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[Helicopter Whirring]  Th-Thank you. Thank you.

[Door Opens, Closes]  The others will be heading down to
Is everything okay, sir? Fine. Thank the bar in 20 minutes, sir. 
you.  Uh, very well. Twenty minutes. 
Here. Let me, uh... That's not In the bar. I'll be there. 
necessary, sir.  Th... 
[Door Opens, Closes]  [Hundert's Voice] I couldn't tell you
[Man Narrating] As I've gotten exactly why I had agreed to come. 
older, I realize I'm certain of only I'm not sure I knew. It had
two things.  something to do with hope. 
Days that begin with rowing on a The young men that were gathering
lake are better than days that do here were among... 
not.  the most successful and
Second, a man's character is his influential of their generation. 
fate.  But I knew them before any of that. 
And, as a student of history, I find I knew them as my students... 
this hard to refute.  at Saint Benedict's School for Boys. 
For most of us, our stories can be [Bell Tolling] 
written long before we die.  [Tolling Continues] 
There are exceptions among the [Applause] 
great men of history,  [Man] Looking closer, under the
but they are rare, and I am not one bishop's miter, 
of them.  are the words, "Non sibi"... 
[Chuckles]  or "Not for oneself." 
I am a teacher... simply that.  This embodies our philosophy at
I taught for 34 years.  Saint Benedict's. 
One day I stopped teaching.  The wisdom gained here should be
Those were the facts of my life's used for others... 
chronicle.  as well as for oneself. 
The last chapter had been And finally, "Finis origine pendet. " 
written. My book was closed.  These three words are
[Ringing]  emblazoned across your hearts... 
Hello? [Ringing Continues]  under the great seal of Saint
Hello. Hello?  Benedict's. 
[Man On Intercom] Mr. Hundert? It is our academy's motto. Simply: 
Yes. Hello.  "The end depends upon the
Can you hear me, sir? I can.  beginning. " 
Hello. Mr. Bell wanted to make sure The end... 
you were comfortable.  depends upon the beginning. 
I'm quite comfortable. Thank you. [Boys Chattering, Laughing] 
And-And, please,  Hey, Greg. How are you doin'? 
thank Mr. Bell for the beautiful fruit Hi, Mr. Hundert. Mr. Ericks. 
basket.  Ex-Excuse me. Huh? What me? 
It's quite... comprehensive. Yes, sir.  Yes, sir. What is your name? Uh,
Mr. Bell also wanted me to tell you Louis. 
he's added an event...  - Just Louis? - Louis Masoudi, sir. 
on the morning following the Mr. Masoudi, could you define the
competition...  word "path" for me? 
a breakfast in your honor.  Well, there are several definitions, I
Mr. Hundert? Yes... Yes.  suppose. 
Would "a route along which I destroyed Sippar and took the
someone or something moves" be 'stel-ah' of..."' "Stele." 
among them?  "'Took the stele of Naram-Sin and
Yeah.  brought it back to Elam, 
Oh, yeah. No. Yeah. I'm s-sorry, sir.  "where I erected it as an offering to
Follow the path, Mr. Masoudi. Walk my god. ' 
where the great men before you Shutruk-Nahhunte, 1158 B.C." 
have walked.   Well done, Mr. Blythe. Thank you.
Yes, sir. It's, uh... It's better for the You may be seated. 
grass.  "Shutruk- Nahhunte. " Is anyone
It's better for you.  familiar with this fellow? 
Mr. Hundert. Mr. Ellerby.  Texts are permissible. 
I wanted to thank you. For what?  But you won't find it there. 
Mr. Woodbridge let slip that you Shutruk- Nahhunte.! King.! 
were instrumental in my procuring Sovereign of the land of Elam!
this job.  Destroyer of Sippar! 
Bene exeat, sir. Bene meritus.  Behold, his accomplishments cannot
It's always good to have another be found in any history book. Why? 
friend of the classics.   Because great ambition and
I'll tell you, the way he talks about conquest... 
you...  without contribution... 
"Just listen to Mr. Hundert. He'll be is without significance. 
running the place one day."  What will your contribution be? 
- Your name, sir? - Robert Brewster, How will history remember you? 
sir.  Shutruk-Nahhunte... utterly
- Very good. And you? - Deepak forgotten. 
Mehta, sir.  Unlike the great men you see
And your name? Eugene Field, sir.  around you... Aristotle, 
Field. And you? Martin Blythe, sir?  Caesar, 
- Is that a question? - Uh, no, sir.  Augustus, 
Uh, my name is Martin Blythe, sir.  Plato, Cicero, Socrates... 
Very good. You all know your own giants of history, men of profound
names.  character. 
Question is, do I?  Men whose accomplishments
- Mister... Blythe. - Me, sir?  surpassed their own lifetime... 
Yes, you. Not Mr. Field to your and survive even into our own. 
right...  Their story... 
or Mr. Grey to your left or is our story. 
Mr. Diebel behind you.  My name is Mr. Hundert. 
You, sir. Will you do me a favor and Welcome to Western Civilization: 
walk to the back of this classroom...  The Greeks and the Romans. 
and read for us the plaque which **[Rock Guitar] 
you see hanging over that door?  [Boisterous Laughter] 
[Clears Throat]  Welcome to Saint Benedict's!
"'I am Sh-Shu..."' [Chuckles]  [Grunts] 
- "'I am Sh- Shutruk- Nahhunte"'? - **[Continues] [Boys Laughing] 
Very good. A little louder, please.  Lights out in five minutes,
Yes, sir. "'I am Shutruk-Nahhunte, gentlemen. 
King of Ansham and Susa,  It's awfully loud, Mr. Jones. Please
"'sovereign of the land of Elam.  turn it down. 
Did you... Her titties are so... After "Too many Greeks." [Laughs] 
that, though...  Tony's Tony. Here. 
No. After that, I was walking back to I told the man in the store I wanted
get my books.  something... 
And I was walking along the grass, for a very serious scholar of
and Hundert comes up to me and antiquity. 
says,  [Both Laughing] 
- "Mr. Masoudi" and I turned around The Parthenon. 
but I took care of it. - Yeah, I know. - It's smaller than I remember it. -
Yeah.  [Laughs] 
And then, he's like, "Follow the I don't have one of these. Thank
path, Mr. Masoudi.  you. 
Walk where the great men before I found it in the agora. 
you have walked."  Tony couldn't understand why I
- Very good, Mr. Masoudi. - I was wanted to go there. It's a little
just lettin' him know. That's why I touristy now, 
was tellin' him.  but I kept hearing your voice in my
To bed.  head. 
Yeah. Right. See you tomorrow.  And I kept seeing it exactly the way
Lights out in five minutes, you described it, 
gentlemen.  with Socrates teaching right in front
Just why am I... Huh? No. I'm of me. 
going.  And... there was Tony, falling asleep
Good night, Mr. Blythe. Yeah. Good from the heat and ouzo, 
night. Good night.  and me eating my shish kabob. 
Jesus Christ. I am such an asshole.  I thought about you a lot. Um... 
Carthaginians. Uh...  - I wished you were there. - It
Yes, sir.  would've been a little odd though... 
Hamilcar Barca seems like an with you and me and Socrates... 
outstanding commander.  and your sleeping husband. 
Yes, who had the misfortune of Yeah. A little. 
being on the losing side.  [Hundert] And with the monarchy's
You do realize that Hamilcar Barca is demise, two new systems... 
not part of the course reading list?  of government... the first, ruled by
Yes, sir.  the few, known as? 
Very good.  Mr. Brewster. Uh, tyranny? 
Lights out.  In spirit, perhaps, but
9:00, gentlemen. **[Stops]  etymologically, no. 
Good night.  More precisely, oligarchy. 
Hi.  Tyranny is what we have in this
- Hello. - Oh, hi.  classroom. It works. [Laughing] 
- [Woman Laughs] - Welcome back.  Mr. Blythe? Antisthenes: "We must
It's great to see you! You too. How have richness of soul." 
are you?  Oh, it was, uh, Heraclitus, when he
I'm fine. You sure you're all right?  said a man's character is his fate or-
Ye-Yeah.  or his destiny. 
What did you think of Athens? Oh. I Precisely. "Not to know what
loved it.  happened before you were born... 
I knew you would. Tony hated it, but is to be forever a child." 
you know the British.  [Students Chattering] 
[Woodbridge] Mr. Julius Caesar...  the head of Pompey. [Knocking] 
is a Saint Benedict's tradition.  Mr. Hundert, 
It is a contest held each year in two I'd like you to make the
phases.  acquaintance... 
The first, is a series of quizzes...  of Mr. Sedgewick Bell. 
that will narrow the field of Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Bell. 
competitors to three.  Well then, carry on, Mr. Hundert. 
The second is a public tournament...  Nice to meet you, son. Thank you,
where these three will take the sir. 
stage at Saint Benedict's Hall...  Gentlemen, I'd like you to welcome
and answer questions about Roman a new member of our class, 
history.  Mr. Sedgewick Bell. [Overlapping
The last man standing will be Greetings] 
declared the winner...  Come in. 
and crowned Mr. Julius Caesar.  The sign said this was a boy's
- Your father was a winner was he school. 
not, Mr. Blythe? - Yes, sir.  - It is a boy's school. - So why is
Mm-hm. Would you point him out to everyone wearing dresses? 
us, please?  - [Scattered Laughter] - These are
[Woodbridge] Ah.  not dresses. 
A noble honor indeed.  This is a toga. It is a loose outer
Well, carry on, gentlemen.  garment worn by... 
Thank you, Mr. Woodbridge.  Worn by citizens of ancient Rome. I
[Bell Tolling]  know. 
Finally, Caesar arrives at the - I was just... kidding with you. -
Rubicon,  [Laughing] 
a small little river which divides... The toga was bestowed on young
Mr. Field?  men in recognition of their
Cisalpine Gaul from Italy. Correct.  transition... 
He gathers his one legion around from childishness to manhood. 
him. A legion comprised ofhow So? 
many men... Mr. Grey?  Please. Come in. Sit down. 
6,000? 6,000 men. Pompey Have a seat here behind Mr.
has 10 legions...  Brewster. 
with the support of the Senate, and You know what? I actually think
Caesar is undaunted by these odds.  that I'm good here. 
Suddenly...impulsively...  Mr. Bell. 
Caesar cries out.! Mr. Mehta.  Mr. Hundert. 
- "Alea jacta est. " - "The die is Have a seat. 
cast!"  [Laughs] 
He crosses the Rubicon only to find Now, uh, before I forget, 
his enemies have fled.  tomorrow we will begin on
He chases Pompey all around the Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. I
Mediterranean.  expect you all... 
Finally, he arrives in to be familiar with the play. 
Alexandria, where the king of Mr. Bell, I'd like you to look at the
Egypt...  role of Brutus, 
- Mr. Masoudi? - Ptolemy XIII?  the noblest Roman of them all. 
Ptolemy XIII... presents him with a Mr. Masoudi, you have a lean and
gift...  hungry look, 
you'll read the part of Cassius.  conspiracy... 
[Students Chattering]  to kill Julius Caesar, 
He's the son of Hyram Bell,  you believe, for the good of Rome. 
the senior senator from West Yet you're struggling profoundly
Virginia.  with the moral implications... 
Well, whoever the father is, the son of murdering Mark Antony as well. 
is a bit of a Visigoth, I'm afraid.  Yeah, but I don't agree with their
Is he that bad? No, I don't think so.  plan. 
It's just new school bravado. That's Brutus doesn't agree with their
all. He'll be fine.  plan? 
[Ball Banging On Wall, Smacking No. I don't agree with their plan. 
Glove]  They should kill Mark Antony too. 
- [Knocking] - [Banging Continues]  I mean, Brutus is a pussy.
Sedgewick?  [Laughing] 
Right. Sedgewick.  "A pussy"? 
Hey.! Se- Sedgewick.  Because he has a conscience? 
Um, some of us werejust, uh...  Because he believes there's a right
just wondering, uh...  way and a wrong way? Oh, come
Actually, Martin... Martin was on. 
wondering if you could keep it Antony ended up taking him down,
down.  right? 
He's trying to study.  Well, in a manner of speaking, yes. 
Okay. All right. That's...  He and Octavius, but... But what? 
[Scoffs]  Had they killed him, as the other guy
"I think it is not meet Mark suggested, uh... 
Antony, so well- beloved of Caesar,  - Cassius. - Yeah. Him. If they'd
"should outlive Caesar.  done what he said, 
Let Antony and Caesar fall - Brutus might have gone on to be
together."  king. - Emperor, in fact. 
"Our course will seem too bloody, - Exactly. - Which he had no desire
Caius Cassius,  to be. 
"to cut the head off then hack the - Whatever. He would've won. - Yes,
limbs.  but at what cost? Remember
Like wrath in death..." [Snorts, Socrates? 
Coughs]...  Not really. [Chuckles] 
"and envy afterwards, for Antony is "It is not living that is
but a limb of Caesar.  important, but living rightly. " 
Let us be sacrificers, but not Socrates chose to die by unjust
butchers."  execution... 
[Hundert] "Let us be sacrificers, but rather than break the laws of Athens
not butchers. "  to which he had pledged obedience. 
Yes, your Brutus lacks conviction, Another genius. [Bell Rings] 
Mr. Bell.  [Chattering] 
You do realize what you're saying? [Shouting, Laughing] 
The fate of the Republic is at stake.!  William, hold up.! 
[Laughs] Not for me.  Ellerby. How are you, sir? 
No. I realize that.  Very well. How are things in the
But try to imagine the significance Latin Quarter? 
of the moment.  Could not be happier. 
You, Brutus, are at the center of a For making me feel so much at
home.  Laughing] 
I'm sure you have it, but you might "The die is cast." 
like it 'cause it's a first edition.  Mrs. Louis Masoudi. [Sedgewick
I found it in a rare bookshop next to Laughs] 
a copy of the Oresteia. Oh, really?  [Boys Chuckling] 
So young when he wrote this.  [Martin] Why are we doing this? My
I happen to have attended a guest allergies are killing me, 
lecture he gave at Dartmouth.  rocks in my shoes, poison ivy all
Really? Yeah.  over the place. 
It must have been something to I mean, the boathouse is off-limits,
grow up around all that talent.  and we can't leave school property. 
Oh, it was. Indeed.  What if this boat has frickin' holes in
Yes... Yes, he was... [Bell Tolling]  it, huh? 
Thank you. Sure.  [Louis] Get over it, Martin. Oh, God! 
Very kind of you. Farewell. I'll see You guys just don't understand the
you later.  consequences. 
- Okay. Fio. - [Both] I am made. I They catch us and we get kicked out
become.  and we don't get our tuition back. 
Fis. [Door Opening]  [Deepak] Martin, mellow out, man! I
Hey, guys.  can't just mellow out! 
Fis. [Both] You are made. You I cannot get kicked out of here! I'm
become.  a "legacy" for Christ's sake! 
[Martin] Oh, okay, um...  My father was Mr. Julius Caesar. 
Fit? [Deepak, Louis] He, she, it is Did he ever tell you what question
made.  he won on? Did he ever not tell me? 
He, she, it becomes. It is done.  "Which tribes invaded Rome in 102
[Martin] Okay, now for bonus B.C.?" 
points, the plural of fit.  Teutons and the Cimbri. 
F- Fiunt. Yeah.  The last words out of his mouth
[Martin] Oh, okay. Um...  before he dropped me off here. 
Check it out. It's from France.  So, uh, Martin, 
Thanks. Um. Studio.  Dare you really, like, Nervous
I study.  about... Ohh! 
Um... Oh, my God.  [Laughing] Incoming. [Whizzing] 
[Martin] Come on. I think we should [Firecracker Explodes] Watch out,
be studying. Oh, my God.  Marty. 
- What? - This shows hair.  My informants tell me if we head for
What do you mean by "hair"?  that place... Right, Saint Mary's? 
Oh, my God.  - Yeah.! - No, no, no, no, no. 
[Clattering]  The penalty for setting foot on Saint
[Chuckles]  Mary's property... [Yells] 
Excuse me.  What do you say, Deepak? You want
Uh, can I point out that if we get to go? Yeah. I'll go. 
caught around any of this we're Louis? Yeah. I'll go. 
dead?  See, Martin? That's the problem with
- I mean, seriously, we're dead. - democracy. 
It'll be all right.  [Martin] Guys, I'm really
[Scoffs] I'm going to my room to nervous. [Louis] Yeah. We know. 
study.  I love uniforms. I- I really think we
- Here, Marty. Study this. - [All should turn around. 
[Deepak] Shut up, man. [Girls' That's okay. I'll just whisper it in
Voices, Indistinct]  your ear so you won't forget. 
[Giggling] [Martin] Seriously, we - I'll go! - My God! 
got to turn around right now.  I'll go too! [Louis] Disrobe men.! 
This is not safe.! [Louis] Marty, shut [Blubbering] Yeah! 
up. Shut up.  [Girls Giggling] 
[Sedgewick] Hey, come on. Easy I'm going! 
does it, boys.  Ladies.! What is going on here? 
Hi. [Laughs]  [Deepak] Holy shit.! [Louis] A nun. 
- You ladies go to school here? - Oh, my God. 
Duh.  There goes your tuition, Marty. 
[All Giggling]  [Bell Tolling] Come on! 
We go across the lake. We're on the There is a code at Saint Benedict's... 
crew team.  of self-governance based on mutual
He's our "coxman," trust. 
so... [Girl] Coxswain.  [Tolling Continues] You have
Right. No. Right, I know. Coxswain.  violated that trust. 
So is it true what they say about the And you've compromised the
guys who go...  reputation of this academy. 
to "Saint Benedick's"? [Laughing]  If I thought you didn't know
I don't know. Uh, what is that any better, that would be one thing. 
exactly?  But willful ignorance is intolerable. 
Tsk. So, uh, what's your name?  You're confined to the dormitory
Um, I'm Sedgewick. This is Deepak.  until 7:00 tomorrow morning. 
Louis and Martin. Hi.  - What about dinner? - [Both
Marty, if you like. Or Mar-Martin's Laughing] 
fine.  - Excuse me? - Well, I'm hungry,
Why don't you give us your phone sir. 
number, and maybe we'll call you - [Laughs] Oh, my God! - Mr.
sometime.  Masoudi? 
- [Gasps] You are such... Mr. Hundert. [Sputtering Laugh]
- [Sedgewick] Guys, what's our [Laughs] 
phone number?  Have a good evening, gentlemen. 
- [Deepak] 555- 0169 - Um, area How you doing, Mr. Hundert? 
code 215.  Hi, Mr. H. 
Okay. So, um...  Did you lock up the door? I did. 
Do you guys want to go skinny- You did? Thanks. Yeah. 
dipping?  Hey, Logan. How you doin'? 
- Pardon me? - You mean naked?  [Sedgewick] Brewster.! 
[Girls Giggling]  - [Slammed Books Resounding] -
What? What's he doin'? [Girls [Laughter] 
Laughing]  Mr. Bell, 
Oh, my God.  would you please come up to the
So, uh, who's gonna come with me front of the classroom? 
then?  [Classmates "Oohing," Laughing] 
[Girl] Is he kidding? [Girl #2] Oh, Would you mind finishing this
God.!  diagram for me? 
Oh, no way.! Not me. I don't want to Octavian was named what? 
get my arm wet.  A common wood beetle on the floor
Might lose your phone number.  of this classroom... 
would know the answer to that I don't know what you think you're
question.  doing at Saint Benedict's, 
- Emperor? - Yes!  but this is unacceptable work. 
Can you, please, name any of the - You must apply yourself... - You're
subsequent emperors...  not married, are you, sir? 
whom we've been discussing?  No. I am not. 
- There were 41. - I only know That's why you like putting us all in
seven.  togas, right? 
Very well.  I've made arrangements to meet
- Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, - with your father. 
[Laughing]  Is there anything you'd like me to
Dopey... [Laughter Continues]  say to him? 
Seriously, though, can you in fact...  Tell him I said hello. 
- name any of the emperors? - I [Door Closes] 
know four.  Well, how are you? Good to see
- Very well. - Uh, John, Paul, Ringo you. 
and, uh,  And you, sir. Give me just a second. 
- George. - Mr. Bell.  Who's that? Mm-hm. Professor,
A word of warning. As the great come on in. 
wit Aristophanes once wrote...  Kathleen, hold all my calls. Thank
roughly translated... "Youth ages, you, Michael. 
immaturity is outgrown,  Sit down, please. 
"ignorance can be educated and Cubans. 
drunkenness sobered,  Don't tell the A.T.F. [Chuckles] 
"but stupid...  No. Not for me. Thanks. You're
lasts forever."  sure? 
Class, if you please, Oh, yes, sir. Don't know what you're
chronologically...  missin'. 
[All] Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Senator... Oh, here. You'll enjoy
Nero,  this. 
Galba, Otho,  This was given to me by one of my
Vitellius, Vespasian,  constituents this morning. 
Titus, Domitian,  Take a look at
Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian,  that. [Woman] Senator Bell's office. 
Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius,  Hold it! Don't be too fast there,
Commodus, Pertinax... Thank you. partner. 
That will do.  [Chuckles] Quarter roll. Ah. 
Please take your seat, Mr. Bell.  Here. Go on. That was, uh... 
[Chalk Clatters]  Supposedly belonged to the
[Knocking]  coachman of Robert E. Lee. Really? 
Come in. [Door Rattling]  Well, so he said. [Chuckles] 
Mr. Bell. Mr. Hundert.  You're a history buff, aren't ya? 
Please, have a seat.  In a manner of speaking, sir. Yes. 
Only child?  Well, take that. That's yours. 
Please be seated, Mr. Bell.  Oh, no. I couldn't. Oh, take the
Do you know why you're here?  damn thing.! 
"Student of the day."  It's a gift. For all you've done for my
I gave you "1 " for spelling your son, Sedgewick. 
name correctly.  Thank you. 
Mr. Bell,  [Clicking] 
So, to what do I owe this honor?  Sedgewick has his head up his ass. 
[Clicking Continues] It's your son, [Chuckles] 
Senator.  Sir, it's my job to mold your son's
Oh, Christ. What the devil's he done character, 
now?  and I think if... Mold him? 
Sedgewick is clearly an intelligent Jesus God in heaven, son. 
boy, but, sir, he's not applying You're not gonna mold my boy. 
himself.  Your job is to teach my son. 
He's not... learning the You teach him his times tables. 
material. [Drawer Sliding]  Teach him why the world is round. 
I need a match! [Woman] Yes, Teach him who killed who and when
Senator. Right away.  and where. 
What material is that? It's the That is your job. 
Greeks and the Romans...  You, sir, will not mold my son. 
We've left the Republic and entered I will mold him. 
the Empire...  - Yes, sir. - Yes. 
Here you are, sir. Thank you.  Thanks for comin'. 
Shut the door on your way out, will [Players] Break! 
you?  Marty. Marty. Get back. Come on. 
We're up to the reign of Augustus.  Bell.! Bell.! 
You ought to be careful with that - Uh, telephone for you. - What? 
thing, by the way. You know, it still - It's a girl. - [Boys Razzing] Ohhh.! 
fires.  [Brewster] I'll bet it's that
Oh. Sedgewick, it seems,  blond from Saint Mary's. 
is not paying attention in class, sir.  [Excited Chatter] It's that redhead. 
Nor is he doing the assigned [Boys] Shhh. Hello? 
reading.  [Woman] Sedgewick? Hold for your
Let me ask you something.  father. 
What's the good of what you're [Sen. Bell] Let me ask you
teachin' those boys?  somethin'. Do you know what... 
- "The good"? - Yes. The good.  it's costing me to send you to this
Well, Senator,  place? 
the Greeks and Romans provided...  - What's wrong? - Shut up. 
a model of democracy, which,  My time is precious, son. I thought I
I don't need to tell you, the framers made that clear. 
of our own Constitution...  I got better things to do than to
used as their inspiration.  clean up after you. 
But more to the point, I think when You understand me? Yes, sir. Yes,
the boys read Plato, Aristotle,  sir. I understand. 
Cicero, Julius Caesar even,  Don't forget it. 
they're put in direct contact with So, what did she say, man. What did
men who,  she say? 
in their own age, exemplified...  Wrong girl. 
the highest standards of Wha... What happened? I don't
statesmanship,  know. 
of civic virtue,  [Boy Shouting] Grey, wait up! 
of character, conviction...  [Chattering, Laughter] 
[Chuckles] Boy, that is a horse that [Knocking] 
can talk!  Deepak, would you give Sedgewick
So, you're sayin' that my son and me a moment? Yes, sir. 
Thank you. You're welcome, sir.  a.m. 
I spoke to your father. I know.  I understand that, Mr. Bell. I
We had a real... heart-to-heart.  understand. 
This is for you.  Every boy in the third forum has
Forgive the condition. It was my asked to check this book out
textbook in high school.  overnight. 
It's quite good.  Now, if I let you have it, that
The first chapter has an outline...  wouldn't be fair, would it? 
of all the material which we'll be It would be fair. I know in my heart
covering this term.  it would be. 
I thought it might be helpful in Mr. Bell, you are exasperating. Miss
preparing...  Peters, 
for the Mr. Julius Caesar contest.  that is a great hairstyle. 
The first quiz is tomorrow morning.  - Is that new? - I've had it since
Look at chapter three... "The 1958. 
Foundation of the Republic. "  Now, Mr. Bell, in order to be fair to
Sedgewick, I'm lending you this all the students, 
book because I believe in you.  it is important that this book always
I think you could be at the top of be available here at this desk. 
your class...  It is Saint Benedict's policy. 
if you wanted to be.  And it will be on your desk
It's entirely up to you.  tomorrow morning. 
[Hundert] Begin.  I promise you. You have my word. 
Well done!  No! No! 
[Laughing] [Bell Tolling]  Miss Peters, I can vouch for this
Mr. Bell.  boy's character. 
You passed.  He's one of my best students. 
It's only a C-minus. [Chuckles]  If he says it will be on your desk
Well, you know what they say about first thing in the morning, 
Rome.  it will be on your desk first thing in
It wasn't built in a day?  the morning. 
No. All roads lead to it.  I will, personally, take full
You were right the first time. Keep responsibility. 
up the good work.  Please. 
Begin.  Thank you. You're welcome. 
[Boy] Hey, Kevin.! How are you?  I wasn't kidding about the hair. 
Forty? [With Accent] Fourteen!  Thank you. Good night. Say thank
Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you saying? you. 
Oh, 14.  Thank you. Thanks. Good evening. 
All right. Alea jacta est. What's that You run a tight ship, Miss Peters.
mean?  Good night. 
"The die is cast."  - Good night! Good night! - I admire
[Chattering]  that... 
All right. All right. Twenty. All right. [Louis] Come on, Sedge. Come on. 
Next week then.  Yeah-yeah. Come on. Pick it up. Pick
I actually made the list. Hey, look it up. Yeah! 
who's up there.  [Louis] All right, Marty.! 
Good job. Number five. You're third.  [Bell] Nice.! Nice catch.! 
Miss Peters, no one is going to look [Players'Shouting, Chattering
at this book between now and 7:00 Continues] 
Hey, Mr. Hundert! Hey, you want to Hey, come on! Let's go to Brewster's
take a couple of swings?  room! 
[Sedgewick] Come on, Mr. Go, go, go, go, go, go! 
Hundert.!  Shh. Shh. Ooh. Ohh. Ohh. 
- Aw, come on! - Come on, Mr. Nice hit, Mr. Hundert. 
Hundert.!  Good, Mr. H. "Old school"! Shh. 
The library windows are too I suppose you're as blind as all of
close. [Boys Laughing]  them. 
Oh, yeah. Right, Mr. Hundert.  You have no idea how this came to
Hey, come on. Show us how it's be hit through my window? No idea. 
done, old school.  Oh, dear. [Woodbridge] No idea? 
[Boys] Ohhh.!  - Ohhh, dear. - You'll make a good
[Brewster] Now you got to play, Mr. lawyer. 
Hundert. Come on.!  It's 9:00. You have until noon. 
[Chuckles]  This is the last of the Mr. Julius
"Old school," eh? [Louis] Uh- oh.  Caesar quizzes... 
Here we go. Here comes the jacket.  and will do much to determine the
[Chattering Continues] Watch and three finalists. 
learn.  Good luck. 
[Boys Hooting]  [Clock Ticking] 
Mr. Masoudi. Mr. Hundert.  It's time, Mr. Bell. 
It's been awhile. Yeah. More like Mr. Bell, I'm afraid you'll have to
never.  stop. 
[Boys Laughing]  [Sighs] 
Hey, back it up, everybody. Come [Exhales] 
on. We got a hitter. Move back.  This is it, Martin. 
Back it up, fellows. Back it up, [Gleeful Laughter, Overlapping
outfield.  Chatter] 
Should've known. [Taps Bat On - This is unbelievable.! - Oh, my God.
Book]  I got to call my father. 
Egemus iaculatore, non iacchi [Chattering] 
latore.!  [Sighs] 
- What does that mean? - Means we All right. Let's go! 
want a pitcher, not a glass of water.  [Laughing, Shouting, Indistinct] 
Oh, ho, ho!  Oh, I'm sorry. I hope it's not too
[Field] Come on, Sedgewick.! You late. 
got to get him back for that one.!  No. Not at all. Not at all. 
- Right down the lane.! - [Boys] How are you? Uh. 
Ohhh.!  Well. Well. I was just outside... 
No batter.  observing the wildlife. 
All right.! No batter.! Come Sit down! Would you like your
on.! Sedgewick, come on.  usual? 
[Field] No, thank you. You sure? 
Swing, batter- batter- batter- batter - Mm-hm. - Do you mind if I, uh... 
.!  How is Mr. Julius Caesar going? 
[Sedgewick] Run.!  Very... Very well. Even, uh,
Run!  Sedgewick Bell. 
Come on.! Hurry up.!  - Making progress? - Oh, more than
Move.! Move.! Come on.! Move progress. 
it.! Let's go.!  He's-He's come out of the darkness
into the light. It's...  of our moderator. 
Please, sit down.  I give you our learned Mr. Hundert. 
[Sighs] Cheers.  [Boy] Mr. H...! 
I have to tell you something.  Headmaster. Gentlemen. 
Tony's been offered a lectureship at Ladies. Distinguished guests. 
his old college in Oxford.  Questions will be posed to our three
It's a good offer, and he's accepted young scholars... 
it. [Sighs]  in increasing levels of difficulty. 
I mean... I mean to say we've I ask you all to please hold your
accepted it.  applause... 
Uh, we're-we're going to England.  till the end of each round. 
W-W-When?  May the best man win. 
At the end of the year?  Mr. Masoudi, 
Well, if he wants the position,  which emperor sought to return... 
he has to take it up almost all power to the Senate, 
immediately, and he wants the only to garner even greater power? 
position.  Augustus, r-right? 
So, he's spoken to Mr. Woodbridge,  Correct. Oh. 
and he agreed.  Mr. Mehta, 
Just like that?  who introduced the professional
Well, that's... that's...  army to Rome? 
That's remarkable, really.  Gaius Marius, sir, in 104
A lectureship, that's a tremendous B.C. Correct. 
opportunity.  Mr. Bell, 
Very good. Good.  on which Roman hill... 
Well, you'll be missed.  was the infamous Tarpeian Rock? 
Both of you.  [Coughs] 
I-I-I... I should... [Chuckles]  [Whispering] It's Capitoline. 
Yes.  Uh, Capitoline? 
[Door Opens, Closes]  Correct. 
[Grunting]  Mr. Masoudi, what is the full
[Applause]  name of the author of the Georgics? 
[Applause, Cheering]  Publius Vergilius Maro. 
Deepak.!  Military conquest of 106 A.D.
Yea, Louis.! Whoo.!  involved the bridging of the
- Sedgewick.! - Yea, Louis!  Danube? 
[Both] Masoudi!  Trajan conquers Dacia. Correct. 
Welcome... Welcome, everyone,  What Roman Emperor might the
to the 73rd annual competition of Greeks have characterized
Mr. Julius Caesar.  "philosopher king"? 
Our congratulations go to Messrs. - Marcus Aurelius. - Correct. 
Louis Masoudi,  [Boy] All right, Sedgewick.! 
[Cheers, Applause]  Quiet. 
Deepak Mehta... [Boys] Deepak.!  Quiet, please. 
[Applause Continue] And Sedgewick Mr. Masoudi... 
Bell.  Mr. Masoudi, who were the first
Of course, this competition, this emperors... 
year's event,  to rule over the divided empire? 
would not have been possible if it Valentinian I and Caecina. 
hadn't been for the passion...  I'm sorry, that is incorrect. 
[Crowd Groans]  [Knocking] [Door Opening] 
Mr. Mehta?  [Door Closing] 
Valentinian I and Valens.  That was quite an interesting
Correct. Thank you, Mr. performance this afternoon. 
Masoudi. [Applause]  I knew you saw. 
You may sit down.  Why, Sedgewick? 
[Hundert] Well You knew the material. 
done. [Boy] Goodjob, man.  Why not? 
Mr. Bell, which general...  How come you didn't stand up and
had the support of the aristocrats...  call me out? 
in the civil war of 88 B.C.?  It's a complicated matter,
[Whispering] Sulla.  Sedgewick. 
Lucius Cornelius Sulla.  It wasn't because of my father, was
That is correct.  it? 
That's my boy!  It had nothing to do with your
Mr. Woodbridge, I think Sedgewick father. 
Bell is cheating.  Sure, Mr. Hundert. Sure. 
Let it go. What?  [Door Closing] 
Ignore it.  William.! 
Ignore it? Ignore it.  I came by to congratulate you. That
Mr. Mehta, into how many was terrific.! 
administrative regions did Augustus Sedgewick Bell... quite the surprise.
divide Rome?  Yes. 
Fourteen.  He's come a long way. You must be
Excuse me? How many?  very proud of him. 
- Fourteen. - That is correct.  It makes for wonderful theater. 
[Boy] All right, Deepak.! In fact, I was thinking, I might
Whoo.! [Applause]  make the suggestion to you, and to
Mr. Bell,  Mr. Woodbridge, 
who was Hamilcar Barca?  that in the future more alumni are
Would you repeat the question, invited. 
please?  Not just the parents of the finalists,
Who was Hamilcar Barca?  but maybe all of the alumni. 
I don't know. [Crowd Groaning]  You know? And instead of it
Mr. Mehta, who was Hamilcar happening just on any old weekday, 
Barca?  think about making it a weekend
The Carthaginian general victorious event. 
in the battle of Drepana in 249.  You know, for fund-raising, which
An unequaled commander with the would augur well for your
misfortune ofbeing on the wrong headmastership. 
side.  Mmm. What's wrong? 
That is correct.  [Sighs] 
[Applause, Cheers]  Sedgewick cheated. 
Thank you, Louis. Thank you.  What? Come in. 
Mr. Julius Caesar.  Well, the pressure to succeed can be
Harrison, how's your sister? You oppressive. 
better not speak to her.  And, right or wrong, 
Mr. H., good job, man. Goodjob, Mr. Woodbridge felt it was in the best
Hundert.  interests of the school's endowment
[Boy] Hey, Jeremy.! How you doin'?  to let it pass. 
Come on. William, you didn't put the were precisely as lovely as those we
boy up on the stage.  had earlier only imagined. 
He got there on his own merit.  But if time had made concessions
All you did was inspire him...  for love, 
to study and to learn, and for that it made none for death. 
you should be commended.  And when our headmaster, Terence
And thus began an uneasy truce...  Woodbridge, passed away, 
between Sedgewick Bell and I felt profound sadness. 
myself.  Though the incident with Sedgewick
Whatever spark had ignited Bell had tested our friendship, 
him during the previous months...  he had for half a century... 
was now extinguished.  devoted himself to St. Benedict's
And his briefflirtation with tradition of academic and moral
diligence...  leadership... 
was supplanted by a renewed A tradition, I realized, that was now
appetite for brashness,  mine... 
contempt and folly.  to safeguard. 
As for his classmates, his effect on Good luck, Mr. Hundert. 
them was almost hypnotic.  Thank you, Mr. Horner. 
Wherever he went, they hovered,  Everyone. Welcome. 
Sedgewick for class Larry, good to see you. 
president. Utterly blind to Hi. Mr. Phillips. 
any deficiencies in his character.  Mr. Hundert. Good to see you again. 
Food fight!  Uh, please take a seat. 
So, his remaining years at Saint Uh... Let's get right to it, shall we? 
Benedict's passed...  As you wish. 
amidst an inexhaustible series of Mr. Hundert, your contributions at
pranks,  Saint Benedict's have been
and an avalanche of C's and D's.  extraordinary. 
Sedgewick Hyram Bell.  Your tenure is unmatched, and you
And though his father's are loved and revered by all. 
influence guaranteed him a place at The notion of taking you away from
Yale,  your classroom... 
it was with a profound sense of is one to which we've given great
failure,  thought. 
that in the spring of 1976,  A headmaster's job is a rigorous
I handed Sedgewick Bell his one. 
diploma.  The travel demands and meeting
[Bell Tolling]  schedules have become unending. 
According to Heraclitus,  One must be prepared to do battle
we cannot step into the same river 24 hours a day and sometimes
twice.  longer. 
"In the flow of time, " he argued,  Well, having rowed our lake every
"an opportunity lost is lost forever. day, weather permitting, 
"  through the last seven presidential
And yet, when Elizabeth's marriage administrations, 
ended and she returned home from I feel more than ready to do battle. 
England,  What we're saying, Mr. Hundert,
the waters in which we found is... 
ourselves swimming...  Mr. Hundert, what experience do
you have...  years. 
with fund-raising or building He's godfather to two of the board
endowments?  members' children, for God's sake. 
Mr. Hundert, we can't afford to lose [Sighs] 
you as a teacher here.  I have... 
The reality is this. Enrollment is so many other things... 
down.  that I've always wanted to do. 
People are thinking of Saint I-I've always wanted to write. 
Benedict's as old-fashioned.  I have an idea for a book on the
We need to look more to the early days of the Republic. 
future and less to the past.  Well, 
Then who?  here's to Saint Benedict's. 
Someone from the outside?  I brought you some tea. 
James Ellerby.  Mmm. 
Excuse me?  Going well? 
You did realize he made application Oh, it's virtually writing itself. 
for the job.  Good. Then I won't interrupt you. 
Mr. Ellerby has proposed some very Carry on, then. Good writing. 
exciting... No.  [Sighs] 
Fund- raising possibilities.  William? 
Miss Johnston, I've been assistant James Ellerby's on the phone. 
headmaster for 17 years.  The merger makes him C.E.O. Of one
I fail to see how Mr. Ellerby's...  of the largest corporations in
qualifications as a fund-raiser...  America. 
It's notjust about fund- raising.  But what does any of this have to do
James Ellerby is a forward-thinking with me? 
man.  Here's the thing. He's informed us
He's reached out to the community.  that he would like to make... 
He's built relationships to some of a substantial donation to Saint
the most important alumni.  Benedict's... 
He is a wonderful communicator,  with one condition. 
with impeccable moral standing...  He would like to hold a rematch of
and an unwavering commitment to the Mr. Julius Caesar contest. 
this school.  A rematch? 
So...  With you as master of ceremonies. 
Then you leave me no choice but to Why? 
tender my resignation.  He says he would like to reclaim his
I would ask you not to.  intellectual honor. 
You are a teacher, and the finest And he says his secretary's already
one we've ever had.  located Louis Masoudi and Deepak
Please excuse me.  Mehta... 
Please understand, Mr. Hundert, you and doesn't really anticipate too
will be welcome back here at Saint much trouble tracking down the
Benedict's at any time.  others. 
Th- The door will forever be open.  Didn't you tell him I had retired? 
I'm still shocked atJames Ellerby.  Well, he asked for you and only you. 
Oh, I'm not. I'm only shocked that I He insisted on it as a condition. 
didn't see it coming.  And did Mr. Bell say how much of a
I realize now he'd been conducting a donation he was planning to make
behind-the-scenes campaign for to Saint Benedict's? 
Enough for a 25,000-square-foot - Very well, thank you. - And, my
addition to the library...  lovely wife, Victoria. 
in honor of his father.  So nice to finally meet you, sir. I've
It would be the school's single heard so much about you. 
largest donation to date.  All right, all right! 
And a retired history professor with [Bell] This is the time of the
no fund-raising ability is the evening... 
linchpin.  where I'd like to call upon a unique
Yes.  g... 
It's ironic.  Oh, Brewster. 
Life's a funny thing, William, huh?  I'd like to call upon a unique
Where does he propose to hold this gentleman, 
rematch?  one who managed to chisel the rise
[Ellerby] A resort on the Gold Coast and fall of the Roman Empire into
of Long Island that his company our minds, 
owns.  whether we liked it or not. 
The proposed itinerary is all in here.  - Our Mr. Hundert. - [Man] Hear.!
[Helicopter Whirring]  Hear.! 
Ah, Mr. Hundert.  [Applause] 
Mr. Bell.  I must say, um... You've all grown
And how was your trip?  up. 
It was unlike anything I've ever I feel as if I should do roll call... 
experienced.  just to be sure to whom I'm
I now know how Caesar Augustus speaking. 
must have felt...  Seriously, to stand here among... 
being carried head high in the litter my students... 
past the Tiber. Oh, really?  [Laughing] 
It's all a bit overwhelming.  I expect to see you all in detention. 
Well, don't let this fool you. I am [Together] Oh, whoa-whoa-whoa-
still the son of a pig farmer.  whoa-whoa! 
I really appreciate you coming here Now, risen to become... 
this weekend.  a bunch of drunken reprobates... 
You know, you think things that who are now a veritable who's who
happen when you're 15 don't of American industry, 
matter, but...  law, finance and higher education. 
[Chattering]  Well, I can think of few greater
[Man] Great party. I'm so glad to privileges. 
see you.  I thank you. 
[Bell] I mean, this guy... you should [Laughs] 
have saw him in boarding school.  More coffee, sir? Yes. Thank you. 
I mean, oh... Excuse me, guys, I'll Mr. Hundert? 
be right back.  Martin. Martin Blythe. 
Mr. Hundert. Please.  It's good to see you again, sir. 
Sedgewick. Please come and join When you weren't at the dinner last
us.  night, I was worried that perhaps... 
I'd like you to meet my top two That I wasn't gonna make it? 
advisors. This is John.  Oh, come on, Mr. Hundert. I
Hi, John. Hi, Mr. Hundert.  wouldn't miss this. 
- And Robert. - How do you do, Mr. You know, I was going over my
Hundert?  notes the other day... 
in preparation for the... The authority... 
competition.  "to establish peace under the rule of
Yes, and I-I came across an essay...  law. 
that you once wrote on the Five To conquer the mighty, and to show
Good Emperors.  them mercy once they are
It's amazing. You were...  conquered." 
You were always a wonderful Well, it's nice to see you haven't
student, Martin.  marked it up. [Chuckles] 
I, uh,  Yeah, I had my moments, didn't I? 
I never quite gave you your due.  Your years, you mean. 
Now, why would you say that?  Why did you put up with me? 
Oh, I don't know, I...  I suppose because... 
My God, Mr. Hundert, you...  I saw a young man who was under a
That recommendation you wrote great deal of pressure. 
when I applied for the Academy...  And, not unlike your upbringing, 
It was glowing. It was...  I too had a... a father who was a
Of course you gave me my due.  very busy man. 
You gave me more than my due.  [Chuckles] You know, it's funny. 
[Shouting, Indistinct]  I remember traveling with my
Grab his wrists! Push.  father, 
Okay, Deepak. With what and there wasn't a person he didn't
emperor did theJulio- Claudian know. 
dynasty come to an end?  He talked, and he told stories, and
Mmm. Masoudi?  he was, 
Nero.  he was always full of advice, always
We did it! Yeah! Good job, Robert. charming, and always... 
All right, all right.  the Senator. 
Time to study.  But I can hardly remember having a
No. Come on, Dad.! One more real conversation with him. 
game?  In fact, I wonder if he ever heard a
[Knocking]  word I'd spoken. 
Come in.  Years ago, I, uh, 
- Sorry to bother you, sir. - Oh, no visited him in the hospital and he
bother.  was very, very sick. 
How are you, Sedgewick? I am fine.  And it took a moment for him to
I have something for you.  realize I was at his bedside. 
Oh, my God.  And he began to cry. 
I hope there's no late fee.  And through his tears, he looked up
I understand now why it meant so at me and he said, 
much to you.  "Talk to me." 
"The Greeks carve cold marble until [Chuckles] 
it almost comes to life.  I wondered where to begin. I had no
"The Greeks compose great idea. 
orations...  But at the very moment I started to
"and measure the heavens so well talk, 
they can predict the rising of the he closed his eyes and he passed
stars.  away... 
"But you, Roman, remember your without having heard a word. 
great arts.  Ah, that son of a bitch. 
"To govern the people with Oh, God. Thanks. Thanks again, Mr.
Hundert,  reign, but a happy one. 
for, uh, for making all this possible.  You may be seated, Mr. Masoudi. 
It is my extreme pleasure.  Thank you. Thank you for your
I'm looking forward to this evening. kindness. 
Best of luck.  [Man] That's all right, Lou. 
Oh, much obliged. I'll need all the Now you can check your messages. 
help I can get.  Uh, Mr. Bell, 
I don't think so.  please translate, if you will, alea
See ya downstairs. I'll see you jacta est. 
downstairs.  Tell me who uttered these words,
[Applause]  and on what occasion. 
[Man] Go, Deepak!  Alea jacta est. "The die is cast." 
[Man] All right, Sedgewick!  Caesar spoke these words as he
It's not a good time. I've gotta call crossed the Rubicon in defiance of
you right back. Thank you. Bye.  his government. 
Sorry, sir.  That is correct. 
Were you talking to your broker?  I've been studying. I can see that. 
Good evening, ladies and Mr. Mehta, 
gentlemen.  what year was the Roman army
Our three scholars will be posed crushed at Lake Trasimene? 
questions...  217 B.C., sir. 
on ancient history in increasing Correct. 
levels of difficulty.  Mr. Bell, who was the last
I ask you to please hold your emperor... 
applause until the end of each of the Western Empire? 
round.  Romulus Augu... 
May the best man win.  [Clears Throat] Romulus
Mr. Masoudi, are you ready?  Augustulus. 
Mr. Hundert, I am Julius Caesar.  Correct. 
[Laughing]  - Mr. Mehta. - Milvian Bridge. 
Mr. Caesar,  - Correct. - Lex Vatinia. 
of the first eight emperors,  - Very good. - Praetorian Guard. 
which name is omitted from the - [Bell] Marcus Aurelius. -
following list?  Theodosius II. 
Augustus, Tiberius,  - That is correct. - Comitia Tributa. 
Caligula, Nero, Vespasian,  - The Hadrianic rotunda. - Well
Titus, Domitian.  done. 
Trajan.  Mr. Bell, 
I'm sorry. That is incorrect.  which tribes invaded Rome in 102
Oh. Was it Marcus Aurelius?  B.C.? 
- No. - Commodus?  Um... 
- No. - Oh. Septimus?  [Hundert] Take your time. 
Nope. Gaseous Flatulus?  The Teutons. 
I'm sorry. None of the above.  Oh, um... God. 
[Clears Throat] The question goes to Um... 
Mr. Mehta. Would you like me to [Sighs] 
repeat the question?  I'm gonna take a stab here. Uh... 
No, sir. It's Claudius, sir. That is The Cimbri? 
correct.  That is correct. 
- See, I knew that. - It was a short Well done. I'm impressed. 
Thank you very much. Good. I'm...  One that concerns every one of us. 
Mr. Mehta... [Clears Throat]  Because all of us here, I believe, 
What was Caracalla's greatest care about the quality of education
constit...  in this country. 
greatest constitutional reform?  And not just at places like Saint
He granted citizenship to all free Benedict's, 
male inhabitants of the empire.  not just for our children, 
That is correct.  but for the nation's children. 
Mr. Bell,  Because we all care about our
who was Shutruk-Nahhunte?  country's future... 
[Chuckling]  Marty... 
Shutruk-Nahhunte, huh?  about its moral leadership, 
Come on, Bell. It was above the about its fiscal leadership. 
damn door.  And because we know that, as a
The door.! He's gotta know this.  generation, 
The door, Sedgewick.! Come on.!  it is our time to lead. 
Come on, Sedgewick.  And why I stand before you now, 
The plaque!  to tell you my intentions of following
I guess if Deepak can nab this one,  in the formidable footsteps of my
then it's his ball game.  father, 
Mr. Mehta, who was Shutruk- and announce my bid for a seat in
Nahhunte?  the United States Senate. 
Shutruk-Nahhunte, King of Ansham And I want to ask you all for your
and Susa,  support. 
sovereign of the land of Elam.  [Man] He's got my vote.! 
That is correct. [Cheering, Congratulations. Sedgewick,
Clapping]  congratulations. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Julius [Chattering, Indistinct] 
Caesar!  Here you are. 
- Hail, Caesar.! - Hail, Caesar!  There's about, uh, 30 balding,
- Congratulations. Goodjob. - [Man] middle-aged men out there looking
Hail, Caesar.!  for you, Professor. 
Congratulations, Deepak.  Well, some things can't wait. 
Thank you very much, Mr. Hundert. [Sighs] 
Good job.  God, you were great this evening. 
I suppose if you're gonna lose, you You're like fine wine. You improve
may as well lose to the brightest.  with age. 
Deepak Mehta.  [Urinal Flushes] 
And thanks again, Mr. Hundert.  Everything all right? 
Your virtue is a beacon of light.  Yes, I'm fine. Yeah? You don't... 
All right, Mr. H...!  You don't look so fine. I'm all right.
Oh, no, Mr. Hundert. Please stay.  Thank you. 
And thank you all.  Well, then hurry up and come join
We've had a great deal of fun this the celebration. 
weekend,  How long have you been hard of
and we, uh, probably shouldn't wait hearing, Sedgewick? 
another 25 years till we do it again.  [Sighs] 
[Man] I'll say.  Uh... [Chuckles] 
But there's a more serious side to Very good, Mr. Hundert. Very... 
this gathering.  Very good. Yeah. 
Boy, I thought you might've known.  [Toilet Flushing] 
Who's the poor mercenary who was Robert. 
feeding you the answers?  Robert. 
Oh, just some graduate student. And a, uh, vodka tonic, please. Yes,
Gave him a couple hundred bucks sir. 
and a warm meal.  Oh, Mr. Hundert. Martin, could I
I trust you'll keep this between us.  have a minute? 
As always.  Oh, sure, sure. I-I enjoyed that so
I trust you will.  much, sir. 
Do you mean am I going to go out I-I-I'm so sorry my wife and my kids
there...  couldn't be here to see it. 
and expose you for a liar and a You know, I really thought
cheat?  Sedgewick was gonna take it from
No.  him this time. 
I'm a teacher, Sedgewick.  It was amazing. Martin, that was
And I failed you...  supposed to be you up there. 
As a teacher.  I'm... sorry? 
But I will give you one last lecture,  All those years ago, 
if I may.  it was supposed to be you. 
All of us,  Well, no. I-I wasn't one of the
at some point, are forced...  original three finalists. 
to look at ourselves in the mirror,  You were. I gave your spot away. 
and see who we really are.  It may not mean anything to you,
And when that day comes for you, but... 
Sedgewick,  I wanted you to know that. 
you will be confronted with a life...  Okay. 
lived without virtue,  I'm sorry, Martin. 
without principle,  No, that's-that's okay. 
and for that I pity you.  I-I don't know what I'm supposed
End of lesson.  to say. 
Well, can I say, Mr. Hundert,  Um, I've got to, um... 
who gives a shit?  You know, Deepak is waiting for
Honestly.  me. 
Who out there gives a shit...  Will I see you at breakfast
about your principles and your tomorrow? 
virtues?  Sure. 
I mean, look at you.  Good. 
What do you have to show for [Man] And here's the key you were
yourself?  looking for. 
I live in the real world, where [Bell] That's... That's very important
people do what they need to do to to us. 
get what they want.  [Phone Ringing] I think it should be
And if it's lying and it's cheating, important to people in our country. 
then so be it.  I think that it's... it's important. 
So, I am gonna go out there,  My father, Hyram Bell, instilled in
and I am going to win that election, me a sense of principles. 
Mr. Hundert,  What I think this country really
and you will see me everywhere.  needs, 
And I'll worry about my contribution it's that sense of... of right and
later.  wrong. 
[Phone Ringing] And we're, uh, kindling force, 
speaking of, of how we can make and a revealing power in our lives. " 
this...  Thank you, Mr. Hundert. 
better with education, to-to reach Thank you, Deepak. 
out...  I, uh... 
and really get to the children,  He's speechless for the first time in
to teach them the sense...  his life. 
of principles and sense of Whatever I may have taught you
contribution.  gentlemen, 
Mr. Hundert.  um, many years ago, 
Have I come to the wrong place for I want to thank you for this
breakfast?  weekend, 
Not at all. But unfortunately you've because you have taught me
missed everyone.  something... 
Missed everyone? Well, they seemed of inestimable value. 
to be rather in a hurry.  Thank you. 
Some of them had planes to catch.  To Mr. Hundert. To you, sir.! 
But they did say to say good-bye to To Mr. H.! 
you.  Thank you. Here. Oh, I'm sorry. 
I'm sure I could find you something To you. 
to eat if you'd like.  [Helicopter Whirring] 
No, no. Thank you.  I had come here in the hope that I
W-Was there... Thank you.  had been wrong about Sedgewick
Hail, Caesar.!  Bell. 
[Chattering, Indistinct]  Or rather, that I had been right... 
Get a picture really quick. There it right to believe in him all those
is.  years ago. 
[Shutter Clicks] Look at him. He But this is a story without
looks great.  surprises. 
Oh, the bat! Gimme the bat, the bat.  As a student of history, I could be
Mr... Mr. Hundert, we have shocked... 
something we'd like to present to neither by his audacity, nor his
you.  success. 
The only man who could make I had failed Sedgewick. 
Homer a hit,  But the worth of a life is not
our slugger, Mr. Hundert.  determined... 
[Laughter] Do you remember?  by a single failure, or a solitary
I remember. Hey, be careful of the success. 
window over there, Mr. H...!  My other students taught me that. 
Eloquently put, Mr. Masoudi, et al. However much we stumble, 
Uh, thank you.  it is a teacher's burden always to
Deepak, the, uh, the, uh, plaque.  hope... 
"A great teacher has little external that with learning, a boy's character
history to record.  might be changed. 
"His life goes over into other lives.  And, so, the destiny of a man. 
"These men are pillars in the [Boy] Good morning, Mr.
intimate structure of our schools.  Hundert. Good morning. 
"They are more essential than its [Hundert] Your name, sir? William
stones or beams.  Simon, sir. 
"And they will continue to be a - And your name? - Howard
- And yours, sir? - George Duncan. 
And your name, sir? Alec Matthews. 
- And yours, miss? - Kathryn Scott. 
- And your name? - Tawana Carver. 
- And yours, sir? - Steven Wong. 
Very good. Very good. 
My name is Mr. Hundert. 
This is Western
Civilization... [Knocking] 
Sorry I'm late, sir. 
And you are? 
Uh, Martin Blythe, sir. 
Of course. 
Welcome, Mr. Blythe. Have a seat. 
Uh, yes, sir. 
Mr. Blythe? Yes, sir? 
Would you please stand up and read
the plaque... 
which you see over the door behind
"'I am Shutruk-Nahhunte, 
"'King of Ansham and Susa, 
"'sovereign of the land of Elam. 
"'I destroyed Sippar, 
"'took the stele of Naram-Sin... 
"'and brought it back to Elam, 
"where I erected it as an offering to
my god.' 
Shutruk- Nahhunte, 1158 B.C. " 
Very good.