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Subject: Pe Ji Ho ta casino gearhart amount of investment

Date: 1/19/2011 2:44:56 P.M. Pacific Standard Time


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Michael Moran, Esq.
Gibson & Lowry
234 Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44222

RE: Kelly Gearhart Bankruptcy Case #09-50469 (reference to Pe Ji Ho ta


Dear Michael:

I am in receipt of the Motion For Authority to Compromise with the attached

letter dated July 21, 2010.

Page two of the attached Motion for Authority to Compromise attached refers to
Kelly Gearhart and a reimbursement of $646,190.53.

Curiously the attached copy of a check obtained through questionable

documentation prepared by Robert Jones (namely the attached Trust
Certification prepared after our father's passing and used by our stepmother
Elizabeth Meek to cash out our father's stocks) is cause for concern The
document was prepared by Jones and never mentions the 1996 Trust The
stocks were part of the 1996 trust contrary to what Robert Jones has said.

It is possible that Elizabeth Meek gave the amount of the stock check which is
$646, 481.96 to Robert Jones perhaps as a buy in to the casino. I must say it
is curious that being the amount of money all of the investors needed to put in.
Since we suspect Robert Jones, as Gearhart's legal counsel for several years
and partner in the casino venture, could have set that price once he saw the
opportunity with our father dying in 2003 and realized the value of our father's
stocks with Union bankcal.

Is it possible Elizabeth Meek received the check and somehow transferred the
monies to Robert Jones? It took 4 years before we as beneficiaries received
any type of accounting on our father's estate. Also it took over 4 years for a tax
return to be filed on our father's estate and only after I sent a letter to the IRS
which prompted an audit.

Please review the attached Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law which
pertains to an Evidentiary Hearing held in the 1st circuit Court in Hawaii on July
8 and 9 of 2010) During the aforementioned hearing Robert Jones under my
questioning, testified while under oath stating "the Pe Ji Ho Ta corporation is
dissolved". Grigger Jones further admitted he and Kelly Gearhart were partners
in that corporation and indicated the corporation Pe Ji Ho Ta no longer exists.

We have a Petition to Remove Elizabeth Meek still pending. The judge in

Hawaii ruled against our Petition to declare the 1st Amendment to our father's
trust declared invalid. (again see attached Findings of Conclusions with
attached forensics and medical reports) Also our Notice of Appeal.

My father was an attorney like yourself, and I am determined to see that his
legacy and final wishes are carried out. I was the Trustee in his 1996 Trust and
as you will read from our findings of Fact, he did not count on Robert Jones re-
writing his trust. Please read the time line attached.

Elizabeth is a Palauan native, with poor English, and not the kind of person our
father, an attorney like yourself, would have placed in position to monitor an
estate valued at $4.2 million. As mentioned, he specifically wanted myself to
be the trustee and named me as such in his original 1996 Trust. See the
attached You Tube videos for background (be sure and watch both part one
and two)

The haste with which Robert Jones was dissolving our father's estate (some
properties sold before a probate was opened, also a property sold in Arkansas
by Jones and Elizabeth which caused a judgment to be rendered against
the estate for over $300,000, Robert Jones was non communicative with
myself and my brother, the suspicious circumstances surrounding
what forensics have proven is a forged document (the 1st Amendment signed
in California). The previously mentioned factors and the timing of the Pe Ji Ho
Ta casino start up is just too much of a coincidence. It is certainly possible that
the motive to re-write our father's trust AFTER he died was Robert Jones'
future with the Indian casino. We have spoken with Attorneys Rhonda
Griswold and James Ashford with Cades Shutte in Hawaii and they have yet to
acknowledge the impunity with which Robert Jones has conducted himself.
Why would they? This would cast a questionable light on their client Elizabeth

Please review the attached, no doubt being an attorney you will not have a
hard time drawing the same conclusions I did.

I look forward to hearing from you and await your reply.

Nanci Meek
(760) 413-5660

cc: Ken Gibson, Esq.