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Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Full Time

Term VI Retail Management

Faculty Name: Vijendra Dhyani

E-mail id:

Course Overview:

Retail in India is still at a very early stage. Most retail firms are companies from other
industries that are now entering the retail sector on account of its amazing potential.
There are only a handful of companies with a retail background. The students will
explore their knowledge by learning all the concepts in Retailing. The study of
environmental analysis, competitor analysis, customer care & role of ethics in Retail
Management will make them a true professional to handle different situations in

Learning Outcomes

1. To understand the basic facts, concepts & theories of Retail Management

2. To understand the current scenario of the market, understanding the type & nature
of competition.
3. To understand all the functioning at a retail outlet
4. To acquire the knowledge about the emerging trends in different fields of Retail

Evaluation Criteria

Assignments / Quizzes 10 Marks

Research Project 10 Marks

Presentations 10 Marks

Mid- Term Exams 20 Marks

End Term Exam 50 Marks

Grand Total 100 Marks


Since retail Management is the latest & a challenging subject, it demands an integrated
approach of theoretical as well as practical knowledge of almost all areas of
Management, the emphasis would be on encouraging the students, through case studies,
to use the concepts studied in the classroom, coupled with contemporary knowledge of
market to tackle different situations.


1.2 Introduction to Retail, Its Role, Relevance, Functions &

Trends, the Growth of retail in India, Organized &
Unorganized Retail.

3 The customer Decision making Process, Understanding

Customer psychology.

4-5 Relationship Marketing in Retailing, Customer service,

providing superior services, importance of service in retail.

6 Managing Customer complaints, Gap Analysis.

7-8 Retail Merchandising, Store Locations, Steps in selecting

a retail location.

9-10-11 Retail Store Design, Store Layout, Managing the store,

Managing human resource, Store operations strategy,
Events, Advertising & sales, promotion in retail in India.

12-13 Retail Marketing & Communication, Retail Marketing Mix,

Retail Communication Mix.

14-15 FDI in Retail. Private Labels,

16-17 Mall Management, Types of Various retail formats,

Concepts in Mall design.

18 Shrinkage in retailing, Types of shrinkage, Steps to prevent

retail shrinkage.

19-20 Airport Retailing, Future of Retailing.

Class Research Project:

The class will be divided into different groups. Each group will be having 5 students.
The task of the group will be to use the theoretical concepts, coupled with practical
knowledge to achieve the objective of the research project.

The details will be given in the classroom.


• Retail Management – A Strategic Approach: Barry Berman & Joel R. Evans

• Retailing Management: Swapna Pradhan
• Retailing Management: David Gilbert

Suggested Readings:

• Retail Management: Gibson G. Vedamani

• The Art of Retailing: Lamba
• Retail Management: S.L. Gupta
• Retailing Management: Michael Levy & Barton A. Weitz
• Mall Management: Abhijit Das
• Marketing Management: Philip Kotler
• Brand Positioning: Subroto Sengupta
• Retailer: Journal
• ICFAI journal of Business strategy
• Indian journal of Marketing
• Marketing Mastermind
• Advertising Express
• 4 P’s
• Pitch

Case Studies: Case studies will be taken from contemporary issues in real market
Scenario and will be discussed in the class by considering the relevance
of the real cases with the topics studied in the class.