AND ACTUATORS IN lasers, drives and robots.
P2 PROFIBUS/PROFINET The initiative, which will create a
EXPECTATIONS manufacturer-independent and
P2 PROFINET NETWORK standardized profile for PROFINET
that helps end users manage
IS FIELD-FRIENDLY their devices more efficiently,
P3 PI CONFERENCE REPORT has been requested by the AIDA
(Automation Initiative of German

PI World Automobile Manufacturers)

companies comprising Audi, BMW,
PI Chairman Jörg Freitag on stage with AIDA representatives at a press conference
held to announce the energy saving initiative at the PI Conference celebrating the 20th
P6 BRAZIL anniversary of PROFIBUS in March.
Daimler, VW and Porsche. These
companies already collaborate
on aspects of automation that
saving modes for high power
are of mutual interest and have
consumption devices which can
be addressed uniformly and easily
The two-day conference
already committed to PROFINET
by a network controller. This will
New Products as their Industrial Ethernet
allow the controller to optimize
celebrating the 20th anniversary
of PROFIBUS saw more than
preference. They have now tasked
P4 SWITCH energy consumption during 150 delegates and presenters
PI with providing functions and
P4 MASTER FOR production runs and breaks. converge on the prestigious
CONTROLLogix mechanisms for PROFINET that
ZKM arts and media center in
P4 PROFIBUS REPEATER support energy-efficient production. A working group was formed in
Karlsruhe, Germany, to hear
Two factors are driving the February and use cases and user
P4 presentations on many aspects of
initiative - the high cost of energy, requirements have been defined. PROFIBUS and PROFINET.
and the need to comply with latest A specification will be ready by
The conference featured papers on
environmental regulations. The the end of 2009 with first devices
Member News aim is to develop different energy appearing around the same time.
a wide variety of topics. Journalists
attending a press conference held
P4 NEW BOOK FOR PA just prior to the event heard news of:
> a new energy saving initiative
(see above).
Technology update
> latest node counts.
FOR PROFINET IO > a wireless standard for sensors
and actuators.

There’s more about these stories

on Page 2 and a full conference
report on Page 3.
(Left) Mr Jürgen Kübler of Daimler, part
of the AIDA group, showing delegates at

PI Network the main conference how energy demand

varies in an active manufacturing line.
Even at rest, 20kWh is being consumed!!!

ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009

PI News the automation system. A majority

of these errors can be avoided
if installers comply with simple
WIRELESS FOR handling rules during system NODE GROWTH
ACTUATORS The new guideline can help EXPECTATIONS
IN FACTORY increase the quality of an In 2008, PROFINET experienced

AUTOMATION installation. As with the partner growth of 40% compared with

2007, with 1.6 million nodes
PI has begun defining a standard guideline for PROFIBUS, great
efforts were made to ensure user installed by year end. PI believes
way for using wireless coupling of
friendliness. that the total will rise to 3 million
sensors and actuators in factory
by the end of 2010.
automation. The easy-to-understand text is

PI has already specified limited to only what is essential. PROFIBUS is also growing fast! In
Process automation use of
WirelessHART for process Clear instructions are rendered 2008 alone, 5 million PROFIBUS
PROFIBUS also rose. By the end
automation applications. This as drawings showing only devices were sold - higher even
of 2008, 880,000 PROFIBUS PA
uses radio technology compliant the elements necessary for than the previous year’s 4.5 million,
devices had been installed, a 20%
with the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. understanding. In this way, the and representing an increase of
increase over 2007. The total
Factory automation requires reader can see at a glance 11%. The PROFIBUS total rose to
number of PROFIBUS (DP and
higher throughputs and faster what is important, preventing 28.3 million. PI believes that the 50
PA) nodes in the process industry
response times so IEEE misinterpretation. million node mark will be passed
is now 4.8 million.
802.15.1 will be used. This is by the end of 2012.
The guideline was designed for
the base transmission standard PI Chairman Jörg Freitag (above 90% share for PROFIsafe!
on-site use in A5 format and can
of Bluetooth. Elements of the be purchased for €18 from the PI right) said: “This growth reflects Further success was experienced in
WISA solution from ABB will be Support Center. the trust of users, who utilize functional safety. By the end of 2008,
incorporated and field connections the advantages of PROFIBUS the number of PROFIsafe systems
will be enabled via IO-LINK. PROFINET technology over the entire life cycle reached 66,000 and the number of

Coexistence with WirelessHART, NETWORK of their systems. A decisive factor devices was 630,000. A study by
is full investment protection and ARC Advisory sees the total market
and WLAN - the standard TESTING compatibility, important due to the of bus-capable safety devices at
for wireless transmission in After proper installation, a
long service life of many systems, 700,000. This means that PROFIsafe
PROFINET systems - will be PROFINET network must be
particularly in process automation.” has a 90% market share!
ensured. The target for completion tested. To support this need,
of documentation is end 2009. PI is creating a commissioning
The use of IEEE 802.15.4 for guideline for PROFINET. This
factory automation is being left contains information on checking
SOFTWARE includes source text files and
corresponding documentation
open at the moment. existing cabling using simple FOR EDD with implementation instructions.
techniques, and describes ENGINEERING
INSTALLATION a variety of measurement Two powerful new software
PI member companies can
download it free from the PI web
GUIDELINE equipment and how to carry out components for distributing device site. The interfaces are disclosed
IS FIELD- measurements. Templates for descriptions based on EDDL have and fully documented. The
FRIENDLY creating inspection test reports
are included. Commissioning and
been announced. These are an package includes object code, a
PI has published an installation EDD import library supporting the sample client and documentation.
troubleshooting are described
guideline for PROFINET, aimed at development of IEC-compatible The interpreter is also integrated
step by step.
helping ensure that systems are EDDs for PROFIBUS PA devices, in a testing system for certification
set up properly. It’s published as a Planning Guideline too and an interpreter for use in of PROFIBUS products. A use
booklet that can be taken out into engineering tools. license is granted based on a
A planning guideline is also under
the field! standard contract. Interested
preparation. This deals with all The EDD import library is an
companies are asked to contact
Experience shows that 80% of aspects of planning PROFINET IEC-compatible library of basic
the PI Support Center at info@
system failures can be traced systems and presents the required elements which can be used
back to electromechanical faults components. The target date for for very efficient development
(e.g. bad cabling) independent of completion is the end of 2009. of EDDs. The package
ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009

PI News and informative discussion

took place.

REPORT Day 2 focused on PROFINET,
More than 150 delegates with TMG TE, Phoenix
and presenters attended the Contact and Siemens
PI International Conference contributing. Wireless dominated
‘Excellence in Automation’ in the afternoon, while over in the
March, held to celebrate the 20th parallel session, topics included
anniversary of PROFIBUS. diagnostics, trouble-shooting and
The prestigious ZKM Center for
Arts and Media was the venue for
nearly two days of presentations Professor Klaus Bender (on stage and inset), one of the creators of PROFIBUS in 1989,
described during the opening address his pleasure and pride at how the technology had
about PROFIBUS, PROFINET evolved over the years. “Fieldbus is the enabler for economic production even in high
salary countries such as Germany,” he told delegates.
and IO-LINK. Plenty of emphasis
was placed on the life cycle the “undisputed” market leader. At the end of Day 1, a Podium
advantages of the latest 3.02 “If you take an average value Discussion took place on Life
profile for PROFIBUS PA, which of €1000 per device, the total Cycle Management, featuring James Powell from Canada used the
represents a market value of €50 example of his cat Miss Kitty - who cost
brings major benefits for process only $5 to acquire but $800 to ‘run’ in her
plant operators. Billion, not counting any services first year alone - to illustrate the impact
of life cycle costs. James also gave away
or engineering costs involved,” he copies of his new book on PROFIBUS PA
A press conference preceding
said. The afternoon began with two end
the main event heard several
user presentations. First, Michael
important announcements, Only digital fieldbuses can
Pelz of Clariant covered PA topics
including news of the latest deliver true horizontal integration
while Jürgen Kübler representing
of components on the factory Dr Peter Neumann, who chaired the papers
AIDA (below) described the power
floor, and vertical integration into committee, brought the conference to a
close with his paper on virtual networks. management requirement.
MES for example, he continued.
“Fieldbus is the enabler for Hans-Georg Kumpfmüller and Finally, the event was brought to a
economic production even in Dr Raimond Sommer from the conclusion by Dr Peter Neumann
high salary countries such as vendor community, supported by (left), who chaired the paper
Germany,” he concluded. Dr Thomas Hauff, Dr Wolfgang selection committee. He gave
A parallel conference session was held in a
separate lecture theater to allow a range of
Morr and Dr Thomas Tauchnitz a detailed explanation of virtual
other topics to be presented. These included Day 1
from the user side. A far-ranging networks in the office and factory.
IO-LINK, safety, diagnostics and profiles.
The first formal session of Day
node counts, a statement about
1 was dominated by PROFIBUS
a new wireless standard for
PA, and life cycle costs and
sensors and actuators and an
Endress+Hauser, Elcon and
Active Energy Management
Siemens were speakers. After
profile for PROFINET. Fuller
details are included elsewhere lunch James Powell (pictured

in this newsletter. It was also above right) kept delegates

announced that Emerson Process awake with stories of his cat in a

Management has joined PNO in session entitled ‘Engineering and

Germany. Integration’.

Professor Klaus Bender of itm, Parallel sessions were held

(see above center) one of the in an adjacent hall, and IO-
godfathers of PROFIBUS, opened LINK received most attention
formal proceedings with a reprise during the first session. Safety
in both Factory and Process (Main picture) Representatives of AIDA supporting the press conference held prior to the
of progress. He concluded by
main event. They commented about the significance of PROFINET to their manufacturing
saying that with 30 million installed environments with PROFIsafe lines and explained the importance of the new Active Energy Management profile to future
cost savings and regulatory compliance. Jürgen Kübler of Daimler (sitting left, and inset)
devices PROFIBUS had become were featured later. of Daimler later explained during the Conference proper the need for such a profile.

ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009

Product News The advanced 12 Mbps core of the

repeater is identical to the ProfiHub; it
in difficult media such as those with
a large proportion of solids or with
presentation of PROFINET information.
A browser recognizes PROFINET
can be cascaded without limit and is low conductivity. Operation only devices and provides information about
SWITCH equipped with the latest isolated RS requires 1.0 µS/cm media conductivity. system status, connection issues,
The Scalance 485 interface. The data is constantly The standard accuracy is 0.35% of network utilization, etc. INAT
XF204IRT is the monitored for glitches which are reading, but a high-grade option with
optimal managed
digitally filtered out. Every channel an accuracy of 0.2% of reading is UNIVERSAL
switch for available. YOKAGAWA
PROFINET IRT field level applications. It
has on-board switchable termination
and can drive 31 devices. A DB9
combines a very flat housing (ET 200S
connector is provided for ProfiTrace or PROFINET netTAP 100 is a
gateway designed
design) and four downward sloping
RJ45 jacks for easy installation with
other maintenance/engineering tools.
TOOLBOX to bridge the gaps
high performance Isochronous Realtime NetSpector is between fieldbus,
performance. So even in small and a toolbox for Real-Time Ethernet
cramped control cabinets, PROFINET PA FLOW PROFINET systems and serial
IRT segments like line, star or redundant The Yokogawa analysis. The protocols. Based
ring structures can be established. ADMAG AXF Sniffer observes on Hilscher’s netX
For high availability even standby magnetic the network traffic, records data chip, the netTAP 100 is capable of
connections to other network segments flowmeter is now packages using filters and triggers, and linking any of the major fieldbuses,
are possible. In addition the rugged available with decodes them. It has 3 components: real time Industrial Ethernets and
RJ45 jacks optimized for FastConnect PROFIBUS PA the display unit (network viewer), serial protocols. netTAP 100 can be
RJ45 plugs secure reliable connectivity. communications, the recording unit (echorecord) and configured to be a master or slave. The
SIEMENS allowing its echoTAP for recording telegrams in full- configuration software for the master is
easy integration duplex operation. echoTAP is a USB an FDT/DTM based tool. A USB port is

MASTER FOR into process 2.0 solution that uses Wirespeed. The used for configuration and diagnostics.
environments. The ADMAG AXF Permanent Network link feature avoids Development tools are available that
CONTROLLogix flowmeter is ideally suited to use in packet loss even when power fails or allow third parties to develop custom
This PROFIBUS demanding applications: in particular, the USB port is disconnected. With the protocol gateways utilizing any stacks
Master for the for making reliable measurements diagnosis-view, there is a simplified and gateway applications. HILSCHER
chassis (MVI56-
PDPMV1) is the
first module to Member News book! I particularly like your
examples from site visits.” (a
be enabled with
reference to the many simple
CIPconnect, a NEW BOOK FOR installation mistakes James
feature that allows
a PC to connect mentions throughout the book.)
to the MVI56- Siemens Milltronics has published Order from learningcenter.
PDPMV1 module over Ethernet via a new book entitled ‘Catching the
the 1756-ENBT EtherNet/IP module.
Process Fieldbus: An Introduction
This allows the user to configure the
PROFIBUS master and network, to PROFIBUS for Process
upload, download files, and view Automation’. It’s written by James SUCCESS RATES
network and module diagnostics from Powell and Henry Vandelinde PROCENTEC, from the
a PC using the ProSoft Configuration
and brings the world of industrial Netherlands, which has been
Builder. RSLinx is not required
and the user only requires one IP communications to the beginner. offering ‘Installation Certification’
address and slot number. PROFIBUS for some years, reports that
The authors take the occasionally
comDTM (PSW-cDTM-PDPM) support
The book is designed to speak more and more certifications
is included to allow FDT or Asset confusing mixture of fieldbuses,
to the beginner. It lays the are passed in the ‘first-round’.
Management software connectivity. software packages and media that
PROSOFT TECHNOLOGY groundwork for communication Dennis van Booma said: “It is
defines industrial communications
design, providing information clear that training and support are
and make it accessible.
PROFIBUS for the curious to explore and
available everywhere now and
James Powell said: “My intent
REPEATER motivation for the dedicated to go
that the users have learned from
PROCENTEC’s new compact
was not to write the definitive and thousands of successful projects.
further. Jörg Freitag, Chairman of
PROFIBUS comprehensive handbook on Certification is a quality assurance
PI said: “The book is an excellent
repeater offers PROFIBUS. I wanted to show that for plant-owners and integrators
an economical appetizer - a great introduction to
when industrial communications is to emphasize that the PROFIBUS
alternative the world of PROFIBUS.”
understood and then installed with installation complies with standards
and fulfils the
requirements of forethought and care, network Ron Mitchell, author of and is working properly before
the demanding operation can be both beneficial ‘PROFIBUS - a pocket guide’, it is being put into commission”.
modern industry. and painless.” recommends it as a “Very good PROCENTEC
ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009

Tech Update communication standard for their

factory automation. At that time
device can be optimized through
the use of suitable hardware. Full
of communication establishment
shortly before the tool is coupled.
Industrial Ethernets suffered from
FAST START the handicap of very slow start
details of FSU can be found in the
The advantage of wireless is the
UP (FSU) FOR up time compared to traditional
corresponding standards or case
absence of idle time during start

PROFINET IO fieldbuses. Typically, start up times

up or cable induced problems (for
by: Kostyantyn Shcherbina of Hilscher and
Jens Bürger of Murrelektronik were in the range of seconds. This Comparison with instance, line disruption or short

Fast Start Up (FSU) was specified disadvantage prevented the use alternative solutions circuits). This may help to save

of Industrial Ethernet systems with costs. However, the disadvantages

for PROFINET IO to make it The transmission of signals in
robots with automatic tool changing are increased safety risks and
possible for an IO Device on the present-day ATCs is mostly
(ATC). interferences, which lead to higher
network to go instantly into a ‘power based on approved fieldbuses
on’ state following cyclic data jitters, cycle times, additional
Technology like PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and
exchange with an IO controller. planning effort and limited amount
INTERBUS. The typical start up time
Such functionality is a high priority FSU is described in the latest of transmitting devices in the local
for conventional fieldbus systems
requirement for some important specification of PROFINET IO. area. Therefore, wireless should be
lies in the region of a few 100 ms.
applications in factory automation. The basic rule defines that the time used only where:
between the ‘power on’ and receipt For a long time Industrial Ethernet
Problem and Solution > cable usage is uneconomical or
of the first cyclic input data should communication systems were
Industrial robots have become impossible;
not exceed 500 ms. not able to keep up with the
very important for efficient factory conventional fieldbuses in terms of > the disadvantages are negligible.
automation. Modern robots Because during the first start up
start up time. The market did set
and their ability to change tools the IO Device is parameterized User opinion
new performance requirements
automatically increase the flexibility and configured the benefits of FSU
which resulted in the development One of the leading German car
of production lines as well as may be used only from the second
of compromise solutions. The manufacturers is currently planning
reduce the number of robots per start up.
most noticeable among them are its future production line and has
cell. This leads to a reduction of The protocol optimizations are to choose the communication
gateways and wireless.
costs and floor space. standardized in the following ways: peripherals for his robots with ATC.
For some time PROFINET IO - in
With good planning, tool changing Typical operations are welding and
> use of fixed transmission contrast to the other common
may also shorten the production gripping. Car body production for a
parameters (only for copper wires), Industrial Ethernet systems - has
cycle and increase productivity. instead of automatic detection, robot cell is as low as 45 seconds,
standardized the way IO Devices
The fact that a production cycle which reduces the start up time by including the delay for tool change.
can reach start up times of less than
of a typical line can be lower up to three seconds. That emphasizes the crucial role of
500 ms. Devices on the market
than one minute results in the the communication components.
> the network address is not passed to guarantee times of approximately
requirement for the tool changing This manufacturer has clear views:
the IO device on each cycle, but only 400 ms. However, considerably
time to be as short as possible.
at first start up. The parameters are lower times can be easily reached. > FSU devices with a start up time
Every delays while uncoupling
saved within the permanent memory less than 500 ms are required.
one tool and coupling another The recently-established
of the IO device. On every following Gateway concept enables fast > gateway concepts will not be used.
should be minimized. A tool, and
start up the parameters are retrieved ATC for fieldbuses. The Industrial
thus the whole robot, is only ready
from the permanent memory and > the use of wireless components
for operation if all corresponding Ethernet systems handle vertical
reused. This optimization may save will be limited because the cycle
IO peripherals are in cyclic data communications while the
several seconds. times are usually not satisfactory.
exchange with the PLC. This fieldbus handles horizontal. The
means that the time required for the > IO Devices announce crucial drawback is increased Conclusions
establishment of the communication their readiness to establish complexity due to the utilization
With start up times lower than 500
between the IO Device of the tool communication instead of waiting of two technologies, which has
ms nothing stands in the way of
and a PLC can negatively impact for the IO Controller to search. It is a noticeable, negative, effect on
PROFINET IO utilization on robots
productivity. possible to save up to one second maintenance and service.
with ATC. Based on AIDA’s choice
this way.
In 2004, AIDA (the automation Wireless solves the problem and the advantages in comparison
initiative of German automobile These enhancements remove of a fast start up either through to other solutions PROFINET IO
manufacturers) made a decision any protocol-specific delays. keeping the communication up all will soon become an approved
to use PROFINET IO as the basic Furthermore the start up of a the time or utilizing the technique standard for ATC systems.
ISSUE 67, APRIL 2009

PI World registered under Indian law and a draft PI Network

constitution is being derived from the
Australia - Mr. John Immelman
SEA model. A program of Technical and Tel: +61 3 9761 5599; Fax: +61 3 9761 5525

BRAZIL Marketing Activities for PROFIBUS and

Belgium - Mr. Herman Looghe
PROFINET has begun. These included Tel: +32 2 706 80 00; Fax: +32 2 706 80 09
During February, Andy Verwer from Email:
a PROFIBUS Developer Workshop
Manchester Metropolitan University in
in March. A PROFIBUS Certified Brazil - Mr. Cesar Cassiolato
UK accredited the first PI Competency Tel: +55 16 3946 3519; Fax: +55 16 3946 3595
Engineer/Installer class in June 2009 Email:
Center (PICC) in Brazil.
is planned, ( China - Mr. Tang Jiyang
Tel.: +86 10 62 02 92 18; Fax: +86 10 62 01 78 73
During recent training visits Andy had and a PROFIBUS/PROFINET Talk Email:
carried out an in-depth accreditation / Seminar will be organized. Other
PROFIBUS services offered contact: Czech Republic - Mr. Zdenek Hanzalek
inspection of the PICC in foundation at planned activities include participation Tel.: +420 2 2435 7610; Fax: +420 2 2435 7610 or dennis@ Email:
the FIPAI-University of Sao Paulo-USP in the ELECRAMA Fair. A Foundation Denmark - Mr. Jacob Hagen
in Sao Carlos City. The accreditation Meeting is targeted for June/July 2009. Tel: +45 4453 1293;
and inspection procedure included The Brazil Latin America PROFIBUS
Association recently hosted the first
a full audit of available equipment, Finland - Mr. Taisto Kaijanen
Tel: +35 8 9 5307259; Fax: +35 8 9 5307360
demonstration and development certified PROFIBUS training courses Email:
equipment as well as an in-depth in Sao Paulo. Two internationally Following the success of the first two France - Mr. Eric Lobet
Certified PROFINET Engineer Courses Tel: +33 1 48 58 30 24; Fax: +33 1 48 58 50 53
technical examination of the knowledge recognized PROFIBUS courses – the Email:
of the Center’s staff. Cesar Cassiolato, Certified PROFIBUS Installer course in the UK, The PROFIBUS Group in
Germany - Mr. Jörg Freitag
Director of Smar and also the RPA and the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer conjunction with the PI Competence Tel: +49 721 96 58590; Fax: +49 721 96 58589
Brazil Latin America President and Course were held, conducted by Andy Center at Manchester Metropolitan

Prof. Dr. Dennis Brandao from USP Verwer, of Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and PROCENTEC Ireland - Mr. Hassan Kaghazchi
Tel: +353 61 202 107; Fax: +353 61 202 582
(pictured above right with Andy center) University in UK, in co-operation with of the Netherlands has organized a Email:
are the internal experts of the PICC the Brazil Latin America PICC. third Certified PROFINET Engineer Italy - Mr. Maurizio Ghizzoni
Tel: +39 030 3384030; Fax: +39 030 396999
Brazil Latin America. Another external Course to be held in Manchester on Email:
These courses are internationally-
expert will need to evaluate the center 20 - 22 May. Priced at £1400 for
Japan - Mr. Shinichi Motoyoshi
accredited and several professionals
and then full PICC status will be members and £1500 for non-members Tel: +81 3 54 23 86 28; Fax: +81 3 54 23 87 34
were certified during the courses.
gained. of The PROFIBUS Group, this 3-day
The one-day Installer course covers Korea - Mr. Cha Young Sik
training course provides a detailed Tel: +82 2 523 5143; Fax: +82 2 523 5149
The PICC in foundation is also the layout, installation and testing Email:
technical knowledge of PROFINET.
undergoing accreditation as a of PROFIBUS DP and PA networks.
Participants who pass the exam gain Middle East - Mr. S C Sanu
The 3.5 day in-depth Engineer course Tel.: +971 4 398 2760; Fax: +971 4 398 2761
PROFIBUS International Training the title ‘Certified PROFINET Engineer’ Email:
covers PROFIBUS network design,
Center (PITC) ready to deliver Certified More information can be found here Netherlands - Mr. Dolf van Eendenburg
PROFIBUS Installer and Engineer commissioning and live fault-finding. Tel: +31 33 469 0507; Fax: +31 33 461 6638
and a registration form and course Email:
training. The Brazilian Latin America description can be downloaded here.
Andy Verwer commented: “This was Norway - Mr. Ivar Sorlie
PICC has been working closely with the Tel: +47 2272 8972; Fax: +47 904 05509
my first visit to Latin America and was Email:
Brazilian Latin America RPA for some
a welcome break from the snow of
time running PROFIBUS application Poland - Mr. Dariusz Germanek
Manchester. I have lots of experience Tel: +48 32 208 41 36; Fax: +48 32 208 41 39
workshops, attending exhibitions and A PROFINET one day training class Email:
in training around the world and the
producing publications and technical held in Detroit March 11th attracted Russia - Mrs. Olga Sinenko
level of knowledge and ability of the Tel: +7 095 742 68 28; Fax: +7 095 742 68 29
presentations. The PICC also offers 160 registrations, an all time record for
Brazilian Engineers on these training Email:
PROFIBUS industrial consultancy and a PROFINET class in North America. Slovakia - Mr. Richard Balogh
a technical hotline. Carl Henning, Deputy Director of PTO, Tel: +421 7 6029 1411, Fax: +421 2 6542 9051
reported that 135 people turned up
An extensive demonstration South-East Asia - Mr. Volker Schulz
and that the event was an outstanding Tel: +65 6490 6464; Fax: +65 6490 6465
wall is available with a mixture Email:
success. Read Carl’s PROFIblog.
of PROFIBUS DP and PA active
He told us: “My favorite feedback Southern Africa - Mr. Edwin Bauer
devices and controllers from multiple Tel: +27 11 617 2045:
courses was excellent. The good sense on the Detroit class: ‘Professionally Email:
manufacturers. “Establishing a PICC
of humor of the Brazilian people (very done; thankfully pleasant.’ The day Sweden - Mr. Peter Bengtsson
in Brazil is a landmark in the history Tel: +46 4 51 49 460; Fax: + 46 4 51 89 833
similar to the British) made the trip and after, we had an additional half day for Email:
of PROFIBUS in Latin America,” said
the training very enjoyable.” PROFINET developers. This was also
Cesar Cassiolato. “We have in Brazil Switzerland - Ms. Karin Beyeler
well-attended showing the increasing Tel: +41 32 672 03 25; Fax: +41 32 672 03 26
one of the biggest PROFIBUS installed Email:

bases in the industry and, now, users, INDIA penetration of PROFINET in the
UK - Mr. Bob Squirrell
Industrial Ethernet market. We offered Tel: +44 20 8144 9597; Fax: +44 870 141 7378
manufacturers, members and students Email:
A kick-off meeting took place in April developers the chance to interview
at University of Sao Paulo will be able
between Joerg Freitag, Chairman six suppliers of development tools to USA & CANADA - Mr. Michael Bryant
to count on a center of excellence Tel: +1 480 483 2456; Fax: +1 480 483 7202
of PI and representatives of 14 determine who is best positioned to Email:
in services, training, certifications of
Indian companies concerning the help them add PROFINET to their
professionals and much more.” Addresses of PI Competence Centers and Test Labs
can be found at and www.profinet.
formation of an Indian Regional automation products. This was our last com
Details of the PROFIBUS Product Wall, PI Association. Currently, Indian PROFINET Developer Workshop for
Editor: Geoff Hodgkinson
plus the PROFIBUS workshops and companies interested in PROFIBUS or the year, so if you need help making a St Johns Park, Exbourne, Devon. EX20 3RD
Tel: +44 (0) 1837 851253 or +44 (0)7831 138 318
training events run by Brazilian Latin PROFINET are members of PI South similar match for your company please
America PICC can be found here. For East Asia. Clarification is being sought call us so we can introduce you to those Published by: PNO
Haid-und-Neu-Str. 7
further information about the range of concerning how an RPA should be tool providers by phone or email.“ 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany